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    R600 to get WHQL first

    Its NOT going to be called X2900!
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    More K8L specs leaked

    Ben, stfu. You're starting to get on my nerves. Kids.. What i meant about dual-cores was that they offer no superior performance in games. The only time when u can see an advantage over single cores is in multi-tasking. Now dual-core CPUs dont cost more than single-cores, wich is why they...
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    Unreal Tournament 2007 renamed Unreal Tournament 3, will be available for Xbox360

    Yay, More console shooters! No wait, they suck..
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    Ruby gets ready for DirectX10 - check out the lipp gloss

    Thats a good enough reson to buy the R600.
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    NVIDIA G81 rumored to be on a 65 nanometer process

    They whaa? He's saying that ATI is far behind.
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    More K8L specs leaked

    Celeron D is not dual-core. No one is going to make dual-core Sempron/Celerons because dual-cores suck, and they wouldnt want to spend extra on them. Heck, if it wasnt for the second core doing physics in DX10 games, i would never have wanted an E4400 with more than a single core.
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    Fujitsu crams 1Tb into 1 inch

    Why do u need that much porn? The point is only to keep the good ones.
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    HELP! Buddy wants to buy this...good deal?

    That PC is a joke. You can play Company of Heroes well on a 7600 GS. You cant use a 7600 GS on the "case PSU". You cant use AMD CPUs.. beacause they suck.
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    New PSU, How many Watts should I get?

    If you want me to tell u what to buy i need something from u. Download this - http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html And reply with the report.
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    HELP! Buddy wants to buy this...good deal?

    That absolutely sucks and isnt going to work.
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    Overclockers releases Vista Early

    Vista is cheaper here.. (link removed due to warez contents, have a nice day)
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    Low-end Core 2 Duo out

    This is the plan for Q2 as has been currently released. E4200 (8x) - 100$ = E6400 E4300 (9x) - 130$ = E6600 E4400 (10x) - 160$ = E6700 So to counter that - so that everyone dosent buy these.. Intel is making the E6350 and E6450 with 4MB CPUs, instead of 2MB. So now its the E6350 4MB vs...
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    AMD Cuts Athlon 64 Prices

    Not going to save it..
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    Low-end Core 2 Duo out

    My BABY!!! E4300 > X6800
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    Alienware Area-51 comes pre-overclocked

    But then what have u achieved? The ONLY point of using a higher resolution, is because ur monitor is too big for a smaller one. This stupid gimic is pointless. You can watch HD movies in 800x600 and it wont look better than in 2560x1600 if its the SAME 17" monitor.
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    Alienware Area-51 comes pre-overclocked

    Nothing pre-overclocked is a good deal. Remmember that. Whats the point of the 1920x1200 resolution? You cant use that on a 17".
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    New GIGABYTE v3.3 Boards to Supports 1333MHz FSB

    Dont worry I wont be mad at u if ur a dick ;) The short answer is that they are charging u extra for overclocking it for u, when u can do it urself in a matter of minutes. The 1333Mhz FSB is bad, because its factory overclocked to 1333Mhz. All these new CPUs that are coming out and...
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    would this make my pc faster?

    Going from a Pentium 4 to an Athlon 64 will achieve NOTHING. Upgrade ur graphics card, nothing else.
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    New GIGABYTE v3.3 Boards to Supports 1333MHz FSB

    This is only good for ppl who dont want to overclock. Now they will be able to buy DDR2-667 memory.
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    Apple confirms $2 fee to allow people running Macintosh OS X to use 802.11 N

    You cant be serious.. Windows Vista is far better than Mac OS X. And Mac OS X is copied completely from Windows.. kinda like Christianity if that helps.
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    Apple confirms $2 fee to allow people running Macintosh OS X to use 802.11 N

    OS X is a piece of siht when u got Windows around, so whats the point?
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    Apple iPhone 'only' costs $246-$281 to manufacture

    :shadedshu I seriously cannot imagine what u can do in Mac OS, that u cannot do in Windows XP/Vista. "Mac" is just a PC using an OS that looks just like Windows, but since people see that, has no games.
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    LG and Prada show off iPhone look-alike

    I thought the Apple iPod/iPhone were supposed to be "revolutionary" not a copy of someone else's idea..
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    More than 50% of all Xbox360 owners never owned an Xbox

    Xbox was like that "other" console. It has nothing interesting about it, so people just bought PS2s instead. Xbox 360 however is actually better than the original Xbox, so more people buy it.
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    Geforce 8600 only with 128bit memory interface

    Are u kidding? This year isnt going to be any different for nVidia (ATI fan here). nVidia will win. Last generation nVidia released the 7800s 5 months before ATI released their X1800s(!) This time around, the SAME EXACT time - 5 months from the launch of the 8800s to the launch of the...