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  1. GreiverBlade

    Crossout (Beta)

    oh well @erocker @Ahhzz @Thimblewad let's have a Crossout thread to share screens, build and thought on the game (and try to appeal other potential fellow TPU members in ) the main, excellent, idea in that game is customisation, from parts (weapon,frames,wheel,cabine) to paint, there is...
  2. GreiverBlade

    VR headset, want it at a better price? avoid local shop and known brand(aka hidden review and test)

    let's talk about Smartphones VR Headset ;) ok Amazon has some cheap good one that could match the price i got for mine (17$) and the delivery would be faster, but is it really worth it? in Switzerland, as example, the same headset that i got would be 54.90chf/56.41$ (still the V1.0 and not the...
  3. GreiverBlade

    [Project log] SG05 AM1 build "keep it simple" {update need some advice on cooling ;) }

    so, i won a real bargain on a SG05 auction, i got it for 4$~ since i always wanted to redo a mini itx build after the one i did who is sitting at my parent house in Spain, here we go list: Silverstone Sugo SG05 BeQuiet SFX Power 2 300w 80+ bronze Athlon 5350 Asus AM1I-A SKT AM1 MITX Asus GT 730...
  4. GreiverBlade

    "WTF" moment: RAM CL not according value no change in BIOS no OC

    i noticed that my Kingston HyperX Fury CL10 1600 (1600 10-10-10-30) is running 4-5-5-15 am i missing something or it's probably a reading error from CPU-Z
  5. GreiverBlade

    Desktop customization: show off club

    hi there, i searched thru the forum and i didn't find a thread like that (i hope i searched enough :roll: ) so here is the idea: show your desktop (current or past), be it a wallpaper or a full Rainmeter custom UI, just to share idea or to show what you like, a bit of pixel and less silicium no...
  6. GreiverBlade

    project "custom" InWin GRone [money got it terminated, and in a bad way...]

    heya, im gathering idea for a mod project, it will be either way a Red Raven themed mod or just "my drawing" theme let me know what pics catch you and why unfortunately i got a grey (more like anthracite grey) GRone, a white one would have been better since im not good at color drawing (i use...
  7. GreiverBlade

    ACER Aspire 5735Z funny behavior

    well, as I've said in Your PC ATM thread, i found a ACER Aspire 5735Z in a dump. almost untouched no scratches nothing. just all screws of the panel, HDD, CPU and RAM missing, so i did put a Core2Duo T3200 (wich is, luckly, the base CPU spec of that laptop) 4gig ram (2x2) Samsung and a...
  8. GreiverBlade

    A10-5800K issue (missclick, explanation inside)

    A10-5800K issue (might have been a bios bug triggered by the event) solved hello everybody, its a warning, tho i cant be sure its because of that but this is what happened: i was runing gpu-z 0.7.2 (latest build) and CPU-Z to do some test on my mITX A10-5800k build and i missclicked...
  9. GreiverBlade

    Club3d HD 6950 2gb flash probleme (i searched i tried but need more info)

    Club3d HD 6950 2gb flash probleme [solved] hello everybody I got my hands on a Club3d 6950 2gb model: CGAX-69548F, that the previous user said : the flash failed and he had a shity mobo with no igp nor other pcieX 16 port avaiable (only x1 port no pci or other kind) i searched over the...
  10. GreiverBlade

    GTX 560 Ti 448 cores

    hello i acquired for cheap (a lil less than 100$) a perfect condition GTX 560 Ti 448 the question is : how to be sure its not a 560 ti or non ti Gpu-Z show: i reckon : 320bits memory interface, GF110 familly, 1280mb GDDR5, SLI connector for tri(quad?)SLI (the 560 Ti and non Ti based on...
  11. GreiverBlade

    Zotac GTX 460 AMP! personal Failure

    hello all i experimented a personal failure with a Zotac GTX460 AMP! a friend asked my to test it on my computer if it works (he has a 460w psu just like my old one) since i changed for a Super Flower Aurora 600w modular psu (i read some good review on it and my retailer was doing a promo on...
  12. GreiverBlade

    question and demanding advice

    ok 1st things 1st : i have a HP tower spec CPU: Phenom II X6 1035T 2.6ghz (3.1 turbo) (didnt got Buldozer gen since i've heard its a near-faillure) Cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer Extreme Rev.2 double tower 120mm Motherboard: Foxconn Alpinia RS780L (could be worse) Ram: 8go DDR3 1333...