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    Powercolour X800pro @xtpe artifacting and crashing......need help

    have a look through the TPU site, there are a list of GPU bios's last time i checked :) -Adam
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    Nero Sync Problems!

    Hi everyone, I'm currently having a problem with Nero that after 3 minutes the sound goes out of sync on the discs i have burned. All other programs are closed when Nero vision is converting and burning the video files. But the output on the output on the discs is a slightly sluttering on the...
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    Blurring using nero vision.

    Hi everyone, i have encountered a problem with nero vision. Im trying to create my own dvd-video as i have done many times in the past, tho since today i seem 2 have acquired a blurry band along the bottom of the video. This appears in preview mode and wen the file is completed onto disk. The...
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    Upgrade to x1900xtx or 7900xt??

    for the time being i think im gona stick with Ketxxx's advice and keep my current x850xtpe. I'm just gona do a re-format on my sata hard drive, and use that for games insted, and possible build another one for everything else lol :D Thanks for all your help guys :) -Adam
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    thanks for all your help guys. since the introduction of vista is quite so close, ive decided to hold out till thst starts to get integrated properly. then i'll do my full upgrade, since it would be pointless to do 2 upgrades, when i can get away with one. Thanks -Adam
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    Upgrade to x1900xtx or 7900xt??

    thanks for those links magibeg :) they have proved to be very helpful! seems that the 7800gtx beats the x1900xtx performance wise in most games, but the x1900xtx has more features. but that still leaves me with the choice of better performance or AA+ HDR features etc. but are all the...
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    Upgrade to x1900xtx or 7900xt??

    im definately gona make it a x1900xtx because it is only £12 more in the uk than the x1900xt :p atm im still not interested in multiple cards, im still gona go traditionaly with a single card setup. I take it that there is a compatible AC cooler for the x1900xtx? cause thats what im hoping...
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    Upgrade to x1900xtx or 7900xt??

    Hey guys, this is the third thread i have started, hopefully you guys can be just as much help in this one as you have in the other two :) I've decided to start on upgrading my current setup and im stuck between the two above gfx cards. They are both gona be 512mb versions, and i will refit...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    Just had another look on overclockers, and think i've found some memory for the job. G.Skill 2GB DDR ZX PC3200 (2x1GB) CAS2 Dual Channel Kit (F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX) (MY-007-GS) is the stuff im looking at @ £140.94 with vat. only thing im wondering is if i need to get any faster that pc3200 to...
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    Under-speed setting for DVD-RW drives

    ok man, i'll try installing the nero disk that came with the sony drive, since the pioneer was an oem. i have firmware flashed a drive before, so i rekon i can do it again as a last resort lol :) i have had nero 7 before, but it had terrible lock-up issues, and always put skips on cd's...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    First off i'll need to get an XP Pro, since i only have a legit copy of XP Home atm :o I think i'm kinda decided on a S939 since im gona have to upgrade the mbord anyway to incorporate either a x1900xt(x) 512Mb or a 7900xt 512Mb / 7950GX2 1024Mb. As for CPU its gona have to be a 4000+ or...
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    Under-speed setting for DVD-RW drives

    Ive tried differeent media before, but both the drives are still only recognised as capable of 40x on cd's and 8x/4x on dvd's :( I'm tempted to do the firmware flash, but there must be sumething else i can try first, because they are literally a few monthes old and i dont quite wana void the...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    I had major problems with the fog effects on COD2, i ended up wiv a 1fps slideshop at certain points in the game. It also didnt wana play FEAR at higher settings, though sumtimes i can be a little extravagant with my settings :o I just dont seem to get any performance outa my current setup...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    Well i wana spend as little as possible lol, im also trying to save for a car and lessons etc atm. If the CPU will surfice i rekon i will just do the gfx card and ram. My problem is that i'm so picky, i will only play games at the highest levels wiv everything maxed out. Once my PC doesnt do...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    The new build will mainly be for Gaming, hence why i am setting up the Sata drive. The only problem wiv upgraded the CPU, would be that I would have to get a new MBord aswell, and most probably a new GFX card, since the current one is AGP :( Going to Intel is just not an option for me, and...
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    Potential new Upgrade!

    Hey everyone, im just tryin to get back into this great forum again lol seems like ages since i had last posted, and ive already made about 10posts today i think :eek: But anyway, down to business :) My current set-up jus aint doing the trick anymore, im running 40Gb ATA 133 HDD's atm...
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    Perhaps your windows is dying! Is quite common :D -Adam
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    help, cellink BTA 6030 driver (bluetooth adaptor)

    If you have XP SP2, shouldn't it already have the BlueTooth drivers incorporated in its in-built driver pack? -Adam
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    Under-speed setting for DVD-RW drives

    I seem to have a problem wiv my DVD-RW drives' writing capabilities. Both of the drives are 16x , and 48x on CD's. But I am only get a maximum value of 40x within Nero, and it doesnt seem to go higher. Its also saying my driver can only do 4x on 8x media, and ripping DVD's at 4x :confused...
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    help with compaq mv520(monitor)

    how old is your monitor by chance? and did it capably run your resolution 1024 x 798 before you got your dell PC? because it should run fine as a plug nd play monitor afaik :confused: -Adam
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    WinVista -> DirectX10 -> Hardware -> Questions!

    There is never a good time to upgrade lol but i would follow gygabite's advice and wait until the release of the new Windows. That way you can insure compatibility, or wait and see about any major teething problems before you go and spend your hard earned cash :D -Adam
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    PSU Voltage reading problem?

    Yer, i had that problem before with voltage rails being displayed as out using SiSandra. The only way to really find out is to get hold of a multimeter, and then jump start your PSU. Test the voltages there, then when its running your PC, and then under heavy load, and see what the fluctuations...
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    Creative Soundblaster 128 PCI

    Main point is that you are best off sticking with your current on-borad sound set-up till you hopefully get that X-FI upgrade. Ive used a SB 128 PCI before, and they sound ok, but it just wont be any better than your current sound is :) -Adam
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    do i need ati tool?

    Better to be safe than sorry when OC'ing, especially wiv gfx card's ;) ATI Tool seems to do the trick for most ppl, so i would stand by its results foremost. -Adam
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    dead DVI port on radeon 9600xt

    more details would be useful, like exact brand and model, and if you purchased the card from new or used? any other info might help to solve your problem :) -Adam