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    Upgrading itch

    I run my i7 2600k at 4,6 MHz with a h80. In far cry i use the hbao setting. The game is smooth as long as i disable aa. The moment i do the game feels laggy and my gpu's heat up to above 80 degrees Celsius! In Bf3 the problems are caused by the lack of vram. I also need to replace my...
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    Upgrading itch

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my system but i'm a little confused what parts to renew. My current system: I7 2600k Asus p8p67pro 16gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz 2 x Gainward gtx 570 gs "Goes like hell" (SLI) 1000w OCZ GOLD PSU I use my system mainly for gaming on 1080p on my 55'...