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    ATI list specs and prices of first six X2800 cards

    ATI has listed some of its first DirectX 10 offerings with specs and prices. Topping the list is the X2800XTX, with a 750 MHz core clock and a Gigabyte of GDDR4 running at 2.2 GHz on a 512 bit bus. Like Nvidia's new cards, it features 128 shaders and an 80nm architecture. The card will initially...
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    AMD/ATI developing external R600 and Crossfire cards

    Codenamed lasso, AMD's external graphics solution will use the external PCI-e connection announced last week. This solution is targeted at both desktops and laptops, but obviously will make the biggest difference in the latter. Laptops are not known for their high powered graphical solutions...
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    Lenovo to ship AMD based ThinkCentres

    Lenovo, the company that bought up IBM's Thinkpad and Thinkcentre brand, plans to use AMD processors in their PC's. Until now, the brand had been exclusively Intel based. The first AMD based business solution, the ThinkCentre A60, will be outfitted with either Sempron 64 or Athlon 64 X2 CPU's...
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    Intel: Let the pink slips hit the floor

    A month after news of the layoffs was first heard, Intel is cruising along, quietly pruning workgroups. The first to find the notice on their desks were those in the XScale group, followed by the Software Solutions Group. However, while it's not exactly pleasant to find your senior manager...
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    Newegg.com, one of the most sucessful online retailers of computer hardware, appears to be eyeing the European market. Having cleared approximately 1.3 Billion USD in sales last year(5-7 Million dollars every day), the American etailer is considering targeting the european market via an...
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    Black Frog: Blue Frog reborn

    As many of you will remember, Blue Security went under just a few weeks ago. The company offered a powerful antispam service called Blue Frog, and when it began to take a toll on spammers' networks, a russian spammer launched a massive DoS attack on their servers, overwhelming them with a...
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    Dell and AMD: Official

    Dell has announced that at long last, AMD's Opterons chips will be finding their places in the Texas-based company's server line. The press release came out earlier today, and after a bit of trouble with their website this afternoon, the press release is back up for all to see. The PR details...
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    Socket F hits the streets this July

    AMD's new pinless server socket will debut this July(Yes, AMD is going LGA). The 1207 pin future home of the Opteron series will support DDR-II speeds from 400 to 800. The K8L Opterons will also sport an improved memory controller capable of using FBDIMM's. Source: The INQ
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    Japanese overclocker sets 3 new world records with 3.4 GHz Merom

    Kyosen, a world famous overclocker from the land of the rising sun, has done it again. Using a Merom Core Duo chip, 2GBs of Supertalent DDR2, and a X1900 Crosfire setup, Kyosen has broken the previous world records in 3D mark 01, 05, and Aquamark 3. The CPU was clocked a little over 3.4 GHz. The...
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    Power Color X1900 GT launched; Retail price dropped to $300

    ATI and TUL, the makers of Powercolor videocards, launched their X1900GT today, 4 days early. They had planned to release the card on the first day of E3, but seem to have decided they could not wait any longer and opted for today. The card has also had its suggested retail dropped $50 from...
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    Vivendi announces F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point

    Vivendi Games has announced an expansion pack for their hit PC title: F.E.A.R. Although Monolith had previously stated that sequels to F.E.A.R. would not be published by Vivendi, they seem to be working with TimeGate studios to do just that. Extraction Point will be a PC release, like it's...
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    F.E.A.R. makes its way to the Xbox 360

    Vivendi has officially announced the porting of F.E.A.R. to the Xbox 360 console. The game is being ported by Day 1 Studios, and will include new single and multiplayer content. The game is scheduled for a fall 2006 release. Hopefully the developers will take advantage of the new Xbox's...
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    Apple threatens SA over thread on overheating Macbooks

    Apple's lawyers have dispatched a cheery little letter explaining that Something Awful could find themselves in a heap of trouble very soon if they do not remove the link to Apple's Macbook Service manual in the recent thread about overheating Macbooks, as the material is under copyright...
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    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion rating bumped from "Teen" to "Mature"

    The highly anticipated fourth Elder Scrolls game has had its rating raised a level, to the surprise of many. Bethesda's new hit game now carries a "Mature" rating due to "more detailed depictions of blood and gore than were considered in the original rating", as well as the presence of topless...
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    BF2: Course Four

    Yet another BF2 bolus is on the way from EA. This one, the second 3 map booster, will be called "Armored Fury". It will include six new vehicles (3 helicopters, 3 planes), including the A-10 "Warthog" and the MD 530 scout copter. It will include the following maps, all set in the U.S.: -...
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    G71 shortage over

    The shortage of Nvidia's Geforce 7900 series cards has come to an end. For some time, finding a 7900 GTX was nearly impossible- no more. Six weeks after the cards were originally announced, they have become readily available to the public. Browse majot online stores and you will find that not...
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    X1800XT goes EOL

    The fastest of the R520's is rapidly approaching the end, as ATI sell off the remainder. The X1800XT has fallen to a more reasonable price, and lower quality chips are heading into X1800GTO's everywhere as ATI prepares to deploy the X1900GT. Having already dropped the X1800XL, these chips...
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    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Demo

    Ubisoft has released a demo of their upcoming game, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. The game is already available for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PS2. It will be one of the first PC games to support a physics acceleration card and will be available in stores on May 3rd, 2006. Download...
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    Viacom aquires Xfire: Vultures begin to circle

    The company that brought us MTV has announced the purchase of Xfire for 102 milion USD. Much like the ill-fated All Seeing Eye, Xfire has been aquired by a company who probably intends to litter the GUI of a sucessful program with ads for mountain dew, free ipods, and refinancing options. So...
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    Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars

    EA has announced Command and Conquer 3. The game is due out in 2007. Source: FiringSquad
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    Seagate shipping first 3.5" perpendicular drives

    Seagate will announce tomorrow the launch of it's new, perpendicular series of 15000rpm 3.5" drives. Seagate is already shipping its new drive, the Cheetah 15K.5, to OEM's. The new Cheetah delivers a scorching 73-125Mb/s of sustained data transfer with seek times of 3.5 to 4.0 ms, and is the...
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    Intel demos Quad-Core Clovertown

    Intel corporation has showcased a Clovertown prototype at its developer forum Taipei, Taiwan. Running at 2.0GHz, the chip has two dies, each containing two cores and 4MB of unified L2 cache, for a total of 4 execution cores and 8MB L2 cache. The chips will be manufactured using a 65nm process...
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    Counter Strike: Source update

    Valve's latest update to CS:S brings two more skins, better lag compensation, resized crates on de_dust to prevent peeping campers, and last but not least, HDR support for de_dust. The latter should add a little spice to one of the oldest and most popular maps in the Counter Strike series. In...
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    Funny ticklick flash drive

    Here's a neat little flash drive that inflates to show the amount of data on it. http://blog.scifi.com/tech/archives/watch_your_data_inflate_the_flashbag.html
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    TDK developing Quad and Octal layer Blu-ray discs

    TDK is reportedly developing 4 and 8 layer writeable and re-writeable Blu-ray discs. Since each layer of a Blu-ray disc is capable of holding 25GB of data, the discs would weigh in at 100 and 200 Gigabytes, respectively. According to the slides below, the 100GB discs will be capable of storing...