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  1. El_Mayo

    PS4 controller & Steam Link problems connecting wirelessly

    My PS4 controller doesn't seem to work normally with a Steam Link It randomly registers button presses in the Steam Link menu and immediately disconnects itself when you try to connect wirelessly If you load Steam Big Picture using a keyboard from the Steam Link the controller appears to be...
  2. El_Mayo

    PC not booting after DPC Watchdog Violation

    My PC BSOD'd the other day and now I've got the loading circle forever. Any ideas on how to fix? I can get into safe mode and have tried uninstalling my graphics driver, disabled fast boot in the BIOS and reinstalling the SATA AHCI driver edit: eventually I get another BSOD saying critical...
  3. El_Mayo

    Desktop restarting after power off and sleep

    My computer powers back on everytime I try and turn it off. It turns off, and then about 10 seconds later it powers back on. When I try and sleep it turns back on instantly. Any ideas? Not the end of the world, just really really annoying
  4. El_Mayo

    [FS][EU] Brand new boxed i5 6600

    Brand new sealed in box. £155 shipped to the UK Heatware: El_Mayo Edit: Would sell on eBay but the fees are a bit prohibitive & I'd rather someone on the forum get this bad boy. I am open to offers!
  5. El_Mayo

    Sub £200 build for browsing

    Hi guys, nothing exciting to see here. Just trying to put the cheapest computer together for browsing the web for a friend. He already has a case, DVD writer, Windows 7 and SD card reader from an old build so I'm going with these bits. Literally no preferences as far as AMD/Intel goes. I'm...
  6. El_Mayo

    S.M.A.R.T status bad on 2TB Seagate Barracuda

    I have a 2TB Seagate drive that stores all my music, but the other day I booted my computer and it didn't recognise the D drive. I tried different SATA ports, and it did eventually recognise the drive in the boot order and ran a dskchk, but now the computer won't boot and says SMART status bad...
  7. El_Mayo

    Anyone have any experience with GeIL RMA process?

    I'm trying to get my a replacement of my RAM set, one of the sticks started kicking up errors in Memtest86+ recently. I've filled out an RMA form using this link but it's been a couple of days with no reply. I can't find a forum for them anywhere online
  8. El_Mayo

    Compact (ITX) gaming build under £600

    Hi guys, planning a new mini-ITX build for gaming for a friend (most taxing game she's gonna play is probably GTA V/Assassin's Creed) Here's my part list so far PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (£143.34 @ Amazon UK)...
  9. El_Mayo

    Enthoo Pro owners: Can you actually fit the 200mm fan on top

    The manual suggests I can and I've seen images online showing it being done, however the right screws aren't provided with the case :(
  10. El_Mayo

    Quick questions about overclocking & cooling 4790K

    1: If I disable turbo boost does that mean my CPU will: always run at 4.4ghz and never lower clocks when idle only run 4.4ghz at load and run at lower clocks when idle only run at 4 ghz at load and run at lower clocks when idle? 2: Which of these will improve my cpu temps the most: Adding...
  11. El_Mayo

    GTX 970 Ebuyer RMA not going smoothly: advice?

    I don't know if anyone on the forum's had this problem as well with the MSI 4G GTX 970. Whenever I apply a 3D load the second fan would get stuck at 100% and the first fan would struggle to spin up. I created a video showing the problem to send to Ebuyer (I've had to send the card back three...
  12. El_Mayo

    Advice on first [<£500] budget micro-ATX build please

    I'm building a micro-ATX build in the near future for use in the living room. It's mainly for my girlfriend for gaming as well as light Adobe Illustrator work. I wanted to go with mini ITX but FM2+ mini itx boards start from £65 where I looked. If I could find one around £40 I'd be willing to go...
  13. El_Mayo

    [EU] Asrock H61 Pro BTC Socket 1155 - £17.99 on eBuyer

    Great price for an intel board from a legit seller. Asrock H61 Pro BTC Socket 1155
  14. El_Mayo

    "Critical process died" before every boot

    PC turns on gets a BSOD reboots and then I can get into windows. Just wondering why it BSODs in the first place if anyone's had this problem before . i7 4790k on Z97a with latest bios. not overclocked, auto voltage
  15. El_Mayo

    Metro 2033 free in Humble Store until 08/11

    It's on the Humble Bundle homepage here, just enter email. Only 21 more hours to claim!
  16. El_Mayo

    64GB SD card only showing in Disk Management, not my computer.

    My 64GB SD card isn't working with a laptop's built in SD card reader and an external USB one. It's not too bad as it's coming up in disk management, and it's still being read by my DSLR
  17. El_Mayo

    Do compact and full sized keyboards have the same sized keys?

    I'm looking for a keyboard with MX Brown switches and backlighting and I've found one for a decent price, but it's a "compact" board. It's got 10 keys but it's only 37 inches, compared to the bigger 45 inch version. Is the length trimmed by making the actual keys smaller? Or just the space...
  18. El_Mayo

    CPU temps too high?

    My i7-4790K is idling around 40 degrees when running every fan at 100% and hitting 96-100 degrees in any type of Prime 95 test and would probably go even higher in Intel Burn test. The motherboard is around 27 degrees which is what I'd expect the CPU to be also. Voltage is 1.296V (even when the...
  19. El_Mayo

    Windows 8 update causing bootloops

    Keep getting a BSOD with one of the 96 updates I install. I installed a new copy of Windows 8 and it wouldn't let me update to W8.1 until I download all the updates and when I do it doesn't boot anymore just loops between trying to troubleshoot and find the problem. I fixed it by booting in...
  20. El_Mayo

    What's the best GTX 970 out? [UK]

    Going to purchase a new card tonight, so far looking at the Zotac GTX 970, MSI Twin Frozr and the EVGA (not the superclocked version). The Zotac is the cheapest but their fans don't look as good as the MSI in terms of performance. Liking the MSI atm as the fans don't spin under 50 degrees, but...
  21. El_Mayo

    Final build part list (gaming/edit build)

    I've posted about this for a while and I decided I'd wait til the GTX 970 came out, which it is tomorrow. Even though I don't know a price yet I'll pay up to the same amount a 780 currently costs. Posting the list for a final check, make sure I haven't put anything terrible on my list. CPU -...
  22. El_Mayo

    Best CPU cooler around £40

    I'm trying to decide between 3 coolers atm. It's a toss up between two heatsinks and a refurbished AIO. The heatsinks are the Dark Rock 3 and Scythe Ashura and the refurbished AIO is a manufacturer refurbished Corsair H100. I think the H100 could be really good if I replaced the fans for the...
  23. El_Mayo

    [EU] Intel Devil's Canyon/motherboard and SSD cashback

    If you buy either the i5-4670k or i7-4790k and a qualifying ASUS, AsRock, Gigabyte or MSI motherboard you can get some cashback on here. Pretty good if anyone's in the process of upgrading (like me!). Same thing for Intel SSDs. T&Cs never posted in this part of the forum so I hope this doesn't...
  24. El_Mayo

    [WTB][EU] GTX 770/780

    Looking for a graphics card for my upcoming build. Hopefully still with a valid, transferable warranty, but I've never had a problem with a used card so it's not a big deal if the card's good condition. Heatware: http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=68966 PayPal only
  25. El_Mayo

    Best TV under £350 [UK]

    I'm looking the Panasonic TX42A400B atm I'm not bothered about it being this year's model or last, or slimness or smart functionality, especially if the trade off is picture quality. If it's smart with good picture quality I'm interested, but presumably that'd push the price above £350