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    WD Slashes HDD Warranties By A Third – But You Can Buy Them Back

    This is extremely irritating. When Seagate lowered their warranty to 2 years, I lost some of my trust in them. It wasn't too big of a deal, though, since we still had WD and Samsung which were both good. Then Seagate bought Samsung's hdd division, and now WD lowered their warranty. WHO DO WE...
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    Recommended RAM brands

    Every since I found out that Micron manufactures at least some of their memory in the USA, I've told everyone to go with Crucial.
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    Upgrade for an integrated graphics

    It would definitely be good to know the model number. If it's a standard ATX tower, then you could easily upgrade your power supply and get a high-performance card. If it's a non-standard tower, or slim tower, then you may actually have to a buy a low profile card.
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    A8-3850 Has Ineffective BClk Multiplier

    Oh, AMD..... when will you finally catch up to Intel?
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    ASUS C1X79 EVO LGA2011 Motherboard Pictured

    I'm perfectly happy with my puke color Asus board, thank you very much. :rolleyes:
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    New Sandy Bridge Based Celeron Processors Detailed

    Now Intel's getting smart. They need more budget processors to combat AMD. Granted, I'd rather have AMD catch up. Monopolies are bad.
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    AMD A-Series APUs Tested Against Sandy Bridge CPUs at Gaming on IGP

    I somehow doubt this. A lot.
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    AMD Cuts Down Processor Prices Paving Way for Bulldozer

    http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php IMO the 1100t still isn't a competitor for the 2500k. Doesn't anyone get what performance-per-core means? :shadedshu
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    First Build (Verify my build and help me make it cheaper/better/faster)

    Try this: HIS H567FO1G Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI E... or this: PowerColor AX5670 1GBK3-H Radeon HD 5670 1GB 128-b... or, if you want great reliability, this: SAPPHIRE 100289VGAL Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR3 PCI Ex... For the first two, just pick your favorite. :) The third is made by...
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    First Build (Verify my build and help me make it cheaper/better/faster)

    The i5 2500k is a great CPU, but your video card will pose a bit of a bottleneck. You'll want at least a 5670, if not something better. Also, I recommend the Samsung Spinpoint F3 1tb for your hard drive: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cac... I've had it for about 8 months now (I...
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    Enermax Readying 80 Plus Platinum Compliant 900W Modular PSU

    Enermax does care. :p
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    Packard Bell Unveils Sleek Maestro 230 LED Monitor

    I hear that Packard Bell is being made by Acer now. Great......:banghead:
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    my new build input

    Nice deal on the 860! :rockout:
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    my new build input

    You'd probably be better off going with one of the new Sandy Bridge CPUs. If you want to save ~$50, get the i5 2500k. Even with its lack of hyperthreading, it just about ties the i7 870. If you want a hyperthreaded, slightly higher-clocked version of the 2500k that costs a bit more, then get the...
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    GTX570+Q9650@4GHz is it worth?

    You might benefit from upgrading to Windows 7. I think that DirectX11 is the first version to support GPGPU, which is the video card doing some tasks for the CPU. I may be very wrong, since I don't have Win7 myself, and I'm no DirectX expert, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. :)
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    GTX570+Q9650@4GHz is it worth?

    I guess it depends. What is your current FPS?
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    Super Flower Intros First-to-Market 80 Plus Platinum Modular PSU

    Nice. Looks like we have a new competitor in town. :)
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    Guess my info on the delay is outdated: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/video/display/20110122110646_AMD_Bulldozer_Not_Delayed_Says_Company.html I remember hearing about this a few months ago, and I guess the source was wrong. I'm guessing that 6 core LGA2011 will be superior to Zamezi 8 core...
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    How's this drive look?

    Cool. :cool: Thanks for posting up that HDtune, I always like seeing an unusual scenario. Cheers! :toast:
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    Agreed. It'll probably only just barely edge out the 2600k, though, and LGA2011 will probably come out only a short while after BD, considering the delays that AMD's going through. Also, we still don't know how biased AMD's benches are. They don't seem very detailed as of yet.
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    I see. It's possible that Zambezi will be a valid competitor, but from the one bench so far, it's not looking too good IMO. ^ I guess this is really what it comes down to. We won't know anything for sure until it comes out, right? :ohwell:
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    Here: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php It's roughly 50% faster, which puts it almost in line with the 980x (except that the benchmark used is highly multithreaded, so it gives the 980x a bit better of a score). Granted, in real-world applications it's less of a blowout...
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    How's this drive look?

    That was quite a strange HDtune you posted up, since usually when I've seen drives with bad sectors, those sectors remain bad on the HDD scan, even after reallocation. Since Seatools showed no problems, I'd just tell the customer to make sure that he or she backs up their data, and if any...
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    Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

    1.5x speed of the i7 950 = ~Core i7 2600k. So you could chose to buy: a. A quad-core i7 2600k that can overclock like crazy and works well with highly-threaded and low-threaded games b. A flagship AMD Zambezi that only performs well with highly threaded programs and is most likely going to be...
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics Cards Pictured

    The "Ti" thing reminds me of the Geforce4 Ti 4800. :D