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  1. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] X79 Motherboard-- Preferably XL-ATX

    Preferably XL-ATX like MSI big-bang/ EVGA Classified accessories and box preferable not necessary though. I/O Shield is a MUST Should be 100% functional
  2. Moatsim

    [FS][US] Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC version 4GB (SOLD)

    can you please share the stress-test screenshot? furMark 3mintest with fans left @ auto
  3. Moatsim

    [WTB] EVGA X58 Classififed 4 way SLI

    As subjected: need motherboard only no CPU should in perfect working condition box and I/O Shield preferable. location: NY 11554 -US payment: PayPal only (confirmed address)
  4. Moatsim

    [FT][US] GTX 660ti for your 670!

    alteast mention what you asking?
  5. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] X79 Motherboard

    bump...... any one?
  6. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] X79 Motherboard

    As subjected: - I have i73820 so MB Must, Must be compatible with it straight out of the box. - Preferably EVGA K2 version motherboards - should be in perfect working condition with complete goodies - ATX but preferably E-ATX/XL-ATX - If you have good HW.. I will pay (non-cc) against...
  7. Moatsim

    [FS][US] 5850 and 5870

    price for 5850? or both is it both for 130$?
  8. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] EVGA P67/Z68 FTW+2500k

    shipment to NY only.... any1 have 2500K???????????
  9. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] EVGA P67/Z68 FTW+2500k

    no my friend, in Pakistan... only Intel rubbish... nothing fancy u know
  10. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] EVGA P67/Z68 FTW+2500k

    As subjected: - only E-ATX Motherboard - Motherboard should be in perfect working condition with complete goodies+box - CPU: only need chip, no box, no HSF - seller should be able to ship internationally (USPS Express Mail only) - If you have good HW.. I will pay against your Paypal...
  11. Moatsim

    [WTB][US] Motherboard--LGA 2011-- PCI-E 3.0

    As subjected: - Mobo should be in perfect working condition with complete goodies - PCI-E 3.0 - ATX/ E-ATX - Shipment to NY-USA only - If you have good HW.. I will pay against your Paypal invoice 1st (non-cc) then you ships PM ME Thanks
  12. Moatsim

    [FS][US] Evga gtx 680

    Can you ship this internationally, USPS EXPRESS? let me know
  13. Moatsim


    how could one suggest anything which isn't out yet? :(
  14. Moatsim


    telling form your specs........ xfx 650W well, their psus are really good as far as i can tell, I really don't see any reason you should upgrade just for the sake 5870 crossfire.... you already got 4x 6 pin PCI-E if you are looking for an upgrade.. why not buy 2600k instead of 2500k?
  15. Moatsim

    Wondering what Motherboard to Choose (LGA 1155)

    asrock really coming in with great motherboard lineup.. buy something like fatality edition
  16. Moatsim

    Which GTX 460 should I buy?

    go for it
  17. Moatsim

    Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1200 W

    I never got around it.. what is gold ... sliver efficiency?
  18. Moatsim

    Spire BlackDragon 400 W

    N.R as far gamers are concerned
  19. Moatsim

    BitFenix Shinobi XL

    can this case really accord XL-ATX motherboards?
  20. Moatsim

    ASUS GeForce GTX 680 SLI

  21. Moatsim

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    think of it in quad SLI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Moatsim

    [Case Gallery] 42-173

    i liked the paint job.
  23. Moatsim

    [Case Gallery] Oil Submerged HTPC Mark II

    this is freaking crazy.................. different btw can anybody tell me which song in the video?
  24. Moatsim

    [Case Gallery] Fallen Shadow

    nice work bud