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    CPU Database

    it's a modified prescott core, actually... in more ways than just cache, too. edit: I almost forgot... the 3x6 and 3x1 celeron Ds are pretty much identical to their 3x5 and 3x0 counterparts, except they have EM64T and XD enabled.
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    CPU Database

    Seems to be missing several Celeron D processors, especially the socket 478 versions. According to CPU-Z, I have a Celeron D 320, mPGA-478, 2400mHz, 18x multiplier, 90nm, 1.4v(unsure), 16KB L1, 256KB L2, no L3. The TDP I'm not sure of. Incidentally, I believe the proper codename for all...
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    GPU Database

    I have an ATI All-In-Wonder X800XL. According to ATITool, it uses an R420, is AGP, has 256MB of DDR3 memory, has a 256-bit memory bus width, has 16 active pipelines, has a GPU clock of 400mhz and a memory clock of 490mhz. I also have a few ancient video cards that I can dig up, if you want to...