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    Sound Blaster X-Fi Issues Explored

    Ok getting a bit off-topic here...The X-Meridian is technically superior to the X-Fi, but there's still some driver issues to work out with gaming...I recommend some people read up on this excellent, unbiased review http://www.guru3d.com/article/sound/399/"]here[/URL] before forming their...
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    Computex 2006: Girls

    Wonder how many CFMs that Foxconn fan pushes...
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    Seems that Supreme Commander's just gone gold. Release date is February 20th.
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    The game TASpring's based on (Total Annihilation) was a great game. Unfortunately Atari acquired the developing company and haven't done much with its IP since. But...Supreme Commander's coming out mid-February 2007! FYI it's the "spiritual successor" of TA, developed by the same person as...
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    CFM Folder

    What's the CFM folder in \System\Library for? OS X can boot just fine without the folder. Looked around and the only bit of information I could find is that it stands for "Code Fragment Manager". And just FYI for anyone wondering why I would delete anything part of OS X, I'm trying to slim it...
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    Browsers for MacOS9?

    Is Jaguar version 10.1? Because I recall that OS X was "slow" up until OS X 10.3 Panther. You can still live by with Jaguar, but Safari wasn't included until Panther (might've been Tiger).
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    X1900XT for $349

    After rebate though :(. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814241006
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    No 65 nanometer GPU's until 2007

    Matrox? I thought they had given up on the video card business.
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    New firewall

    Might be secure, but not unbreakable. With so many different filtering tools in place, you'd be lucky to get your applications working. The load on the processor would be much higher, since a single packet has to go through 10+ filters or so, so your speed will go down as well. Not to mention...
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    the best nVidia Optimized Driver

    I thought that they actually reverse-engineer the driver, then rewrite them with optimized code. Just compare the Nvidia driver with a custom one. The file versions are the same, but the size difference is huge.
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    1800xt, 1900gt, or 1900xt?

    X1950XTX > 7950GX2 > X1900XTX > X1950XT > X1900XT > 7900GTX > X1900GT > X1800XT > 7800GTX > 7900GT > 7800GT Should be fairly accurate.
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    Asus P5gdc-v not booting

    BIOS may be damaged or the circuitry is fried somewhere. I've had similar problems in the past, and it's more convenient to just return it to wherever you bought it from.
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    Max Recommended Voltage?

    The Crab is absolutely worthless. Those 40mm fans move little to no air, and from the reviews I've seen, did not help lower the temperature or increase overclocking potential.
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    Windows Vista gets a risky new feature: System wide "undelete".

    It gets worst than that. This "new" feature is really just an existing feature (Volume Shadow Copy) renamed, as are most of Vista's other "new" features.
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    PQI Releases DDR2-533 2GB Memory for Windows Vista

    Most systems have a 32-bit OS anyway, so they can only address 4GB of RAM. It'd be much cheaper to just get 4x1GB modules then 2x2GB.
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    Corsair Enters the Power Supply Market

    Hmm...since when were PSU's sexy :rolleyes:.
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    Intel quad-cores likely to use 1333 MHz FSB

    Conroe is already out, though distribution is limited. Intel would be so much better off if they just moved to HyperTransport.
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    NVIDIA Introduces NVIDIA Quadro Plex

    $17,500 is overpriced. The Model II is basically 2 x GeForce 7950GX2 SLI, but with the name Quadro slapped onto it and a higher price tag.
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    Corsair Enters the Power Supply Market

    I like the design, if it weren't for the red stickers...
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    JavaScript opens doors to browser-based attacks

    Too many websites use JavaScript for you to disable it without losing a lot of functionality. It's like trying to browse the web with images disabled, possible but not very enjoyable.
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    XP Pro X64 not working on current setup!?!

    Press F8 on system boot and boot with the "Disable automatic restart on system failure" option on. Then report the BSOD message.
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    Hot? connect3D Radeon X1900GT $180 after $100 MIR

    The rest of the X1900GTs on NE sell for $250+, so this deal is *very* hot.
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    Colorware offers very limited edition customized MacBook Pro

    Lol I think I like Apple's design better.
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    Lost desktop background

    Check that you have write permission to this folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft That's where the wallpaper is stored. I know I might be stating the obvious, but you did try to re-enable the wallpaper right?
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    Lost desktop background

    Better yet, find the program with Autoruns (http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/Autoruns.html) and delete the spyware. Then, to re-enable Active Desktop on XP, right-click on desktop, properties, go to the desktop tab, click Customize Desktop..., go to the web tab, and click New. On Windows...