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    (Videocardz) Z170 motherboard modded to support Intel Core i3-8350K

    https://videocardz.com/74298/z170-motherboard-modded-to-support-intel-core-i3-8350k The motherboard used for this mod is definitely not a cheap one. MSI’s Z170A Xpower Titanium could probably even support 8700K, thanks to modified power delivery for overclocking. The modder has successfully...
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    AMD vs Nvidia driver overhead test

    Some interesting video demonstrate driver efficiency in DX11 when CPU become bottleneck due to low setting + low resolution. GTA V 390 vs 770 driver overhead test GTA V 390 vs 770 CPU overhead test BF4 390 DX11 vs 390 Mantle vs 770 DX11 driver overhead test Nvidia solve this problem...
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    Does gaming take advantage of a 10 bit color monitor?

    Just wonder...
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    Is it true that strong CPU is need in multi-GPU setup ?

    for 290X / 780 ti 4ways CF/SLI need strong CPU in singlethread or multithread or both ? Really need 3930K/4930K ? Some game not scale well with cores like DX9 games or some bad optimize game or if game cannot use more than 4 core anyway (like most today game ) , in this type of game 4930K still...
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    Look like I win a silicon lottery

    L313B428 is really kick ass batch :toast: Temp is not good since I live in tropical ambient (32 Celcius when test). Cooling is CM Seidon 240M (240mm Radiator with 2 Fans). I plan to delid when have time to buy vice. :nutkick:
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    Wonder about 3dmark06 cpu test with modern cpu

    Why cpu test in 06 still lag (2-3fps) with modern cpu like haswell and why it perform worse on fx system , is it heavily rely on floating point ? For 3dmark11 or firestrike my 4770k do 33-35fps in physics test. So much better than 06.
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    Wonder about memory usage

    From Tom's hardware article http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-myths,3694-6.html Hitman Absolution use VRAM 5171MB @ 8 x MSAA 3840 x 2160 resolution. But the game itself is 32bit so I wonder why it can access virtual memory > 4GB Since VRAM is one part of the virtual memory...
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    What game/program already optimize for AVX2/FMA3 in Haswell ?

    Like a topic said. I know GRID 2 has AVX binary but is it optimize for AVX2 by default too ?
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    R9-290 vs GTX 780 clock for clock ?

    If memory bandwidth equal (I know 290 has 512bit but 780 just 384bit so it can't directly compare memory speed). , clock equal then which is better ? Let's say possible OC : R9-290 @ 1100Mhz vs GTX 780 @ 1100Mhz. Another Q. what is average OC between those card ? Thanks :)
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    Do you think Broadwell "K Series" will still use FIVR on die.

    Haswell with FIVR is hot as hell. My cooling is CM Seidon 240M , ambient temp is ~28C Delidded 4670K with MX-4 test with normal LinX (no AVX) @ 4.5Ghz 1.17V temp is ~80C @ 4.6Ghz 1.23V temp is ~86C @ 4.7Ghz 1.29V temp is ~93C I would expect if replace TIM with LiquidPro temp should be...
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    Share R9-290X price in your country.

    I live in Thailand R9-290X cost 25,000 Baht (1$ = 31 Baht) So 25,000 ฿ = 806 $
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    Why Intel focus on power consumption rather than performance ?

    As everyone know since Ivy Bridge desktop CPU are focus on reduce power usage and gain little performance each year. Some games still need huge singlethread performance such as - Totalwar Series especially Rome II - SC2 - The Sims 3 all expansion with tons of furniture in house (crazy CPU...
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    7970 overclock question

    My card is HIS 7970 IceQX2 (non Ghz). 1.After try many BIOS , I cannot break 1150Mhz on core regardless of how many voltage (@ 1150Mhz stable voltage is 1.263V) actually it can go to 1220Mhz with 1.32V but not stable (lot of glitch , snow dot , chess table etc). Is this limit because chip...