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    Foxfi and connectify problem with folding@home

    I have a problem with folding@home maybe someone can help me with. We have moved to our cabin until we find a new place close to the city. I am using my phone for the internet thru Cricket. I have a download speed of 8.5 mbps. I am using foxfi on my main comp then using connectify to get my...
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    [WTB] Nvidia video card 50.00 or less shipped

    As title says need an Nvidia video card, prefer a 560 or 570. I will need it shipped to my son in Wabash Indiana 46992 zip. Paypal. Thanks.
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    [FS][US] Video cards, all sold!

    Must move these. All cards work great. Shipped prices. 7850 1GB Ghost edition 65.00.. MSI 7850 sold. GTX 780 SC pending both 660 Ti sold
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    [WTB] Best Video card for 50.00 shipped. DEAD found one.

    Need something for light gaming. Paypal. Thanks.
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    [WTB] q6600

    I need a q6600. i think i saw someone had one here for 25.00. Paypal. Need it for my daughters computer. Thanks all.
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    Folding in Linux

    Hopefully there is someone that can do a write up for beginners to get folding working on linux. It had been talked about in the forum but it gets buried and hard to find. Maybe this way with its own thread we can find it easier. Thanks in advance.
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    [WTB] Looking for a I7 combo 1155 or better found it this thread is dead. Thanks Norton

    2500k or better just want to make sure that if you have one you have no problem sending it to my son in las vegas since He has no heat or paypal I will be doing the deal for him. Need cpu motherboard ram and cooler. Thanks. no mini itx boards please.
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    Easy setup for Folding@home

    Hopefully this will help you to set up folding@home and answer a few of your questions. We are working on a thread to go into more detail but until that gets posted this can help you get started. Use this link to download the client https://folding.stanford.edu/home/ Click on the start...
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    [WTB] GTX 660TI

    Need to raise my folding ppd. Paypal ready.
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    [FS] Asus DCII GTX 570, C2D and 780i combo, C2D and 680i combo

    Asus DCII GTX 570 great card 125.00 OBO EVGA 780i motherboard with a E5200 2.5 ghz c2d. solid combo with stock cooler 100.00 OBO EVGA 680i motherboard with a E6300 2.8 ghz c2d and Artic Pro cooler solid combo 90.00 OBO Paypal or Amazon payments. Shipping included
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    [FS][US] GTX 580 Matrix Platinum

    Cant say enough about this card. It has been awesome. Up grading to 6 and 7 series cards for folding is only reason for selling. I have original box if you want. Paypal or Amazon payments with Amazon preferred. Thanks for looking. 200.00 obo shipping included. Not looking for trades atm. SOLD!
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    [FS][US] Lots of video cards thread closed all off to ebay

    For sale got to buy a new video card for folding. Left to right. HIS 4830 40.00. XFX 4870 X 2 2GB 70.00. EVGA 480 GTX missing 2 screws on backplate 110.00. EK Heatkiller waterblock for gtx 480 45.00. XFX 8800 GT single slot 35.00. 9600 GSO has not been tested so not for sale yet. X1900 XTX...
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    [WTB] sandybridge combo and good Nvidia video card

    Prefer a 2500k but a 2600k at the right price will work. Prefer a Gigabyte board. Shipped price and Im in Boise Idaho. Need at least a GTX 570 . Need to run CS6. Paypal
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    [WTB] waterblock for a gtx 480

    Paypal ready LMK what you have. Thanks.
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    [WTB] 4gb ddr2

    prefer them all match got issues with unmatched ones that I have. Need shipped price and paypal ready. I can get new ones fron the EGG for 50. Thanks.
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    [WTB] Phenom II 955 or 965 and ddr2

    60.00 shipped for cpu. Paypal. Send offers for ddr2, 2gb but prefer 4gb. Thanks.
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    [WTB] two 775 hs and fan, am2+ board matx

    As the thread says looking for these. One hs and fan has to be low profile, stock is fine. Paypal ready and wanting good deals. Thanks.
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    [WTB] Universe at War for Steam

    Need both versions. paypal. Thanks.
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    [WTB] amd quad and radeon dx11

    want a quad core PII or better and a dx11 radeon. Budget at most 75 for each. Thanks.
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    [WTB] amd quad and dx 11 radeon

    Need good prices shipped to me paypal ready LMK. Phenom 2s at least and something along the lines of at least a 5770 Thanks.
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    [WTB] power supply around 50 bucks

    Need this for a folding rig. Will need to run multiple Nvidia 8800/9800 video cards. Paypal.
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    [WTB] ide laptop hard drive

    Need a hard drive. 60GB or larger. paypal. Thanks.
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    [WTB] gaming mouse and lcd monitor

    I need a good gaming mouse and an LCD monitor for my son. Need shipped price and the cheaper the better. Thanks.
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    [WTB][US] ddr2 800 2x1gb

    Need 2 gb of ddr2 800 cheapfor nephews comp. Thanks
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    [WTB] ddr2 2gb for desktop

    I need 2 gb of ddr2 for a build for my Mom just want as cheap as i can get. Paypal. Thanks.