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    Corsair LAPDOG Gaming Control Center

    It's not correct because the peak is after the pique, read the rest of the sentence to notice that it's about the lapdog first popping up. That's not even getting into 'just google it' for more info on why peak is the wrong word.
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    Corsair LAPDOG Gaming Control Center

    On the Value and Conclusion page You wrote: The Corsair LAPDOG peaked my interest It should read: The Corsair LAPDOG piqued my interest
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Launch Date Revealed

    That's because US prices are pre-tax. Tack on our Goods and Services Tax (10%) and you'll find very similar pricing.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Nano Launch Date Revealed

    Your first comparison is 970 with 960, what? Second comparison is still well within expected pricing - $670-680 US is approximately $1,020 - 1,035 AUD when you factor in 10% tax. We Australians don't tend to get shafted on hardware prices.
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    Meet the New Logitech

    First of all, Arctic doesn't make Arctic Silver 5, Arctic Silver does (similar sounding company, but completely different). Second, Arctic Cooling became Arctic because the company as a whole doesn't only do cooling products. Here's a bunch of videos about products from Arctic that aren't...
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    Silent PSU recommendations

    Seasonic and Silverstone have passive power supplies (with Silverstone even rebranding a Seasonic design). If you need (or want) higher wattage, you've got the EVGA G2/P2 series, Corsair RM/HX/AX series, Seasonic X/XP series, and Seasonic rebrands.
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    MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Motherboard Starts Selling

    Just checked their website, Realtek ALC892.
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    MSI Teases GeForce GTX 970 Gaming with TwinFrozr V

    Why would you render a backplate? Neither picture referenced is the real deal.
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    GIGABYTE Announces Future Proof 9 Series Ultra Durable Motherboards

    The picture is of the Z97X-UD7 TH which actually doesn't have an m.2 connector. It has two Thunderbolt connectors though.
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    Tranquil PC and Mark Shuttleworth Launch Ubuntu Orange Box

    Imagine what ten computers can be used for. Now imagine that those ten computers are portable. This is that ten computers in a portable chassis (if 19KG can be considered portable, 29KG with the optional case).
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    Eurocom Equips M4 with Core i7-4940MX, GeForce GTX 880M, 3200x1800 Display

    It's a goddamn portable workstation with a high resolution display, not a gaming laptop. Just because you can game at its native resolution doesn't mean it's a good idea with its spec, so you upscale 900p to get the frame rates and quality you desire. Outside of that, you have an incredible...
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    Eurocom Equips M4 with Core i7-4940MX, GeForce GTX 880M, 3200x1800 Display

    You're not meant to game at 3200x1800, you're meant to game at 1600x900 and upscale it. Then outside of games you have a higher DPI screen.
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    VTX3D Debuts the R9 280 X-Edition

    They've been using X-edition to mark their overclocked cards since at least the 6000 series, possibly even earlier.
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    ASUS ThunderboltEX II Add-on Thunderbolt 20 Gbps Cards Now Available

    The dual Thunderbolt expansion card only has the one motherboard in its compatibility list probably because it's the only motherboard in Asus' product stack that has two DisplayPort out.
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    VTX3D Announces the Radeon R9 290 X-Edition

    You expect these guys to rebrand their overclocked cards to something else? They've been using X-edition for a few years now.
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    Cooler Master Releases GM Series Power Supplies

    I imagine the efficiency curve difference between a 500W power supply and a 650W power supply is less than going from, say, 80 plus bronze to 80 plus gold. If it does result in a higher electricity bill, it'd be in the cents per year, even for those who live in areas with high electricity costs.
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    BIOSTAR Releases Hi-Fi H81S3 Micro ATX Motherboard

    It's not just Biostar though, EVERY vendor does it. Marketing departments for every manufacturer declare that their low end boards are i5/i7 ready, regardless of how much long term damage it can do because it can do it in the short term.
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    BIOSTAR Releases Hi-Fi H81S3 Micro ATX Motherboard

    Dunno why you two are complaining, the cheapest boards from other vendors are 3+1 without a heatsink anyway, no one in their right mind would put anything higher than an i3 on boards like these.
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    XFX' New Radeon R9 and R7 Series Of Graphics Cards Are An Evolution

    Ghost = vapor chamber. Double Dissipation = two fans. You can have both since they're complementary - nothing stops you from having a vapor chamber and heatpipes and fans.
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    ASUS Radeon R9 280X MATRIX Graphics Card Pictured

    That's exactly what it is. It forces fans to run at 100%.
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    MSI Radeon R9 280X Gaming and R9 270X HAWK Graphics Cards Pictured

    Technically, Lightning and Hawk are the same tier (they're applied on differing tiers of GPUs though).
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    MSI Radeon R9 280X Gaming and R9 270X HAWK Graphics Cards Pictured

    TwinFrozr by version: V1: Two fans V2: 'Superpipe' (aka 8mm heatpipe) V3: Propeller blade (apparently increases airflow) V4: Reverse flow on startup (apparently helps to reduce dust on the heatsink)
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    Super Talent USB 3.0 Express DRAMDisk Now Available

    You mean GBps, and that's because you're using system memory, not the flash NAND on the drive. I still see two potential issues with this: 1. Even with on-the-fly mirroring between ramdisk and flash drive, there's still going to be a delay between when you're finished with your work and when...
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    ADATA Launches Newest XPG V2 3100 Overclocking Memory

    From the same review: Seems to me it has nothing to do with single sided/dual sided configurations.
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    ASUS ROG Launches RAIDR Express PCI Express-based SSD

    Don't ever believe MTBF is a measure of expected lifetime. To put it into perspective, they might have stress tested 200 units for 3,100 hours with one unit failing at that point, thus constituting a 620,000 hour MTBF.