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    AMD Releases FX-4130 "Vishera" Quad-Core Processor

    L3 is of no value to the type of workload such setups would do. And old Athlons and Phenoms can be had in some places, that is more dependent on where you live and how spoiled the people are there. Same as I said above... where I'm from with a 750K and a HD6450 overtake the 4300 alone in...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Sound Card

    How do they have the money to keep on going with this kind of product portfolio?
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    AMD Releases FX-4130 "Vishera" Quad-Core Processor

    Anything below 6300 is a waste of money. The Athlon 750K goes for around $80, same uArch less the cache, FM2's are cheaper than AM3+'s, almost same performace for less money. If you want AM3+ then the 8300 is the way to go, otherwise FM2.
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    TP-LINK Unveils Tiny, Practical "Halo" Mini Pocket Router

    I guess the schuko variant press release doesn't include the "small enough to fit in a pocket" reference. BTW, what's with this apple interrogation?!
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    Corsair Announces Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kits

    Motto: Corsair, how milking and blowing is supposed to be done. BTW, the blowing reference is attributed to this.