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  1. IlluminAce

    Hardware Bug in AMD CPU Family

    Quite, us end users are not likely to suffer much as a result of this - unless you do much compilation on DragonFly BSD ;) (but, seriously, I do like its tenents and the work that's gone into it. I might give it a spin soon). Perhaps on the odd occasion us 24/7'ers might encounter this bug...
  2. IlluminAce

    Hardware Bug in AMD CPU Family

    Quite right, the errata lists are surprisingly extensive (or unsurprisingly if you consider the complexity). However, this fault was previously unreported in the errata, and will exhibit as a segfault given the right conditions. Moreover, it's almost impossible to track down. It's far from...
  3. IlluminAce

    Hardware Bug in AMD CPU Family

    AMD's CPU range has a problem updating its stack pointer. Ouch! Read all about it. This has been confirmed on one of the Phenom II X4 range's CPUs and even on a high-end Opteron. AMD's confirmation indicates it probably affects a nice range of their CPUs. The problem comes to light only in a...
  4. IlluminAce

    A note from qubit

    Sad to hear it q - I know many of us will continue to follow your articles in your new home. It's a real shame that this became necessary, but I'd have done the same thing under the circumstances. Oh well, time to change the RSS configuration...
  5. IlluminAce

    iPhone or Android recommendations

    To summarise, half the people will say the iPhone - it's slightly more "user-friendly" - and half will say Android - it's more open, ethical and "free" (in Stallman's freedom-not-beer sense). I'm part of the group that generally recommends Android. I dislike being told what I can and can't do...
  6. IlluminAce

    load/unload cycle count is high on ST2000DM001

    One solution is to place the commands in one of the rc. scripts - where they are depends on which distro you're running. However, the recommended solution is to use hdparm's configuration file, which is executed at boot, and intended for just this kind of purpose. You'll usually find it at...
  7. IlluminAce

    load/unload cycle count is high on ST2000DM001

    Load (unload) cycle count is the number of times the drive spins-up (spins-down). This is a configurable setting for drives with power management features (all modern drives). Under Linux, use hdparm -S<spindown timeout - see the man page> /dev/<device name> Under *BSD, use...
  8. IlluminAce

    I need a Internet Disconnect Alarm program?

    First things first. Contact your ISP! In my experience, they always try to resolve issues like this, as they know you'll just take your business elsewhere if they don't. Typically it's just your router - overheating, or buggy firmware, or whatever else - all the usual causes. If your ISP...
  9. IlluminAce

    I am confused: Corsair or CoolerMaster 600W PSU?

    Corsair. HardwareSecrets (.com) does the best PSU reviews I've seen on the net - well worth looking at some PSU reviews there to get the idea what each manufacturer's range is based on. Of course, TPU reviews are good too :D
  10. IlluminAce

    ASUS Direct cu II v's MSI 6950 2gb Twin Frozr III

    I highly recommend the Asus DirectCuII 6970. If you want quiet, this is it.
  11. IlluminAce

    Which manufacturers drives have failed on you?

    Hard drives are truly incredible pieces of equipment. Inside those unassuming boxes are a collection of platters thinner than CDs, piled high; one on top of each other, each packing incredible densities of bits. By the grace of their ever-ready stepper motor, they all spin anywhere between a...
  12. IlluminAce

    Apple STILL think they're immune!

    Thanks Chevalr1c; you're quite right of course. For most people, 99% security will never be a realistic prospect to aim for - in many cases a 60-80% confidence range seems like a more appropriate target! (And this is not to "put down" those to whom this may apply; I guess some people have better...
  13. IlluminAce

    Apple STILL think they're immune!

    This is an ancient topic of discussion, but in summary, there aren't that many in the wild Mac "viruses", since it's crafted from a BSD base. The nature of software installation practices in the *nix world versus the MS world plays a large part here. As for the natively superior security of *nix...
  14. IlluminAce

    Fresh Mint 11 install

    It's good to hear Mint is working out for you. I have installed it for a couple of people recently, for whom the direction of Ubuntu post-11.04 wasn't quite what they wanted. Mint offers an out-of-the-ISO experience which is more familiar to them than what Unity provides. So far, it's been...
  15. IlluminAce

    Most reliable Hard drives and PSU for 24/7 use? Which RAID?

    Excellent point, I'd completely forgotten! Thankfully my interactions with the Windows world these days are few and far between. Given that, I'd suggest mirroring 2TBs.
  16. IlluminAce

    Most reliable Hard drives and PSU for 24/7 use? Which RAID?

    Seconded, the XFX BE is a solid unit, essentially identical to the HX750W. But, again, 750W... you're running this system 24/7 but are not going to pull enough power to hit the maximum efficiency bracket, hence wasting power/$. RAID10 is right, just be aware that the CPU will be working 24x7...
  17. IlluminAce

    A question about CPUs, why they never die?

    CPUs are self-contained units protected by a large heatspreader, which are installed into a well-defined socket design and typically left well alone. All that's left to worry about is cooling one area (the HS) and supplying stable Vcore. As for the design, it's not too difficult to write...
  18. IlluminAce

    Most reliable Hard drives and PSU for 24/7 use? Which RAID?

    Not that I'm aware of. I haven't seen any such difference in manufacturer's MTBF stats, and wouldn't expect one either. It's like, if you bought a 500GB drive and a 1TB drive, you wouldn't necessarily expect the 1TB to fail before the 500GB. Many people like to think of HDD failure rates as...
  19. IlluminAce

    Should qubit get his Sandy upgrade now or later?

    If you make one more pun about bulldoz... bulldozzzz... bull... sh... doze... zzz... zzzzzzzzzzz
  20. IlluminAce

    RIP Dennis Ritchie: Father of C and UNIX

    Indeed - the influence dmr had on the world is just incalculable. Yet, as he never stood in front of a podium releasing a piece of proprietary plastic with a 100s of millions of dollars marketing campaign, Ritchie isn't a household name. In the halls of CS schools worldwide, though, I'm sure...
  21. IlluminAce

    Should qubit get his Sandy upgrade now or later?

    You left the obvious option off the list... Get it yesterday! I mean, what are you waiting for? A SB-E chip is going to cost the same as Germany's annual GDP. SB costs in the ballpark of Greece's annual GDP, so just buy it! Please don't tell me you're still waiting for Bulldoz.... zzz...
  22. IlluminAce

    Most reliable Hard drives and PSU for 24/7 use? Which RAID?

    I like to keep RAID simple, or avoid it altogether. Unless you're going to buy an expensive hardware RAID card, which I don't think you are, then you're talking about software RAID, which takes a toll on the CPU. Raid10 is the obvious for your requirements - 4x2TB striped and mirrored, so you...
  23. IlluminAce

    Got A Virus? It's Your Fault Says Microsoft

    ID-ten-T errors have always been the biggest cause of security breaches, in whatever field - technical or otherwise. Back "in the day", the likes of Kevin Mitnick (now global icon) utilised this to their advantage in what's come to be known as social engineering. This involved such old...
  24. IlluminAce

    Ubuntu 11.10 Released

    Moving away from gnome-shell was probably the most contentious decision in Ubuntu's history, and it shows: there have been mixed reviews for Ubuntu ever since Unity was rolled out in 11.04. The full spectrum of opinion is represented, from those who love the new simplicity and have encountered...
  25. IlluminAce

    [WTB] 1090t or a 1100t

    Unless you get an offer on the 1100T, save a few £/$ and get the 1090T. I was about to order one myself just now... until I compared the load power usage against that of Intel's comparable procs. Still, for highly threaded workloads at sub-2600 prices, you can't argue with AMD. Intel just...