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    EKWB EK-XLC Predator 240

    Thanks for the review. I just got my unit and i am having to reverse the fans. "If EK changes this design element it would have earned a perfect 10/10. The only other issue I will mention is if you plan to remove the fans or change their orientation be prepared for headaches. The Hex key screws...
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    Your PC ATM

    Picked up a 980 KPE and Corsair sleeved cables...looks so dank.
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    AMD Fury X "Fiji" Voltage Scaling

    Why test with BF3 and not BF4??
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    Your PC ATM

    New case: Corsair 450D
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    Your PC ATM

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    Your PC ATM

    Picked up a z87 Classified
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    Your PC ATM

    Re-installed Windows 8.1 and organized my working area
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    Your PC ATM

    GTX backplate + LEDs=
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    Graphics Card Shipments to Drop Drastically in Q2 2014

    This seems rather normal to me. Sales were sky high during the cryptocurrency time period and are now stabilizing. Had there been no surge in crypto, then sales would have been normal with no spikes.
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    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    770 Classy at 1241/7050...Mehhh
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    Your PC ATM

    Went for a stroll at my local microcenter and stumbled upon a open box GTX 770 Classy for $340. I already sold my reference GTX 770 so this was merely a cosmetic change than a performance change. So far, this card overclocks like a boss.
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    NZXT Announces its New Free Software Utility, CAM

    I am really liking this idea of having a tool to monitor your computer while you are away. As a avid foldling@home user, I can use this to monitor my computer temps. As for the Android version, it currently says Coming in June. If the app is ready, why not make the APK available for download?
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    [FS] GTX 770 Excellent Conditions shipped USA

    For sale is a Nvidia GTX 770 I bought from Best Buy in February. It has worked flawlessly. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. Price- card + games (Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Splinter Cell) $310 USA only! heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=91142 Pics thanks...
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    [FS] Nvidia GTX 770 $319 Shipped USA

    bump bump! will be going to ebay soon.
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    [FS] Nvidia GTX 770 $319 Shipped USA

    Hello! For sale is a Nvidia GTX 770. I bought this card on Jan 1st and since then it has been working flawlessly. No overclocking or mods, etc. I bought the card so I could get better performance in SLI, but at 1080P, a single card is more than enough. $319!!! It does not come with any...
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    Your PC ATM

    Showing off my new GTX 770s.
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    [FS] Nvidia Geforce GTX 660Ti for sale

    Removed the case offer as I dont want to claim up the attic just to take pic and be in compliance here. Nightly bump!
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    [FS] Nvidia Geforce GTX 660Ti for sale

    The fan isnt loud in my opinion. You can barely hear it if you stick your face close to the case when gaming. Other than that, it is pretty quiet. Definitely not 290X jetsound. The case isnt for sale. It is rather free if local. I dont expect anyone to even offer to pay for shipping for the...
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    Help! Insanely Slow Boot Time!

    Have you tried a clean re-installation of windows? it is possible that there may be an update in process getting "stuck" in the installation process. Also by re installation I mean CLEAN, not a backup OEM copy. I would also disconnect all drives except the SSD which you are installing windows.
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    [FS] Corsair CX500 Power Supply $40 shipped USA

    please delete thanks
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    [FS] WD Black 500gb Drive [USA]

    Hello, For sale is a recertified WD Black drive. I bought it back in August from microcenter, but I did not realize it was a recertified so it only came with 90 days warranty (expired in Sep 2013). The drive works great however. There is no defect or anything like that. I am simply selling it...