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    GPU-Z Translation: Chinese (Traditional) [Added]

    It is ready to be used, thz!:)
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    General Discussion for the GPU-Z languages features

    I perfer let the user to choose the language at first run, then provide the option to change the language in menu.
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    GPU-Z Translation: Chinese (Traditional) [Added]

    I have translated GPU-Z in Chinese (Traditional), which is used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Please tell me if I've translated anything wrong... STRINGTABLE BEGIN IDS_SENSOR_CORE_CLOCK "顯示實時 GPU 頻率。\n\n在感應器頁顯示的是目前頻率 (此值),而在主標籤頁顯示的是 3D 效能頻率。" IDS_SENSOR_MEMORY_CLOCK...