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  1. AhokZYashA

    quad core non-gaming laptop for around 1000-1100USD

    like the title said, suggestions on a quad core non-gaming laptop, around 1000-1100USD, preferably from dell/asus doesnt have to be thin an light, 15,6" preferred. must be somewhat upgraeable (RAM/SSD)
  2. AhokZYashA

    good bang for the buck Z170 motherboard

    hi guys, I found an interesting offer for the i5 6600k + Asrock Extreme6 + 8GB of DDR4, for about 450 dollars. I want to ask, if the asrock Extreme6 is a good motherboard. because I used to hear asrock is one of the low end brands to go for. or if theres any other Z170 board that is better for...
  3. AhokZYashA

    how much of a bottleneck an E7400 to the GTX670

    hi guys, its been a while since i upgrade my PC, and i just get an GTX670 for my PC (in the system specs) one thing i want to ask, how much of a bottleneck would a E7400 do to an GTX670 and should i get a quad for cheap, to lessent the effect of bottleneck. i dont want to change my mobo...
  4. AhokZYashA

    finding new laptop for 900-1000USD (new)

    looking for a brand spanking new laptop for 900-1000USD (or 12million IDR locally) i can dish out a bit more than that what i need, - a full HD screen - GT750M GDDR5 graphic card or more - 15"-17" is preferable, but if theres any 14" laptop that fits in just let me know so far, im leaning...
  5. AhokZYashA

    freezes after few minutes of gaming

    Im now using the Dell XPS as stated on the system specs at the side, with no overclock to the graphics card anymore. so it's on stock condition. the problem is, my laptop randomly freezes when i play games like dota 2 or Dragon Nest. which should not take up too many stress on the GPU...
  6. AhokZYashA

    my first SSD

    I have a budget of 150USD I'm looking for a 120GB SSD, which brand and type of SSD that you suggests most suitable for me? its for my laptop, and the specs are on the system specs.. thanks before
  7. AhokZYashA

    How to recover a bad sectored External drive

    I have a 2TB WD Essential USB 3.0 External Drive a week ago, the drive run fine, no issues. a few days ago, the drive starts to have bad sectors, and windows is not detecting it, when i plug in to my laptop, windows tell me to format disk to use it, I need to recover the data inside...
  8. AhokZYashA

    Want to build a server, need help

    theres my customer, she want to build a server.. and i have this spec sheet.. she wants : 2x Six-Core Xeon Processor 2.8GHz 12MB Cache 32GB DDR3-1333 PC10600E SAS Array Controller RAID 5 5x300GB Hot Plug 2.5" SAS 10kRPM Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters Hot Plug PSU i need help with the...
  9. AhokZYashA

    Help me choose a case !!

    hi guys. im going to get a brand new case for the new year! well not exactly new year, maybe two or three weeks after.. my budget is about 100-120USD i want, good airflow, all black interior, silent, fan controller, and awesome cable management. this is my list so far NZXT Tempest EVO...
  10. AhokZYashA

    need new headphones for a basshead

    okay, my Sennheiser HD202 is screwed need another one that suits me. im thinking of 70-110US$ price range. criteria : 1. headphone (circum-aural or supra-aural) 2. closed or open back doesnt matter 3. loads of bass but not sacrificing the mids and highs 4. easy to drive as i dont have an amp 5...
  11. AhokZYashA

    Best thermal paste

    i have 2 choices here.. Noctua NT-H1 OCZ Freeze which is better? im using the HDT-S1284 thanks before... :toast:
  12. AhokZYashA

    Xigmatek HDT-S1284 not cools properly

    hey, my i have bought my HDT-S1284 for a while now.. but it seems doesnt cools properly. my E7400 @ 3.5Ghz Stock Volts idles @ 33C and loads up to 58-60C with dual Cooler Master 2000RPM LED fan push-pull setting the fans running @ 800RPM 5V and the cooler has push-pins on it. i have...
  13. AhokZYashA

    Best graphics card with a 400W PSU

    okay, im running the rig in my system specs.. and in need of a faster graphics card.. for clear : Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 3.5GHz Stock VCore Xigmatek HDT-S1284 ASUS P5KPL-AM <might change 2x1GB DDR2-667 nVidia 9600GT Enermax Tomahawk Silent Hunter 405W 500GB HDD so what VGA is the...
  14. AhokZYashA

    Xigmatek HDT-S1283, Xigmatek DK, or Xigmatek AIO-S80DP??

    hi guys.... just came by to ask which is better from those three... Xigmatek DK Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Xigmatek AIO-S80DP other suggestions are welcomed.. and still within those price range of $35-$40
  15. AhokZYashA

    What PSU to choose 60~70US$

    hi.. i've been wondering which PSU is good for my needs.. I have 650-800.000 rupiahs or convert's to 60-75US$ and it will be powering C2D E7400 @ 3.5, ASUS P5KPL-AM, 2GB DDR2, 9600GT (may be change to a GTX260/HD5850), 3HDD's, and 2ODD's.. 500W-550W is recommended. any suggestions from...
  16. AhokZYashA

    Need help with my P5GC-MX motherboard

    i run A C2D E7400 on an ASUS P5GC-MX mATX motherboard. the C2D supposedly run @ 2.8GHz. but in the BIOS said it runs @ 2.1GHz... i have updated to the newest BIOS.. and it's nothing... any help????