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    New Exoplanet Is Twice Earth’s Size — and Made Largely of Diamond

    Dude? well if u even manage to get a little chunk out of that planet no matter what the size it is it will always be worth less considering costs bigger the chunk is more the cost is and also just imagine on that planet aliens will be thinking same as we do they want dirt out of our planet and...
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    Next generation cards

    :) well if u want an 4k display u can get it for 8000$ can't you wither ibm of hp sells those
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    RunCore Announces Kylin III PCI-Express Enterprise SSD

    holy s*** this is Bugatti Veyron of ssd's
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    Cenie bench 88.77 scores using 2600!!!

    so hw abot this one http://www.3dmark.com/3dmv/4259841
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    Cenie bench 88.77 scores using 2600!!!

    2 days ago i was chating to my friends and one of um said he has scores of 88.77pts in ceniebench :roll: i laughed and ignored him now just 2-3 mis ago he send me an e mail with a screenshot of the benchmark witch is insane i know core i7 can't hit this far for sure i mean even with my 3960x @...