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    Dead HD 6970?

    Agreed, I was a bit mad when the card didn't work and my mood didn't exactly improve after everything I tried failed to get some kind of life from the card. Anyway, I still believe it may be as kn00tch says, that it was working when he tried it last. I contacted the seller last night and we...
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    Dead HD 6970?

    That is my conclusion too :) anyway, just noticed the card isn't even detected in BIOS (the pcie slot is listed as empty) and atiflash -i doesn't list it either (didn't think it would after not being seen in BIOS) so think it's pretty dead :ohwell:
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    Dead HD 6970?

    Afraid not, it is rev 2. The card that works is a rev 1 and has the BIOS switch, typical...
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    Dead HD 6970?

    So I bought two used HD 6970 with full cover-blocks from a guy here in Sweden, figured it would be a nice and most of all cheap upgrade to my HD 5870. Now to the problem. One of the cards works like a charm, the other doesn't. So I thought I would turn to you guys for help. Steps I have tried...
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    Pioneer Releases the BDR-XS05 Slot Loading Blu-ray Burner

    Yeah, but the difference lies in what happens when you eject the disc :) Used to have a pioneer slot-in dvd drive way back, was awesome :)
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    Gaming Mice Suggestions For Big Hands

    The naos is pretty big and a great mouse at that. My brother bought the naos 5000 a while back and is more than happy with it. The r.a.t. 7 is also a big one, atleast in its biggest form. I just bought the mmo 7 (same mouse, more buttons) and the tweaking you can do with this mouse is keeping...
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    Logitech Announces Peripherals for Cisco Jabber

    That would be awesome!
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    BenQ Announces GW2760HS 27-inch Monitor

    1080p makes more sense on a 13 incher so I wouldnt hate it then :)
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    Philips Launches the Gioco 278G4 3D Display with Ambiglow Technology

    Ambilight would be nice on a 24" monitor with 1920x1200 resolution (or by all means, bigger :) ) but without 3D. It's something I would buy but I doubt such a product will ever happen.
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    Dell Unveils a Pair of E-Series Entry Level Monitors

    I have 2 19" 1280x1024 on each side of my main monitor, works fine for the stuff I put on them such as helpfiles and documentation when I'm developing. Don't really need much higher resolution for such stuff :)
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    Giveaway: THQ Medley Steam Keys

    After a crappy day (which seems to be every day right now...) I come home and hug my daughters and it's all good again :) put me up for Metro 2033
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    Console Porting is killing PC Gaming PQ.

    I'd say its not just the PQ that is getting killed. Games are getting dumbed down, just look at Civ V and XCOM, so silly compared to Civ IV and the original XCOM. (Not as obvious in XCOM as in Civ V though). Oh and to bring something to the discussion of console gaming vs. pc gaming I give...
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    Windows 8 Pricing Revealed

    I already have (through Dreamspark premium) and I don't have a touch screen, never will, I don't use metro either, and i never really used the start menu so for me Windows 8 is awesome. For me Win8 is just like Win7 but better. :)
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    AMD A10-5800K Cracks 7.446 GHz

    Via? :laugh:
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    New Japanese Law Jails Illegal Downloaders for 2 Years

    Haha the justice system will have a meltdown if they go after illegal downloaders this way, will be fun to watch :laugh:
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    Windows 8 Launch Event Slated for October 25, Held In New York

    Well, I like it, can see why people don't like it too, especially if they are used to the start-button. Me on the other hand, I never used it so its less clutter on the taskbar I guess. :) Can't say much about metro either since I never use it. For me win8 is essentially an improved win7...
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Yup, done that three times now... no go :/
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Has anyone been able to get automatic login working on RTM? It worked for me in RP but can't seem to get it working now :/
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    Giveaway: Lots-o-loot

    Why i keep coming back to TPU: The booth babe pics! And the reviews by Wizz and Cadaveca are awesome! And you helped me pick out parts for my new rig which also is awesome! :)
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Add me in, running Win8 Pro x64 RTM (getting my key in 4 days from dreamspark premium) Oh and whats this about needing hotmail/outlook email for getting office 2013 key? It is rather incorrect. You do know you can use any email when signing up for a Microsoft account right? :)
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    Windows 8 Graphics Performance

    The new gui? Yeah that's the thing that pops up every time I start the computer, I see it for all of 10 seconds before pushing the desktop button. I use win8 just the same as I used win7, but then again I never used the start menu and have always used a launcher so the start button being gone...
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    Intel Ivy Bridge-E Slated for Q3-2013

    Awesome, guess I will be using my Rampage for a long while :)
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    Giveaway: Bioshock 1&2

    3 so far, Dragon age, Galactic Civ II, and the DLC's for Fallout NV, would have bought more but I'm strapped for cash right now, don't get any more until the 25th and then its all over :(
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    GELID Launches the GC-Extreme 10g and GC-Supreme Thermal Compounds

    Still going strong with as5 here too, haven't seen any reason to switch to anything else.