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  1. tofu

    M4A785-M + Phenom 550BE overclocked

    Well you've got twice the number of cores as he does. Mohawk should be able to unlock the two extra cores on his 550BE via ACC.
  2. tofu

    GeForce GTX 480 has 480 CUDA Cores?

    Or perhaps nVidia is so confident that their Fermi will perform well at its price point and decided to disable a cluster to improve yields and pave the way to release a GTX485 later on. Just throwing some thoughts out there.
  3. tofu

    OMG 4870x2,285GTXOC,5870 What to do?

    Well I am waiting for GT300 to come out first so amd lowers their prices on the 5-series. If you're gonna pull the trigger now I'd go for 5870 rather than 4870x2 or gtx285 cuz when dx11 goes mainstream you'll be itching to upgrade again.
  4. tofu

    Can i use my old x1650 for Physix?

    Back then I was running Win7 RC with 4870 + 8600gt 256 for physx. It ran the physx-only Warmonger game and also the UT3 physx mod pack smoothly. But the physx acceleration in the newer Mirror's Edge game for the cloth + shattering glass effects did have some bad stutters whenever the scene...
  5. tofu

    Kingston Digital Extends SSD Family with Desktop Upgrade Solution

    Ah yes you are actually correct about the jmicron controller for all of the previous Kingston V series. But this new 40GB ssd is an exception, see link: http://anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=3667&p=4 Also the V+ series uses the samsung controller (S3C29RBB01-YK40) found in the corsair...
  6. tofu

    Single-PCB GeForce GTX 295 Pictured

    This shows that board designers COULD make a really small GTX275.
  7. tofu

    ASUS P7P55 Pro Motherboard in Pretty Pixels

    I like how the bottom of the ram slots (closer to the pci-e slot) do not have the levers for pushing the ram out. When I remove ram from my system, I only unlock the top lever and pull the ram upwards; installation is the only the reverse action. Anyways, with the bottom levers removed, there...
  8. tofu

    Can we please have a User Review Section?

    +1 A user review subforum would be very nice.
  9. tofu

    PSU gettin louder....

    If you can find one of these in Mexico, they'd make a great replacement. It's PWM and spins up to only 1200rpm... so even at full speed, this fan is pretty quiet. Can't link to the Scythe site, so here it is at newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185049
  10. tofu

    PSU gettin louder....

    Either what Peet said with the temps, or your PSU fan controller is load based. Again, the higher the load, the faster the fan will spin to keep temps in check. Or we could say that your higher power system (in comparison to your X2 setup), will draw more power from the PSU, causing the...
  11. tofu

    Will there be a bottleneck?

    Don't know if your local computer stores carry the DFI Blood Iron P45-T2RS, but consider that motherboard for a moment. P45 chipset, dual PCI-E, 4DDR2-1066 slots and a price tag of $110 US...
  12. tofu

    Fingerprints and Aluminum

    I believe that the case panels are non-anodized aluminum, they're smooth and don't have the brushed look. I've got Windex and CLR at home, so I might try those two first. Does Windex contain ammonia? Gonna try the Windex first because the CLR looks like its going to be tricky to get the right...
  13. tofu

    Fingerprints and Aluminum

    Dug up an old Antec micro-atx case of mine. Crafted in aluminum, covered in fingerprints. I looked closely at the surface, and it looks like the oils left from touching the aluminum caused some type reaction on the aluminum? Like the fingerprints are now 'part of' the aluminum LOL. Rubbing with...
  14. tofu

    RV790 Reaches 1.00 GHz, Indicates Overclocked SKUs in the Making

    1GHz is not so special, if you consider the 2900XT was also doing 1GHz pre-release. In the end, it was not indicative of its average user performance at all. I think AMD should scrap any plans for an overclocked SKU and just drop two RV790's on a revised R700 PCB, 4890X2 heh. That should be...
  15. tofu

    Nasty trojan/virus, need some advice

    I still remember this full screen popup called the Netdialer, telling me I could get free porno if I connected to their number. Hey this was when I was on that 56k shizz.
  16. tofu

    Seagate vs. Western Digital

    I voted for WD, and would definitely go for WD. There's no other brand I would trust more when running RAID 0 setup without scheduled backups. Their RMA is also excellent. My 2 x 160GB are both WD's and they've been running for 3 yrs without problems AT ALL. The Samsung Spinpoint F1's are a...
  17. tofu

    SystemViper from IGLOO to PHASE, a change of seasons

    I know nothing about phase but damn that thing looks like it can eat Mach II's and Vapochill's alive :eek: Patiently awaiting frost and results :toast:
  18. tofu

    NZXT Announces the Panzerbox High Airflow Mid-Tower Case

    Looking pretty good; an alternative to the PC-A05 for those (like me) who want a shorter case. The power supply mounted over the expansion slots is a no-no. The power supply is going to be fed hot air from graphics cards heatsinks like the 4850, and will deem heatsinks such as the accelero s1...
  19. tofu

    ATI Radeon HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 in Pretty Pixels

    alex you beat me to my already super-quick edit :toast:
  20. tofu

    ATI Radeon HD 4890 1 GB GDDR5 in Pretty Pixels

    Phanbuey, I'm on the same boat heh. Flashing 4870 to 4890 sounds like the REAL DEAL. *Stares down at my 512MB card* :banghead:
  21. tofu

    Intel 915G upgrade: P4 650 or 560?

    I suspected the sluggish performance was attributed to some sort of spyware infestation, so I reinstalled XP about 2 weeks ago, but was no remedy to the poor performance. After I upgrade to the 650, I'll look around for a used 7200rpm 2.5" hdd, as my current 5400rpm Toshiba drive is a slug (I...
  22. tofu

    Intel 915G upgrade: P4 650 or 560?

    The 560 lacks 64 bit support, a big downer. It's going to be the 650.
  23. tofu

    Intel 915G upgrade: P4 650 or 560?

    I have a chance to upgrade the cpu on my internet surfer computer in the basement. I'm currently running a 520 2.8GHz with 2 x 512MB @ DDR400 2-3-3-6 and seems kind of sluggish running XP. The two of these are going for the same price (very cheap, really), and I can justify spending on an...
  24. tofu

    Fusion-io Announces the ioDrive Duo - The World's Fastest and Most Innovative SSD

    Except the part where the thumb is supposed to go looks deceased.
  25. tofu

    Fusion-io Announces the ioDrive Duo - The World's Fastest and Most Innovative SSD

    How do you think SCSI cards and other add-in storage cards allow booting via PCI-X, PCI, or PCI-E? They work in a similar fashion to your onboard raid controller, or ide controller. They have their own bios which they load after your motherboard posts and voila we have a bootable add-in card.