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    Creative Unveils X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Series PCI-E Sound Cards

    Man that whole naming scheme is hard to say in one breath. Why can't they go with something easier to say? :wtf:
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    Crysis on a 2GHz Sempron?

    Even my system chokes on crysis, but that's probably because the game prefers Nvidia more. ;)
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    ASUS R.O.G. Maximus II Formula (Intel P45) Up Close and Personal

    It sure looks pretty... ;)
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    Arctic Cooling Introduces Arctic RC RAM Cooler

    wewww..... wouldn't mind seeing if I could slap these on top of my OCZ reapers.
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    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series Video Cards Specs Leaked

    Wonder how much faster these 4870's are compared to 3870's? :confused:
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    GIGABYTE EP45 Extreme Exclusive Shots

    It sure looks sick though :D
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme Now in Black

    Good thing I haven't bought one yet ;)
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    Revamped PlayStation Store and PS3 Firmware 2.30 Available

    I wonder if there's a difference in quality in what is used to decode the HD-DTS though? Anyone know? :confused: Does quality of the hardware play factor in this, or is it a universal standard? :ohwell:
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    Revamped PlayStation Store and PS3 Firmware 2.30 Available

    The new Denon receivers seem to do it from 2808 and up. 1.3A HDMI and decoding of DTS-HD =)
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    Revamped PlayStation Store and PS3 Firmware 2.30 Available

    Hope this thing allows bitstream. The receiver does a better job of decoding it ;)
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    OCZ Technology Announces World’s Fastest 4GB Kit, the Innovative PC2-9200 Flex II

    Wierd stuff, but cool. I myself use their 4gb 9200 reaper HPC, and those are handsome devils :D But really, if you aren't going to use the water cooling for those heatsinks, I don't see buying them without the water. Will it underperform the specs, if you don't use the additional cooling it was...
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    messed up ocing 3870x2 in flash, need stock bios files!

    Still unable to get screen to post. I used files both ways for GPU's 0 and 1 with a command line of "atiflash.exe -p 0 r680.bin" and "atiflash.exe -p 1 r680(2).bin" and neither seems to be fixing my issue. If I'm going about this the wrong way let me know, and how I would fix it. Also if...
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    messed up ocing 3870x2 in flash, need stock bios files!

    Thanks! You guys are a life saver. :laugh: Though quick question. The bigger bios file is for the master/ atiflash.exe -p 1 core right? I'm going to try both ways, but could save me some time if someone told me as it is ;)
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    messed up 3870x2 flash, need someone's bios from gpu-z!

    Could a moderator delete this post? thanks!
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    messed up ocing 3870x2 in flash, need stock bios files!

    Messed up my flash before i backed up. The posted GPU bios on techpowerup seems to cover only a 44kb slave one. I think I need the master bios to get my card working again when I do my blind flashing in DOS. :twitch: If anyone could send or direct me to both or more...
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    Futuremark Introduces VirtualMark

    Got 16,400. Seems spot on for me, but then again I did post my score before on that site.
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    ATI Planning HD 3850 X2?

    I donno but it sounds to me like 3850x2 is the same as the current 3870x2. As always hitting myself for not waiting the extra months for the next best thing for lower prices :ohwell:
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    Creative: ASUS Misleading Customers on EAX Drivers

    So what's going on here? Can the Xonar output the EAX 3,4,5?
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    Fact Sheet - Intel Corporation's Multicore Architecture Briefing

    I'm pretty satisfied at the moment. :)
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    Gigabyte to Start Selling High-End PC Accessories

    They forgot to add LED backlight to compete with the others in this range! Just looks cheap with the orange buttons.
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    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX Priced

    I was too impatient of waiting after 6 months with a 6600gt, got myself a 3870x2. I'm happy i didn't miss out on this marginal upgrade.
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    OCZ Introduces 32GB and 64GB High-Speed SATAII Solid State Drives

    Wondering if 1 of these SSD drives would be quicker than 2 sata2 harddrives in raid 0? Mind my ignorance.
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    Intel X48 Shipping This Week

    Don't know what I'm missing out on. I grabbed myself an X38 already 5 months ago.
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    OCZ Introduces Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler

    I wonder if it'll cool better than Thermaltake's average water cooling 760i solution? :ohwell: