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    what does single sided and double sided memory mean?

    Sorry for the misreading m8, I took for granted you were talking about the newer Neo4... sort of an automatic selector inside my head :p I hope the "single side/double side" stuff was useful btw :D
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    what does single sided and double sided memory mean?

    hi ny_driver, you can find something TWICE interesting here: www.planetamd64.com/lofiversion/index.php/t16298.html In order to benefit of the dual channel functionality put the two ram sticks (btw, they're double sided, ehehehe) in slot 2 and 4 (just as you said) and they will work at...
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    DYNEX Thermal Compound...

    What about good ol' white silicone grease? It's the same thermal paste I use on my guitar amp's power transistors and i find it better than many "dedicated" thermal compounds out there: same thermal conductivity as Arctic Alumina, Nanotherm, CoolerMaster HTK-001 and so on... but a lot cheaper...
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    Videos are in inverted colours.

    WMP is a too-often-and-always-too-late-updated security-safe software, I never used it to play media files, but it often proved useful for testing the strenght of my firewall settings : )
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    NWN2 anyone playing?

    After a few days of playing i decided the WHOLE GAME is really really bad! I loved NWN and the changes made to this "cartoonish take 2" took the game too far from its original beauty... Too bad, they did quite the same at Bethesda with Oblivion :D
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    RAM help

    Absolutely right :laugh: I made a try with 4x512MB Corsair PC3200C2 @200MHz and 2-3-3-6 timings... it refused to boot! :D Same timings but command rate 2T and 2.7 memory voltage and the system runs smooothly
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    ram voltage

    I got 2 couples of TwinX1024-3200 C2 (4x512MB banks) on a DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D running @ 200MHz with 2-3-3-6 timings (command rate 2T) and 2.7V. Lowering the bus frequency to 166MHz and the CAS to 2.5 allows command rate 1T and 2.6V but it doesn't help performance : )
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    Guide: The Art of Soldering

    Well, that can be true for bigger transistors, resistors and wires, but capacitors and most electronic components (not to mention the PCB itself) will be damaged if they get too hot. That's why "timings" are very important: average quality solder melts at about 182° C, so we need to keep the...
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    X800 fuses data for unlocking

    Messed-up PowerColor BIOS Help please Hi guys, i have a PowerColor X800 GTO (non VIVO) with R430 gpu and 256MB Hynix 2.5 DDR3 memory. This one is not moddable (because of the CONFIG_SUBSTRATE_FUSES: 0xFFFFFF9E) and because of the lazy GPU and memory limits (500MHz max clock according to Hynix...