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    [Case Gallery] “Gautama Buddha”PC

    I voted 3/10 because: just odd.
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    [Case Gallery] TJ 07 - A little taste of luxury...

    i love it. not my colors of choice, but still voted 9/10.
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    [Case Gallery] DarkForce 3D - dark.deadly.diabolic

    oh cool. i just seen that when i looked up your motherboard. im still shopping around for a new one.. might throw in a bid on ebay for one of those. how do u like it?
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    [Case Gallery] DarkForce 3D - dark.deadly.diabolic

    dude its pretty awesome, i will vote in 20 minutes. where did you get the mobo cover? does it run hotter with that?
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    [Case Gallery] getting better...

    thanks guys
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    [Case Gallery] getting better...

    thanks toe_tagz, my mobo right now is from an hp p7 1003w.. it actually works great, i just dont have the oc capabilities as an aftermarket board. so i would like to upgrade, its just not in the budget at the moment.
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    [Case Gallery] Old School

    I voted 2/10 because: amd processor is my guess haha
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    [Case Gallery] LIAN LI A05N BIANCONERI

    agreed adulaamin, but i love the upside down cases. i think they look pretty bad *$$
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    [Case Gallery] 650D Case

    hahahhaha wow... u said it alright.
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    [Case Gallery] Dust Mod

    I voted 10/10 because: it takes a very long time to achieve a look like that. its almost like the way i wear my hair. it always takes me 8 hours to prepare it. haha. probly took like 10 years to build this dust mod. congrats man! thats dedication to your machine!
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    [Case Gallery] circle of life

    I voted 10/10 because: very cool. would like to have one someday.
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    [Case Gallery] Media Center PC

    I voted 10/10 because: love the whole thing.
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    [Case Gallery] NEW UPDATE

    lol no i dont know what you mean. im more of an all out color guy. anything bright. matching or not. lol
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    [Case Gallery] NEW UPDATE

    i like the dark blue water lines. they look pretty awesome.
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    [Case Gallery] DF-85 T Edition

    no problem dude, go vote on mine! i think u already commented... about the colors. lol
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    [Case Gallery] getting better...

    i think reds and greens go pretty good together. i just dont like the yellow cable ends. haha
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    [Case Gallery] DF-85 T Edition

    going to look real nice bro. 10/10 for the job so far.
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    [Case Gallery] getting better...

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Amd AthlonII X4 650 3.2GHz » 8gb samsung DDR3 » XFX radeon HD6700 » Apevia Iceberg 680w PSU if you leave me a low rating, plz leave a comment and let me know what i could improve. im working on practically no budget, so anything i can do without...
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    [Case Gallery] EK Blue Theme Watercooling Case

    I voted 9/10 because: looks awesome dude
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    Microsoft To Launch $100 Xbox Lite Before Moving to Durango

    i honestly think all companys should stop making more and more consoles, and make upgradeable consoles instead.
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    [Case Gallery] COLORS

    I voted 10/10 because: beautiful. nicely done.
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    [Case Gallery] HAF X by ME

    I voted 10/10 because: love the green. looks awesome. 10 from me.