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  1. jaggerwild

    E5 2630 SandyBridge build

    Do some crypto mining with it, I just ordered a Intel Xeon E5-2630L v3 ES $110.00 bucks on flee bay. I have a brand new X99 board, so ill jump from my X79 DELUXE to it then sell off the X79.
  2. jaggerwild

    XFX 580 Problem

    Post your system spec's, were not mind readers. Try another PCI-E slot? How did you swap drivers, how did you remove the old ones?
  3. jaggerwild

    Post your Cinebench score

    never mind
  4. jaggerwild

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 VR (Discussion)

    Can we get some screen shots?
  5. jaggerwild

    I got a Win 7 BSOD -- What do they Mean and how to prevent them?

    The issue is, your asking for help but the title looks like a BSOD answer sheet. Also you have over 200 posts and your asking for help, you should know by now we need you to fill out your system spec's as it helps us help you.
  6. jaggerwild

    OFFICIAL Fallout 4 VR (Discussion)

    Less talk some picture's/screenie's
  7. jaggerwild

    What went wrong with my EVGA Precision XOC?

    I have overly long cut screen load times(when I walk out of a building) takes like a few minutes each time.
  8. jaggerwild

    A Memorial to Kreij - Holiday 2017 PC build and Giveaway is open- Enter Now!!!

    This site does tons of reviews of NEW hardware, yet only a trickle seems to make it to the people who support it? Usually some cruncher wins...........:rolleyes: Good Luck All!
  9. jaggerwild

    I formatted an HDD with my Bitcoin Wallet, anyway to recover it?

    Toms Hardware is that way<<<
  10. jaggerwild

    Choosing an upgrade path - GPU or CPU+MOBO+RAM?

    Over clock the 2500K to 4500(maybe a better cooler?) then get a good monitor for now.
  11. jaggerwild

    Gigabyte Z170-MX vs Z270-MX Gaming 5

    I have a Z270N-Gaming 5, any experience with it? Got it cheap thinking of keeping it.
  12. jaggerwild

    Weird sound and pc stucks?

    Try a different PSU or replace USB drivers?
  13. jaggerwild

    So NCIX Is Bankrupt.

    Isn't there a US store and a Canadian store, so this is both stores both side of the border?
  14. jaggerwild

    Strange black screen

    Reflow fixing nothing, a bunch of idiots did it for X box doesn't mean its a fix. Your reflowing junk, junk on junk is still junk. May last a week or a month but will RE FAIL as the solder is not replaced only flowed(WOW!).
  15. jaggerwild

    what's wrong with my GPU?

    In your first statement you said "But the problem is I've been using my GPU on the system for about 2 years no problem and my BIOS is already updated". When is already, yesterday, last week, a couple days?
  16. jaggerwild

    Which X99 MB to pick for Xeon ES processors?

    Doesn't the board post in there support, what CPU will work with them? Glad yer all set! NOW CLOCK IT!!!
  17. jaggerwild

    what's wrong with my GPU?

    Try another PCI-e slot? Sounds like a bad flashed bios on the GPU, you didnt by chance flash it(accidentally of course)?
  18. jaggerwild

    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    You can get higher memory over clocks with lower CPU, I thought? also the least amount of memory, to decrease stress on the CPU. so if your stressing the CPU and the controller is on Die, the memory will suffer. Update disregard, just realized its CPU-Z benchmark :toast:
  19. jaggerwild

    I think I killed my MSI Z97 U3 PLUS Motherboard!!!

    Just buy a Borked board of flee bay, swap the Chip boom, sell me the clam shell for the 1 i need?
  20. jaggerwild

    KabyLake (and Skylake) runing on Z370 mobo

    Why don't you post something you know, not what everyone else is posting?
  21. jaggerwild

    Hello, World! :D - Robert B's PC builds - oogle away freely :) - OLD Hardware Emporium

    Holly Shit! You my good man, get a hats off!!! You must be Ex military..........
  22. jaggerwild

    KabyLake (and Skylake) runing on Z370 mobo

    It was already stated by Intel they were backwards compatible, but it would not be workable..............As above why would you do it?
  23. jaggerwild

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    They bleed out and your BF games are worthless, so toss them away too.
  24. jaggerwild

    Major BUG: GPU-Z causes Windows 10 PC to hard lock

    O Over loaded with work but enough time to come here n post that it happened once. I think TOMSHARDWARE misses you!!! Go back towards the light!!!!