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  1. oqsajec

    ....not sure when but a Ryzen build is in the works

    ....not sure when but a Ryzen build is in the works
  2. oqsajec

    Major upgrade almost done.....oh yeah!

    Major upgrade almost done.....oh yeah!
  3. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Industrial Red & Black

    Very nice Dude, very nice rig. Just gotta add a nice window (maybe tinted plexi) to show that work. Very clean and attention to detail.
  4. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Just an Update

    Rig looks nice bro, Simple tubing and not cluttered. The only detail that stood out, and stands out more every time I look, is those zip-ties on the psu's power cables at the gpu's. Turn them a bit or try sleeving them. I sleeved all of my zip-ties and you can't really tell they're even there.
  5. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] EVANGELION PC

    Nice.... Reminds me of Shinjuku, Tokyo and Roppongi back when is was in the Marines. Really interesting concept and design. 7/10. Oh, if you really want to kick that pc up a notch, make an overview video of your pc and play a song or two off of Behemoth's Evangelion album (google it).
  6. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Sate200 rig

    Wow.... Very, very nice set up bro. The black and red (bright red) layout is very well layed out. I am wondering though, how the hell did you tighten those screws in on the fans between the 2 360 rads?!! :-) Are you using hex head screws? That looks to be a very tight situation indeed...
  7. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] HAF-X Case Modding from JAPAN

    Dou itashimashite :-)
  8. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] HAF-X Case Modding from JAPAN

    Outstanding!!!! I have got to say that your case mods, watercooling system and over-all layout is extremely unique and it's just about mesmerizing to stare at. lol Every time i check out an image I find more than a few things new to check out. I've been a member here for some time, and I've...
  9. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Zalman GT1000 Black

    Well bud, i like the case and the gpu (i have the same one water cooled), but you gotta show us some pics inside the case man. I can't shoot you a solid vote without it. On the outside it looks cool, I kinda think that "open" sticker on the side panel has got to go. Post some more pics of the...
  10. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Nightmare

    I thought the same thing, until i reviewed EVGA's gtx580 hydro copper 2 card as well as the standard card.......they do support 4 way sli but I'm sure that you really wouldn't notice an increase in performance unless your running 3-4 monitors at 1600+ resolution. All this rig needs is the entry...
  11. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Back In Black

    Nice.... Ok, seriously......your cable management is way better than my Gamma case when i had my rig in it. Yeah you got a modular psu but your cable management on it is outstanding. VERY clean and neat. I'm going to post the rig that i built for my girlfriend up here soon, its using that case...
  12. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] My OLD Configuration x2

    One case is the CoolerMaster HAF (maybe the 932) and the other is the Corsair Obsidian 800D. You probably got better temps with the HAF, the Obsidian is designed for w/c and awesome cable management, and doesn't provide much in the case of direct air cooling such as the HAF. I have the Obsidian...
  13. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Bloodflow

    Very nice........ I'm diggin that side panel mod, i think the Phantom should have came with it stock. Very neat and clean, and very professional. 9/10 from me man.
  14. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] PC-Beto

    Damn!!!!!! That is freaking outstanding!! That is a perfect 10 bro. I'd submit your rig on MDPC man, that machine belongs in those ranks.
  15. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Reaper - Obsidian 800d

    Lookin into some upgrades...... Just a follow-up, I'm building my 12 year old son a gaming rig so he's getting the core components from this build...i.e. the motherboard, memory and gpu's. I'm looking into either using ATI gpu's or staying with Nvidia and getting a few gtX470's but that will...
  16. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Reaper - Obsidian 800d

    @T77 I saw those, They look like they would work, but not for the one by the gpu's. Unless i go with full-cover blocks for the gpu's to make room for the tubing. Yeah, my mobo temps aren't as good as i would like........Koolance has some blocks yes but their prices aren't that great. I did find...
  17. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Reaper - Obsidian 800d

    Thanks alot bro, yeah I emailed Lazy Man a few times.....this build was the biggest I've done thus far and i needed some expert advice...and it still isn't completed. I want to do some upgrades but i don't want just put this mobo aside.....this one rocks! BUT...i can't find a waterblock to cool...
  18. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Reaper - Obsidian 800d

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Corsair Obsidian 800D modded Asus M3N-HT 780a AMD Phenom 955BE@3.8ghz 2X2gb OCZ Fatal1ty ddr2-800's @1000mhz 2X EVGA 9800gtx+'s, sli. Corsair 850TX WD Caviar Black 750gb w/Win7 ultimate 64bit WD SE16 blue 250gb w/Win XP SP3....in dual...
  19. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Dream Rig Phantom

    Nice.... Nice set up, I almost bought that case man. I went watercooled, (2 loops) so i had to go with the Obsidian 800d. I agree with the other guy, but don't just get rid of the cpu fan cable tags, move the cable around back. Try detaching that fan from the heatsink, rotate it around so that...
  20. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Modded Raven 2

    Nice rig bro... I was almost going to buy this case for my latest build (2 wc loops + SLI) but i decided on the Corsair Obsidian 800D and let me tell you.....this rig of yours makes me kinda wish i went with the Raven. Very clean and nicely laid out, and its not too flashy....just right. 7/10...
  21. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] MegaTRON

    Good God!! Ok, about 1800 USD just for the gpu, mobo and cpu's!!!! Dude, are you trying to coordinate a launch for NASA or something? hahahaha Dude, that is one sick rig man. You gotta be using it as a server(s), if not.....that is extreme overkill for gaming. What are the OC's and benchmarks...
  22. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] Lilianna by Screamer

    Damn!!!! That is one sweet rig man. Very neat, clean, professional. Mine has more of the industrial look with my loops, yours is more clean. You minimized the exposed tubing, and went with a more clean layout. Now you got me re-thinking my rig.......I just finished leak testing both...
  23. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] White Noise

    Yes sir, thats why I wanted to get this case but since it took a REALLY long time to come out, i opted for the Obsidian 800D. In the NZXT case clubhouse I have my old Gamma build posted. Great case, a lil too small, but it packed a punch. I've never got cooler temps from any of my other cases(on...
  24. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] White Noise

    Dude...... nice phantom bro. Sweet rig but PLEASE!!! get rid of that electrical tape on that 24pin to the mobo and possibly change how that UV cathode is mounted on the inside back panel. Just an idea or two. I've been waiting for that case to come out, how was it for this build? 7/10 bro....
  25. oqsajec

    [Case Gallery] CF800

    nice............ Dude, the cable management is sweet, the carbon fiber is slick and that uv red panel in the back is seriously one of a kind. you got me re-thinking my rig (also a obsidian 800d water cooled), as well as my hardware BUT it ain't going bad yet so I'll replace them when they die...