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  1. Naekuh

    Intel K series relieve CPU multiplier limitation-Core i7-875K OC performance Review

    hey wind do you see the same vtt limitations on these guys as the normal 1156 cpu's?
  2. Naekuh

    New Watercooling Rig- Need Advice Please

    gonna be hard mounting all those rads in an armor. (speaking from experience as i had an armor which i LC'd) Usually when people go that big of a loop, they get a case meant for water. Trust me.. you want a more LC friendlier case.. Corsair 800D, Corsair 700D, HAF, and a few other CM...
  3. Naekuh

    AC Xtreme 4870X2 - Gold dust?!

    After you buy that sink.. ur gonna spend probably 100 dollars in total after shipping. Maybe.. its a smarter idea for you to get rid of the card and add onto the cooler cost and get a 5800 series?
  4. Naekuh

    Water Cooling a Non reference ATI 5850?

    thanks.. new info for me. :toast:
  5. Naekuh

    Water Cooling a Non reference ATI 5850?

    will that fit? Because koolance didnt include the HD5850 as a block compatibility for the V2: http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/product_info.php?product_id=1022 I would email koolance TECH support and ask at the very least. If koolance says yes it will work, and you buy a koolance block...
  6. Naekuh

    hahaha second place wooo hoooo

    LOL must of been a ton of fun.
  7. Naekuh

    Gelid Icy Vision

    is it just me or has gpu heat sinks finally caught up to cpu heat sinks? O.o
  8. Naekuh

    hahaha second place wooo hoooo

    This isnt at skinnee's place is it? I know Vapor went over to skinnee's last night. And i know skinnee has a TON of LN2 in his garage.
  9. Naekuh

    Onboard LAN Disappears When Overclocked?!

    i thought that... but then why does video work? :cool:
  10. Naekuh

    Onboard LAN Disappears When Overclocked?!

    well if only special boards can have this problem then... My: ASUS P6T-DLX was special... ummm special turd is more like it... :shadedshu eVGA X58 E758 had it sometimes. eVGA X58 E759 also sometimes DFI X48 Sometimes my USB controller would even go missing. I really have no exact...
  11. Naekuh

    Old Fans New Boards

    4 pin connector = pwm connector. Pwm is backwards compatiable so yes its OK to put in a 3 pin fan into a 4 pin header. the 4th wire is a pwm sense wire for pwm. edit: ahhh seems like it was answered a while back.. meh... sorry for the echo.
  12. Naekuh

    overclocking a Mcp 655

    using a variable psu. like a meanwell.
  13. Naekuh

    MO-RA3 4x180

    omg someone tell me they did not goof up and go back to round tubes. There MORA-2 used a thin tube style which is far better then circle tube. I have no quams about using alu fins... but ugh... GO with the older one.. my 2 cents... as its far better... This is why you want to avoid round...
  14. Naekuh

    overclocking a Mcp 655

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA this brings back funny memories... martin has tried and even had one at 14.1V i believe. AT the end of all his nightmare testing he said it wasnt worth it, and it was very very obnoxiously loud.
  15. Naekuh

    Is it more important to cool NB or SB?

    yes and no... it will get hot as your over 400fsb. it wont get that hot if your under 300fsb. And keeping the NB Cold... doesnt help, its just not letting it overheat. i have placed a TEC on the NB b4, without any real benefits.
  16. Naekuh

    water cooling loop

    the shortest route is always the best route. Unless your applying it to a res. Then its always res before pump. Other then that, flow is uniform, temperature should also be @ equalibium throughout your loop unless you have very very poor flow, so u go for the shortest loop.
  17. Naekuh

    GIGABYTE TOP X58A-UD9 with Intel Core i7 960/980X OC Performance Review

    LOL.. i saw the glass dolls, didnt look at the name and went is that wind? I knew it had to be you, your trade mark is Epic.
  18. Naekuh

    Is it more important to cool NB or SB?

    depends on the FSB you intend to run on the board and the voltage you feed to your NB. You'll notice on LGA775 the memory controller is located on the north bridge so it handles a lot of traffic. On the low budget boards, they are usually all passive, on the higher end boards they are heat...
  19. Naekuh

    Expensive thermal paste is a complete waste!

    well the main reason why I and many testers like Skinnee and vapor use MX-2 is because of the repeatable mounts you get with it. MX-2 just applys overall better so you get more constant mounts, and less variation on cores.
  20. Naekuh

    How to make TEC/Peltier

    its still sitting on a shelf until i get a pwm controller. but i did have it run. It was doing nice numbers until i started seeing water slush in my tubing. :roll: That wasnt a very nice sight either... I didnt think it would pull the temp down that fast and quickly to be honest.
  21. Naekuh

    Onboard LAN Disappears When Overclocked?!

    noticed this happens too sometimes. You need to go into bios -> onboard and under LAN make sure its on ENABLED and not AUTO. then you shouldnt lose it.
  22. Naekuh

    WPrime Benchmark

    i need to bring out a 22nm to beat these scores.. ummm give me 6 months.. lol... i'll get back on first.
  23. Naekuh

    How to make TEC/Peltier

    This is the best way to use it on water. The thing is you want to Milk CoP on the TEC's as much as possible, to get efficiency. The best way to do that is the get a lot of tec's and run them downvolted. If you want even greater efficiency you get a pwm controller and have them run on pwm...
  24. Naekuh

    Pump Died!

    D5-B non vario has a 1 setting and a cap @ setting 4. This is on paper. The D5-Vario has a variable setting of 1-5. Setting 5 gives u more flow and head pressure then setting 4. The non vario can not do 5, which the vario can. Setting 3 makes the vario quieter then the non vario. Also the...
  25. Naekuh

    Core i7 980X Overclocking And Feedback

    gulftown has some new rules u should follow. And please take my rules seriously because i have killed a gulftown. 1. ABSOLUTELY NO MORE VCORE THEN 1.45 for 24/7 2. ABSOLUTELY NO MORE THEN 1.35 for CPU VTT for 24/7 3. Try to stay below 1.375 for QPI/DRAM. 1 and 2 will kill your CPU in a...