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  1. AlienIsGOD

    Would like to express my gratitude :)

    I just want to thank the following ppl for donating/giving a great deal on PC hardware for my kids after the fire at thier moms house at the end of August. @Norton @Lt_JWS I would like to thank you both for for the donations that I'm receiving from you. The kids will be ecstatic that they both...
  2. AlienIsGOD

    RecoveryImage Folder is 29GB, how do i get rid of it? [solved]

    this folder is taking up almost 30gb of space on my 120 gb SSD. Is there anyway to remove this? im running out of space and this is the only thing left really of huge size.
  3. AlienIsGOD

    [WTB] Canada -looking for a 2nd hand gfx card

    I will be receiving a rig donated by a gracious and generous member, but I would ideally like to upgrade the HD 7770 to something a lil newer like gtx 950/960 gtx 1050 or AMD RX 460,560 or something along the lines of those. Budget would be at max $150 Canadian dollars.
  4. AlienIsGOD

    New TV for 4K

    so im not the richest person and i have to use a pay to own company to get this (also helps build credit :P ) but im looking at this LG model http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-43UJ6300-4k-uhd-tv My current TV is this http://www.samsung.com/ca/consumer/tv-av/tv/led/LN40D550K1FXZC/ I know from...
  5. AlienIsGOD

    Steep, anyone own it?

    Debating buying Steep at the end of the month, just trying to get pplz opinions on the game before I decide. Also wondering if it's worth getting pc version over xbox one.
  6. AlienIsGOD

    6950 sits at 725mhz in games, supposed to ruin at 800mhz

    anyone have any ideas/thoughts as to why this happens? its supposed to run at 800, but it never does
  7. AlienIsGOD

    Sapphire RMA adventures :P

    so today begins the RMA process for my RX 480. After googling sapphire rma, most results are negative concerning their CAN RMA partner Althon Micro https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=althon micro sapphire. Canada Computers is honoring warranty/RMA for...
  8. AlienIsGOD

    Crimson 16.8.3 Hotfix now available :)

    16.8.3 hotfix win 10 64 bit d/l link http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64 Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.3 Release Notes Article Number: RN-WIN-RADEONCRIMSON16.8.3 Radeon Software Crimson Edition is AMD's revolutionary new graphics software that delivers...
  9. AlienIsGOD

    Alien's New Build 2016/17 (W.I.P)

    So im looking to start building a new PC this fall/winter :) I am going to leave the Mobo/CPU till the end so i can see what AMD has to offer in Zen. So basically everything but the above will be needed. Will be using RX 480 in the new build until i can afford a GTX 1060 :p (ya i know i...
  10. AlienIsGOD

    Affordable freesync monitor?

    Now that I have a Rx 480 I would like to pair it with a freesync monitor and would like suggestions :) 144hz preferred and under $350 if doable. Right now I am using a 24" samsung PLS with an o/c'ed 72hz refresh rate. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed :)
  11. AlienIsGOD

    Crimson 16.7.3 Hotfix available, labelled as 16.8.1 :D

    from AMD themselves :D http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64 16.8.1, i presume cause its August now its 8.1 instead of 7.4 Support added for 470 and 460 plus a few fixes. Let's hope this installs better then 16.7.3 did... :p Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.1...
  12. AlienIsGOD

    3rd party cooling for RX 480

    looking for a 3rd party cooler for my RX 480, here is what Arctic is offering: https://www.arctic.ac/worldwide_en/products/cooling/vga.html what would be the best for my card? AIO look tempting, but are pricey after US to CAN $ conversion. Would a Twin Turbo III be enough ? or would I need to...
  13. AlienIsGOD

    RX 480/470/460 Owners Club

    Figured now is a good time to have a RX 4x0 clubhouse :) Post your model and speeds i'll start :) RX 480 AlienIsGOD - Sapphire RX 480 | 1266mhz gpu | 2000mhz mem Lt_JWS - Powercolor RX480 | 1266mhz gpu | 20000mhz mem Theoneandonlymrk - Sapphire RX 480 |...
  14. AlienIsGOD

    Sapphire trixx RX 480 support?

    Hey @W1zzard, are you still involved with Trixx? If so any eta on an updated version with 480 support?
  15. AlienIsGOD

    Potential GTX 680 upgrade on a budget :P :)

    So my GTX 680 2GB is finally starting to show its age in the games i play, wondering what a worthwhile upgrade would be at a $250-350 CAN price point :) RX 480s are $360 at Canada Computers and that i think is the upper limit of my price range. I would have to wait a bit for a RX 480 as I...
  16. AlienIsGOD

    Bypassing Lenovo's graphics driver :)

    So i received a IdeaPad 100S 14" with a Celeron N3050 with Intel HD Graphics. Unfortunately the intel drivers are dated mid 2015 from Lenovo. It wouldn't let me install the newest version from intels website as i got a "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer" message...
  17. AlienIsGOD

    GTX 1060 rumored specs

    http://www.thebigcomputing.com/2016/05/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-first-look-specifications-reviews/ 1280 shaders, this should equate to gtx 680/770 performance in my opinion which will be great for mid range users. What are everyone's thoughts on this card and specs (if correct)?
  18. AlienIsGOD

    OFFICIAL OverWatch (Discussion)

    Just bought the pre order Origins version, wondering how many other TPUers are gonig to be playing this when it comes out? I should have an early access beta key for the 3rd and 4th to give away :) So who else is hyped for this game?
  19. AlienIsGOD

    Need new PSU, suggestions?

    Hey all, my Corsair HX 1000 is starting to show its age (when i power it off and on again, it boots to windows but shuts down and restarts within 5 mins. I have to leave it on all the time to avoid this). im looking for a decent replacement for the 3570K rig in my specs. What im looking for...
  20. AlienIsGOD

    Nvidia 364.51 Betas now out

    Beta driver thats supposed to fix the win 10 / multi monitor issues. Driver: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/99512/en-us Release Notes: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/364.51/364.51-win10-win8-win7-winvista-desktop-release-notes.pdf
  21. AlienIsGOD

    will Corsair K60 keycaps fit on a Razer BW Ultimate?

    as title says will they fit? my local buy/sell has a person selling a BW ultimate with 3 missing keycaps for $40. I have my non working K60 from corsair with cherry MX red switches and was going to use the caps if they will fit. Dont want to invest in this unless i can make these fit or find...
  22. AlienIsGOD

    Mobile OS survey :)

    Since we have a new sub forum, I would like to know the OS ppl are running on their phones/tablets. Multiple responses for those who own more then one device. I use a S4 with Lollipop 5.0.1 and a s4 mini with CM 12.1. My tablet runs Kit Kat 4.4.2
  23. AlienIsGOD

    PSU Longevity Poll

    MY Corsair HX1000w has lasted since 2008 and 3 builds. For most of that time it was powered on 24/7. Still going strong today :) So my question is how long has your best or current PSU lasted?
  24. AlienIsGOD

    Steam Link / Steam Controller, who has either and what are your thoughts?

    Been looking at the above hardware and I am considering it for my kids. Anyone have this and have any thoughts to share? The controller looks interesting although it may take some getting used to. Any and all input / thoughts are welcomed :)
  25. AlienIsGOD

    Cooler Master GM series, any good?

    So my budget Tt tr2 500w went belly up after the r9 270 upgrade during gaming. I picked up a CM G750M for $99 at my local shop, but after looking online I haven't found many reviews. Does anyone have a psu from this series or general knowledge of half decent psu 's have any input? All and...