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  1. surfingerman

    my 590 just died :(

    welp installed it and overclocked without adjusting voltage.... pop.. burning smell, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, THIS SUCKS, omg what have i done this is the last nvidia card i ever buy, i thought after reading reviews it could handle an oc as long as i didnt touch the voltage.. man was i wrong
  2. surfingerman

    Gaming pc

    reported for trolling
  3. surfingerman

    1st time water cooling...possible disaster...wet motherboard

    water-cooling is extremely dangerous, the only thing more dangerous than water-cooling is gtx590ing
  4. surfingerman

    new GTX590 build

    so i'm ordering all the parts right now, but what i'm most concerned about is the case, i need at least 1/4 -1/2 inch thick hardened steel case to protect form shrapnel in the event my card explodes, can anyone link me i cant find and PC cases thick enough yet
  5. surfingerman

    AMD 6990 release date

    just wait one week you will see lol, the guys i talked to told me that amd knew the nvidia dual card would be release by the end of February and amd was determined to beat nvidia to market on this one and has kept the release highly top secret, it will hit the store shelves minimum 2 weeks...
  6. surfingerman

    AMD 6990 release date

    im on a lot of stock message boards and always trading amd stock, i have heard form several reliable posters and retailers 6990 will be released within a week got my pocket book open gonna snap this baby up, anyone need a used eyefinty 6 card? going cheaply
  7. surfingerman

    Caicos (HD6350) Card Pictures

    doubt it, doubt their going to have crap like that go wrong, its the light yo as described in this informative illustration
  8. surfingerman

    Caicos (HD6350) Card Pictures

    date is 30 / 07 / 10 on the engineering sample, can someone tell us how long its been since the engineering samples and last generations and the releases? does this mean low end cards will be released first? NM just checked the 5000 engineering samples had dates of 10 / 06 / 2009 aka June...
  9. surfingerman

    Caicos (HD6350) Card Pictures

    its metallic red (powder coated?), i think your just noticing the light reflection which makes it look lighter.. metallic red FTW you put something reflective in an all white background.. its going to reflect whitish hues aka pinkish
  10. surfingerman

    REVIEW: Kingston HyperX 4GB 2000 MHz CL9 DDR3 KHX2000C9D3T1K2/4GX

    very good review wish i had some extra cash
  11. surfingerman

    1GB 5770 1GB - what brand?

    +1 on the reference, i choose sapphire, but if i were looking for best price performance honestly id buy a used reference card of ebay, sometimes there as cheap as 120-130 dollars if you keep checking back, im fairly confident the 5770's are solid cards at good temps i dont think the used ones...
  12. surfingerman

    Time for watercooling.

    maybe not, i guess each chip is diff, mine required 1.4 to get past 4.2 stable, and at that point my temps were approaching 90C so i had to call it a day, pretty sure i could have gotten 4.3-4.4 if i had better cooling, but then again i didnt consider that cooler temps might reduce the necessary...
  13. surfingerman

    Time for watercooling.

    well his setup is 14C cooler than my I7 3.8 1.25 volts aircooled megahalems at load with 2x 1800RPMs, not sure how much cooler water is supposed to be than air, but id say 14C is pretty good Craigleberry: think you'll try upping the volts to 1.4+ and see how high you can crank her?
  14. surfingerman

    Microsoft raising Xbox Live Price

    wait wait, shouldn't the price be going down in theory because servers will be getting cheaper and or be able to support more subscribers over time?
  15. surfingerman

    Indie Game Creation Contest, Sponsored By Intel

    lol looks like they need to find some games that can run on sandy-bridge with decent frames
  16. surfingerman

    Post your opinion about ati card manufacturers

    got four differnt cards from sapphire, no let downs yet, i say if it aint broke dont fix it ill stick with them
  17. surfingerman

    Is selling a GTX480 so you can get two GTX460s worth it?

    well if hes gaming under 2560x1600 he may see marginal increases from all the stupid videos i watched, but personally i dont see the point, unless just dicking around with crap is fun (which it is) is not 480 good enough for 1900 x 1200? if i had that much power id be opting for triple screens...
  18. surfingerman

    Is selling a GTX480 so you can get two GTX460s worth it?

    stupid videos on the internetz, causing bad life choices since circa youtube
  19. surfingerman

    OBS! (Overkill Bench Station)

    holy jesus its ... beautiful, DO WANT@@! that color scheme is just begging for some 6970 action words cannot describe my jealousy right now!
  20. surfingerman

    Building a new desktop.

    help us help you APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ? BUDGET RANGE: ? SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: I play games, surf the net, watch movies (720p), copy DVDs/BluRays (well, I wanna copy BluRays), listen to music. I usually play BattleField:2142, but I just bought StarCraft II, and...
  21. surfingerman

    slow frames with evga gtx 460 768 mb

    the cake (460) is a lie i would have to assume you switched from amd to nvidia, in which case i have had driver problems when i had drivers form both companies installed, my first guess would be a conflict somewhere have you run sweeper and uninstalled all remnants of old amd drivers, reboot...
  22. surfingerman

    Official AMD Radeon 6000 Series Discussion Thread

    lol yeah i deducted my 5870(6) and entire i7build and my three $500 dollar monitors and credited it to my business, but in fairness i do use it mostly for business :rockout:
  23. surfingerman

    Sandy Bridge i5 2400 benchmarks

    looks like its time to scoop up some amd stock not only are their processors looking good, but so are their video cards, and the stock price is on discount, should see over .80 cents a share earnings next year IMO not bad for a stock trading in the $5 dollar range, i think AMD stock is going to...
  24. surfingerman

    Odd monitor problem

    try installing the 10.5b beta driver, ill bet you it fixes the problem
  25. surfingerman

    How's this build?

    funny it is this way because a while back biostar was the only company that had a good reputation,and the only company that could make boards that didnt fry 40% of the time, i decided to give biostar a go on my last work pc build and it did good wasn't to impressed with the bios though