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  1. overclocking101

    Intel CPU delid tool

    it is a small marketBUT for guys that always de-lid it's the way to go. I used to be a hardcore de-lidder until I bought a quad core that was soldered on and wasnt aware that it was soldered untill I pulled the Die off. was a love VID for the time to, I was pretty bummed only had it long enough...
  2. overclocking101

    new Snoop a Vision feature on Youtube, 360 degree Youtube videos

    snoop a vision does work I just did it. its pretty cool that you cn actually pan the video around. they went all out on this one LOL the lary king video in snoop-a-vision lol. awesome find!
  3. overclocking101

    random popups on every website

    just added ublock origin and looking at zone alarm., thanks for our help so far guys I appreciate it. Well since installing ublock havent had one pop up! w00t w00t! thank you so much!
  4. overclocking101

    random popups on every website

    here you go, the only one that loos out of place is kmspico but I know it's need for something because I tried to delete once and something stopped working right. I think i may be to do with my audio or something like that
  5. overclocking101

    random popups on every website

    none of those on any programs list in windows or in cc cleaner. I had an exception for ask in chrome I removed that but still happenig. also ran malware bytes comes up empty
  6. overclocking101

    random popups on every website

    so in the past week or so on both my computers (which are connected via sharing) suddenly get crazy pop ups no matter which website I go to. it even happens here so I know it must be a virus or malware. I'm thinking my kids must have clicked something somewhere. but defender doesn't pick...
  7. overclocking101

    Broken Video Cards. Buy now or wait for Polaris/Pascal?

    buy the fury now. seriously. the whole "wait" theory is moot plain and simple. new architectures always promise huge things. me personally if you think a fury possibly wont be enough then don't bother but the fury should be able to compete on some level with the new releases and typically the...
  8. overclocking101

    Streacom, HWBOT and OverClocking-TV Team Up to Develop the Open Benchtable

    so this will be awesome if the price is right. if you look at prices on them they are more expensive then some nice cases. Because you are paying a premium for the novelty or convenience of it. I will admit now a days they are cheaper then they used to be but if you want a nice one they are...
  9. overclocking101

    [Ended]Giveaway: Oceanhorn, Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall

    hey thanks! just logged in, claimed the game without a hitch! I will say I have been a member for 5+ years and this is the first prize I have won. start of a good week!
  10. overclocking101

    Giveaway: Screencheat on Steam

  11. overclocking101

    Temps reaching 84c while playing a game

    wow I'm glad I skipped the 7000 series after seeing that. and uber mode LMAO love it
  12. overclocking101

    new amd motherboard suggestions

    just an update overdrive doesnt work on the board in the system it's an old oem hp board from what cpu-z says am3 socket and 785 chipset i believe.so I'm looking at this board for it. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/870AG54.html#hero-specification that capslock posted will update with her first...
  13. overclocking101

    OFFICIAL Rocket League (Discussion)

  14. overclocking101

    Northeast (US) LN2 party!

    damn I thought you meant like high north east. im in vermont, would be interesting to do this up my way if there were more tpu'ers up in the vt nh area. got a DICE supplier 2 minute walk from my house
  15. overclocking101

    [WINNERS!] rtwjunkie's Big Blowout Giveaway

    hey can you put me in for fire watch and grimlock planning on buying rocket league anyways
  16. overclocking101

    [Ended]Giveaway: Oceanhorn, Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall

    shadow run is fine. I just figured if my name is in all the drawings it would give someone else less chance and me more chance of winning twice lol
  17. overclocking101

    [Ended]Giveaway: Oceanhorn, Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall

    please count me in on this for either one of them, I dont want to take up a lot in all 3 drawings so pick one at random. also my favorite technological advance that I use, is these new eufi bios' I know they have been around for a bit but im really new to them, it makes overclocking feel more...
  18. overclocking101

    Thermaltake Launches the Latest Riing Silent 12 CPU Cooler

    lol this thread is great. I used tt when I was a noob. then i had a cpu block epic fail and never went back. though the new cube cases they have look good its like my corsair only bigger
  19. overclocking101

    OFFICIAL Rocket League (Discussion)

    DAMN IT! my bank put a hold on my account because I sighned up for direct payment for my light bill so wont be buying till monday! arghh!!! had planned on doing a giveaway here with at least on of the keys because I only have 2 other people that i can give them to, my son and brother, Oh well...
  20. overclocking101

    EVGA Precision Or Afterburner.

    wow I just read that thread and wow I did not know about that. that is shady simply shady
  21. overclocking101

    about overclock cpu i7 920 , 266 mhz

    there is tons of good info here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/intel-core-i7-owners-club.212933/ also here: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/intel-haswell-overclocking-clubhouse.185344/ I know its a haswell page but lynnfield and haswell are mostly the same overclocking...
  22. overclocking101

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Awesome glad I saw this. thank you!!!!!! downloading now
  23. overclocking101

    Giveaway: Screencheat on Steam

    im in thanks m8!
  24. overclocking101

    OFFICIAL Rocket League (Discussion)

    im gonna buys it tomorrow when I get my paycheck. thinking about getting the 4 pack as its $60 for 4 which is a better deal im sure I can trade or sell the remaining keys if I had to
  25. overclocking101

    OFFICIAL Rocket League (Discussion)

    been eye balling this game for a few weeks now should I get it? it looks badass and I read most of this thread which makes it sound more badass but is it worth 20 bucks? I have bought 2 games recently that looked badass but ended up being shite