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    newbie in need of help

    Well this is an excellent guide for OC beginners: http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=22916 I suggest you read this and come back with questions to clarify anything necessary.
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    What clocks and voltages are you running on your E8400?

    I have an E8400 E0, but haven't finished testing OC and stability or tuning vcore etc. So far I've got 4.34GHz (482x9) OCCT stable for at least 10 mins (no problems - didn't have time to test longer) of full load @ 1.412 vcore set in BIOS. In Windows, utils like CPU-Z and OCCT reported vcore...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Updated to F5b BIOS. Tried lots of OC settings but no improvement on F4. Can't even get a 10% OC to 367 FSB - I expected it to do that on all AUTO settings. May try F5a but don't have lots of time to test. Yeah, I read EasyTune 6 is not for P35, but it seems to work OK, and EasyTune 5 is...
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    ballistix pc6400 2x2gb at 1200mhz :)

    Yeah, you can see lots of advanced timings in Everest, in the motherboard section, I think. Also, MemSet shows lots of timings, including a few different ones, and can allow you to set them on the fly - I've not tried this yet.
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Had very little time to test yesterday evening, but did install EasyTune 6, which is easier and clearer to use than EasyTune 5. Using EasyTune I explored the limit of my mobos FSB. Set CPU to x8 and memory to x2.0. Acheived 490MHz FSB OK and ran SuperPI 1M. 500MHz locked the system. No time...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Well I haven't had time to try much, but yesterday evening I did have a bit of time and decided to try EasyTune. To my surprise it worked, and I easily got the CPU up to 4.1GHz (456x9) and memory up to 1094MHz (456x2.4)! I've tried lots of settings in the BIOS with no success, but EasyTune was...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Well I've got a lot of suggestions to try, when I get enough time, including the beta BIOS. I'm not so worried abut the effort of stabilising my system. I'm dissappointed and frustrated that I can't even get an unstable OC to try to stabilise. It won't even try to boot at 2% OC settings -...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Yeah, this is my first Gigabyte mobo. Previously pretty much used Asus, including on my Northwood and Barton OCed systems. I went for Gigabyte because from my research they seemed to now be about as good as Asus and the feature set looked good, especially the save/load CMOS profiles feature...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    I tried the Mem multi on x2.4 (just over 800MHz when I tried 340MHz system clock) and x2.0 (well under 700MHz) and no joy. The RAM is rated to run at 1066MHz and 2.2v to 2.4v. I don't know if that mean you have to run it at those voltages to acheive high speeds, but as I was only running a tad...
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    GA-P35-S3G BIOS for E8400 E0 OC?

    Hi, I just put together a budget performance system based on a GA-P35-S3G and an E8400. I didn't get a choice of core when I orderred the CPU, and happened to get an E0 core, as opposed to the earlier C0 core. Now normally this would be good, but I notice from googling on OCing this mobo that...
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    E8400 45C at idle .Is this normal ?

    I would definately fit whatever fans you can and a better CPU cooler. Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 is perhaps the best of the cheap CPU coolers if cost is a problem. Case doesn't have to be expensive, but space for air to flow, and places to mounts fans is important. Try to mount at least one...
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    Temps seem too high for a dual

    Sounds reasonably OK to me, in my limited experience. I have an E8400 running stock 3GHz so far, and it hits 43c or so on full load (TJmax set at 100c.) I believe below 60c is considered fine. Also, how are you measuring that? I assume it's core temp, but which tool are you using and what...
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    Getting a new monitor

    Looks like a good price for the res and size and features. All those connectors could be handy if you ever need to hook up an old system. If that's your budget limit then it seems a good choice. If you can afford more then see if you can get a 22" or 24", but as others have mentioned that...
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    Nahalem time to upgrade or wait?!!

    If you want a top end current quad or dual core then I'd say yes, wait for their prices to drop when Nehalem comes out if that's not too long away. If you want a middle of the range quad or dual core (eg: E8400) then they're already quite affordable and I don't think their prices will drop very...
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    Bad Timings of RAM after overclocking

    According to the datasheet for your Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX memory, it is rated to run at 800MHz 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V. Possibility that it won't run at 835MHz 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V. Try 5-5-5-15 which, IIRC, is what most PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz rated memory will run at. Could try more memory volts...
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    Which core temp monitor to use for E8400 E0?

    Seem a little uncertain there - are you sure? :rolleyes: :D Yeah, 'tis what I figured - cheers :toast: Partly I wanted to get this down somewhere that people googling on this kind of thing could find and hopefully get a quick simple answer. Took me a little while of searching and thinking...
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    Which core temp monitor to use for E8400 E0?

    On a related note, for now I'm running my E8400 on stock settings in the GA-P35-S3G mobo BIOS. Using 100C Tjmax reports core temps at idle of 39C/39C, which seems a little high, but would be 34C/34C if I used Real Temp with its default Tjmax of 95C. However, when I run Prime95 to load both...
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    Which core temp monitor to use for E8400 E0?

    OK, I did some more testing and research on this. First a correction: I remembered wrong when writing the first post - HWmonitor and Core Temp report the same values for CPU core temp. Real Temp reports 5C cooler. As I now understand it, the way these utils find the core temp is that they...
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    Difference between RealTemp and OCCT 2.0 temp reading.

    I think what you are seeing is due to Tjmax setting 5c lower in Real Temp. This is the reference value that it uses to calculate the temperature it reports. Problem is that Intel don't tell definate values for Tjmax for every chip - they say it can vary a bit from chip to chip. So utils like...
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    E8500 Overclocking

    As previously recommended, I'd suggest reading the guides here and elsewhere - Google overclock* and you mobo or chipset. I found this guide very enlightening: http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/gigabyte-x38-p35-p965-ds-dq-s3-overclocking-general-bios-tweaking-guide-26112/ It is primarily aimed...
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    Which core temp monitor to use for E8400 E0?

    Hello TechPowerUp people of wisdom:respect: I just built a system with an E8400 E0 CPU :toast: I downloaded HWmonitor.exe to monitor CPU temperatures, as I like it's appearance best. However, I noticed it reports a single value for CPU temp from the chipset, which corresponds to the "CPU...
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    E8500 Overclocking

    The multiplier thing is an energy saving feature (forgotten it's name.) When the system is doing little it drops the multiplier back to x6 to save power, which should also reduce heat and electricity consumption - this is good. When you put load on the system it wacks the multiplier up. I...
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    4580 Overclocking

    I think I remember reading somewhere that 710MHz GPU usually seems to be the limit for 4850 chips no matter what you do.
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    AGP - X1950 Pro experiences

    I ran this card off an Antec 380W PSU that was standard in my Sonata case. I was also running a P4C overclocked 21%, 1GB of RAM, 2 HDD and 2 DVD drives. I had problems and thought it might be the PSU, but when I upgraded to a good 520W PSU the problems remained - it was the card. Your 430W...
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    Gfx Card Recommendation

    I reckon you'll be fine running the x1950pro on that 400W PSU. I think I read somewhere that the card actually draws 120W, which is 10A on the 12V line. The 450W quote is a safe generalized estimate, probably assuming noname low quality PSU, and an otherwise fully loaded system spec. I ran...