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    BitFenix Phenom M

    Thanks for the review ;) Too bad there is no filter for the bottom input fans, too bad the stock fans are not 140mm. I will be really interested in cooling performances of this case with "gaming" hardware installed. The graphic cards look a bit ... out of cold air flow. Guessing if they wont...
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    Xi3 and Valve to Unveil a Xi3 Development Stage Computer Game System at CES 2013

    The steambox is supposed to use a linux os. What i find annoying, xi3 stuff is little, cute, but quite a bit overpriced ... Unless them and valve have a strong commercial agreement concerning sell price, the steambox will have lot of pain to find buyers (but the richest ones, that can buy a...
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    Razer Unveils the Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad

    Why is it always as expensive ... Oh! I know, Just because ppl buy at that price ^^ I like gaming pads, and this one seems quite cool ... but razer drivers and software use to be extremely bad for their mouses and keyboards, i still use microsoft drivers for my lachesis. no bsod with...
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    Gigabyte Rolls Out the GZ-F2 and GZ-F5 Series Entry-level Cases

    This is a real disapointment to see gigabyte distribute such poorly designed, engineered, built pc cases ... Just based on their name, i suppose they'll sell thousand copies of these to overconfident customers ... really sad :/
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    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti World Cyber Games Edition Graphics Card

    Really, there are people that buy those cards? oÔ
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    SilverStone Unveils the Sugo SG09 SFF PC Chassis

    Thanks for the added infos about filtering :) The case was not that uggly, it was for sure my next one! Now i'll see what reviews tell of this one, or ... Well, just have to wait for a prodigy revision with dust filters on all intakes :p
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    SilverStone Unveils the Sugo SG09 SFF PC Chassis

    I sadly see no dust filters here :/