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    Acer Intros S243HLbmii W-LED Illuminated Display

    any else think the price is crazy low compared to what this should go for? and i wonder if this kind of screen can scale up to 30" and still keep the great price
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    Valore Japan Intros ION 330-DB Blu Ray Nettop

    as dumb as this sounds, but would a PS3 be a more powerful machine than this if you can get a real OS on the PS3?
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    Intel Displays Larrabee Wafer at IDF Beijing

    for usage, it sounds like mini-pcs will be stronger, but still no where near strong enough to play any real games. maybe HL2 on medium settings. and good for watching hd content. while its nice for many oddball markets, using this in a pc worth more than 500$ total sounds like a no go. but for...
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    ASUS Formula Series VGA Coolers Detailed

    looking at the photo, the card itself is hotter, and you can see red spots on the mobo. cool fins does not mean cool gpu, and some numbers would be nice too.
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    ASUS Formula Series VGA Coolers Detailed

    am i the only one to think this is a marketing gimmick? i dont get how fans can be dust proof, and i dont think thermal dissipation across the heatsink fins really means anything about the cooling capacity if the airflow is being reduced. and finnaly it puts air back in the case. 200W being...
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    Spire Launches the Simplicity M-ATX Chassis

    umm, all cases look like that
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    Spire Launches the Simplicity M-ATX Chassis

    its basically the same size as this, im looking for something a good 30-40% smaller and packs just as much punch
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    Spire Launches the Simplicity M-ATX Chassis

    i wanna see a case that can do xfire/sli but dosnt waste huge amounts of space in the front for dozens of cdroms and hard drives. basically a shuttle just 2 inches wider and a real PSU for 600-800W
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    Gigabyte Readies GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse

    i can find dozens of reviews, just no place to really buy one for my country
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    Gigabyte Readies GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse

    its not my fault they first showed off this thing 6 months ago lol. i wanted this thing since chirstmas
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    Gigabyte Readies GM-M8000 Gaming Mouse

    well its out now, i love this mouse, and it seems to be a real pain to buy one if you live in the US. Anyone know a good store that can ship international without a problem or huge shipping costs/taxes?
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    Aiw X800 Xt

    newest version of "ATT" whats that?
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    X800XT AIW no temps? any updates

    i know wizard was working on finding out where the temp monitor on the AIW series is on the x800xt but i never knew if he found it or if they got rid of it any updates would be awsome
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    Aiw X800 Xt

    are there any updates with the temp monitor and fan control with this card, i have the same one and i too cant go without knowing my card temps
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    Need Answers Quick!

    i know why it does it ive watched it overclock before keep an eye on ur clock speeds and for artifacts as it goes up in clock speeds you will eventually see artifacts, it sees them too however when it starts to de clock them the artifacts stay and it thinks its still unstable when in...
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    going from 9800 pro to xt question

    who here has gone from pro to xt with a bios flash and have any comments to mention, good or bad i have a r360 core and i know i can reach the xt clocks no problem im wondering if i will be able to use the temp sensor with an xt bios, or if i even have one
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    x800 XT PE

    just to make sure, angelus you are using the same program to monitor your temps when you use atitool and your other benchmarks if not, your problem might just be the sensor is miss read by atitool
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    Any lucky 9800 pro OCers?

    ive gotten my 9088pro by ati to hit 498/384 heres a 3DMark05 score to show you http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=118839