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    NEW: OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Gold VX

    :eek: ! ! why this ocz ram? ram including samsung tccd are also able to run these timings at less voltage.. (2,5V at 200mhz) they also hit high frequencies with that 2-2-2-x. here's something from XS.org: thread
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    9500 Softmod Drivers?

    you'll not notice these enhancements.. i didn't.
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    Cat. 4.11 extra 1140 points in 3dmark 2003!

    wow.. 15fps in doom -> heavy! very interesting the 10mhz increase too.. i also found results in other forums.. 2000 points in aquamark, faster in CSS and DOOM3, faster in all Futuremark graphic-benchmarks etc. I also installed the 4.11 yesterday. nfsu2 runs a lot smoother now xD
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    Cat. 4.11 extra 1140 points in 3dmark 2003!

    wow.. 1140 points are pretty much. 4.11 the new 3DMark driver..!? also tested 05 or 01?
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    doom3 wont work with softmod drivers

    try other games like halflife2 and FarCry with the softmod drivers.. Look for artefacts etc. mabe the other 4 pipes don't work.. my 9500@9700PRO+ worked fine in Doom3.
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    OMFG!!!!!! A 96Kbyte FPS!!!!!!

    know this thing.. really nice. but it isn't close to FAR CRY i think ;)
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    Doom3 on a Voodoo2 SLI-System xD

    Looks like HalfLife..:D After patching, Doom3 runs on a Voodoo 2 12MB and Voodoo 2 12MB SLI :). For those cards it just looks fantastic.. imho Link #edit.. link fixed
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    First HL2 benchmarks floating around

    Driverheaven and The Inquirer have benchmarked Half-Life 2: - http://www.driverheaven.net/articles/Half%20life%202/ - http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=19707 Realy dominating ATI performance..
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    Half Life 2

    yop, like me :)
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    Half Life 2

    Techpowerup - Half Life 2 Thread - Discuss everything about HalfLife2 Here the provided release time worldwide: Note: - south of the equator - the GMT will be an hour ahead.. * -12GMT || 8:00PM (Nov 15th) * -11GMT || 9:00PM (Nov 15th) * -10GMT || 10:00PM (Nov 15th) * -9GMT || 11:00PM...
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    ATI Delivers Radeon Xpress200 Chipset

    Today ATI delivers the Radeon Xpress200 chipset for Athlon64 and Sempron processors. [---] More details and first benchmarkresults you can find at tomshardware Press Release: ATI Delivers Industry’s First Integrated DirectX 9 Graphics Chipset for AMD Athlon™ 64 and Sempron™ Platforms...
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    6302 Mhz on Phase-Change!!

    A "phase change" is a change of the state of matter, like water to steam, or ice... The gaseous Freon (They are also testing with LN2, what would be more better than Freon. But they need the right pressure to become LN2 liquid) comes from the eva, into the compressor. The compressor increase...
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    Nvidia: Nforce 4 Prices

    As The Inquirer reports, the prices for nVidia's new nForce4 chipset will be the following: nForce 4 SLI - less then $200 (most probably $199) nForce 4 Ultra - $100 to $150 There will be different features on each board. Less money - Less features. nForce 4 - $55 to $80 The nForce4...
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    New Intel Dual-Core Information

    The Inquirer shows off the first real information about Intel's dual-core processors, which will be released in Q3 2004. They will be called x20, x30 and the x40. These processors contain the Smithfield-Core and will have a twin 1MB L2 cache core supporting EM64T extensions and the "execute...
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    race to 20k 3DMark03-points!

    next record.. xtremesystems is back ;) - 18515 3DMarks! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=3220375 his system was a Prescott 3.4 @ 289x17 4909 MHz, DFI Lanparty 875P and a Radeon X800XT @ 810/664.
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    Asian Team owned macci & co! Record at 6042.5 MHz

    An asian team was able to clock an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 560 up to 6042.5 MHz. - Mainboard: ASUS P5P800 (47MG) / BIOS: 1005 - CPU: Pentium4 560 3.6 GHz SL7J9(D0) L423A932 - CPU Cooling: LN2 - Memory: 2x Kingston KHX3500 @CL2 @256 MB - VGA: Canopus PWR128P (PCI) - HDD...
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    race to 20k 3DMark03-points!

    new record, 18508 3DMarks! http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=3111760
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    NVIDIA Launched the GoForce 3D 4500

    Today NVIDIA launched the World's First 3D Wireless Media Processor (WMP), the GoForce 3D 4500. This Single Processor will mostly be used in cellular phones, PDAs and other mobile solutions. It offers bi- and trilinear texture-filtering, texture compression, programmable shaders, a 40-bit...
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    R350 & RV350??!?

    This RV350 is used on 9600PRO cards. has higher stock-clocks, 4 pipes and 130nm as wizzard allready said. also other things are "cutted" like the shaders..
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    race to 20k 3DMark03-points!

    ;) but also alienwares dualcard solution is able to break this score imho..
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    Asus To Unlock P4 Multiplier..?!

    Sounds very interesting.! here is the link: http://www.tomshardware.com/motherboard/20040916/index.html
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    race to 20k 3DMark03-points!

    the race goes on ;) New record done by macci.! He scored 18341 with a P4EE 3.4GHz @4588MHz on an Abit IC7. The Connect3D X800PRO VIVO@XT was clocked at 800/664. COOLING: DualCascade - CPU@-75C, GPU@-78C; compare url: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=3111753
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    Record! Half Life in 45 minutes

    planetquake.com/sda/other/halflife.html extreme-speedgaming with new record.! this guy is going through half life in almost 45minutes. he knows every single detail about this game. very incredible...
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    3D marks a little better now

    its more than ok.. look forward to hl2 ;)
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    Best P4 for OC'ing? C or E

    basically its right.. there is really a (very) little performance increase cauz of the shorter pipe of the northwoods. but not in all applications.