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    NVIDIA to Launch "Club GeForce Elite" Subscription-based Service for $10 a Month

    id rather pay for PSN subscription rather than this crap
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    Radeon R9 270X a Faster Radeon HD 7870 "Tahiti LE"

    offtopic..what's the performance % increment over HD7750, at non-external power compartment?
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    AMD and Crystal Dynamics Collaboration Delivers "Tomb Raider" with TressFX

    Lovely approach by AMD, physics feature that works on either amd or.nvidia
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    AMD Rolls Out Athlon II X2 280 Value Dual-Core Processor

    im using old AM2 socket with Athlon 4400+...can I buy this and replace my old 4400+?
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    Compal's AMD Trinity Reference-Design Notebook Pictured

    hating the glossy finish
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    NVIDIA-Led Team Receives $25 Million Contract From DARPA to Develop GPU HPC Systems

    Power failures soon gonna be frequent around US
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    Fujitsu Intros AMD-Powered LifeBook PH520 Variant

    Finally Athlon II Neo in the wild
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    ASUS Readies AMD-based Eee PC 1015T Netbook

    Uh oh. I shall keep waiting for Netbook-AMD with cpu-based using K10.5 architecture
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    MSI Readies First AMD 890-FX Based Motherboard

    5x PCie not good enough? :nutkick:
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    EVGA and NVIDIA Design Unique Multi-GPU Graphics Accelerator

    Which it is make sense that G92b chip will be the primary display while GT200b chip will be the PhysX acceleration chip. Oh wai-
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    MSI Releases N220GT/N210 Series Graphics Cards

    What's is this card perf's level? I am puking over this PR statement, and they did say to jump straight to DX11..oh wai-
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    AMD Announces Open Physics Initiative for New Levels of Realism to Gaming, Simulation

    way to go AMD. Now get in touch with game devs!
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    Batman: Arkham Asylum Enables AA Only on NVIDIA Hardware on PCs

    Dear beloved company, PC gaming already lacks of hardcore games, please don't add more stupid political into PC gaming industry. Thank you.
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    ATI Radeon HD 5870 1 GB GDDR5

    This review will be total awesome IF this thing wasn't in the last page. W1zz(?) made it like it is all AMD's fault that there is no support CUDA/PhysX for Radeon's card. AAaaaaaaah
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    Zotac Unleashes GeForce GTX 285 Batman Edition

    At least they should ship it with Batmobile!.. figures
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    NVIDIA Set to Rival AMD Dragon Platform With The ''Power of 3''

    nvidia promote intel??
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    AMD Takes Notebook Discrete Graphics Market Share Lead

    Make petition out of that :D
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    ATI ''Evergreen'' Promises You Won't Believe Your Eyes

    If you find any of latest Nvidia PhysX PPU dedicated card(not the old Ageia PPU card) that works with AMD/ATI Radeon card , please inform me, would love to buy it.
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    ATI ''Evergreen'' Promises You Won't Believe Your Eyes

    GPU-PhysX ain't available for AMD/ATI, and most likely OpenCL+DX11 will shove PhysX away..
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    AMD Sneaks in ATI Catalyst 9.8 Driver Suite

    Somehow i feel that the stutters previously have something to do with OpenGL thinggy..
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    PowerColor Preparing First HD 4750 Accelerator

    No external power requires? If yes, this might triumph over 4670
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    NVIDIA SLI Technology Now Licensed For INTEL Core i7 And Core i5 Platforms

    Does this mean the end of nForce chipset for Intel platform?
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    MSI Readying nForce 980a SLI AM3 Motherboard

    any features to "accidentally" unlock cores?
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    HIS Readies HD 4890 iCooler X4

    i think i saw Asus's DK heatsink inside.
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    GeForce G 210 and GT 220 Surface

    Ex: Games with both DX9 and DX10 have different .exe, while DX11 game will only have one .exe to access DX10/DX10.1. Not too sure about DX9 thou.