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  1. swirl09

    EA Bleeds $3.1 Billion in Stock Value Over Battlefront II Fiasco

    These articles have been popping up on many sites. Something Ive not seen mentioned is the fact that if you cast your eye back to the months prior, there have been a number of hefty dips. So while you can rejoice at them possibly getting hit with karma over Battlefront, its pretty much business...
  2. swirl09

    Facebook to launch $200 Oculus VR headset that doesnt need a phone or computer

    Thats the official theme song to VR games. Cant wait for it to be a thing of the past (the length!) Doom and fallout inc! And while Im posting here, a neat lil thing from the BBC coming next week http://steamcommunity.com/app/512270
  3. swirl09

    i7 8700k + Hyper 212 Evo

    Well how tall is your RAM? I have Trident Zs sitting happily under my D15.
  4. swirl09

    Microsoft Xbox One X Falls Short of Expectations in Japan - Again

    Well the point on ads is definitely moot, its a single button press on the remote. I couldnt believe reading a review on an LG on rtings.com and talking about ads! I dont pay that amount of money to see ads. As for any HTPC, I have one, if Im not mistaken it doesnt even do 4K. It is old, I dont...
  5. swirl09

    Microsoft Xbox One X Falls Short of Expectations in Japan - Again

    Which ones are that bad? I use Netflix often enough now that if there are TVs with such a bad experience it warrants using an additional piece of kit just for that app, that would influence my decision to buy it, so I am interested what I should be avoiding.
  6. swirl09

    Microsoft Xbox One X Falls Short of Expectations in Japan - Again

    Just use the Netflix app on the TV, why bother with any other box? Anyway, I agree. I was prob 70/30 when it came to PS3/X360, so when I saw lackluster spec on the X1 I decided to pass on it and go only with a PS4. But I did just get the new X, hoping to find some exclusives having been out of...
  7. swirl09

    Gold and Platinum Editions for the Drobo 5N2 and 5D3 Make Their Debut

    The one I have is noisy, had to bury it in the corner at the back of a shelf.
  8. swirl09

    Free DLCs Coming to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Before the Year Ends

    That its not clearly labelled as such is the unforgivable part. I did see a (loading screen) tooltip at some point that mentions it. But nowhere on its use page is there any mention that its going to tick away in real time. If I was annoyed that something I just got randomly did this, I cant...
  9. swirl09

    Free DLCs Coming to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Before the Year Ends

    Excited for the new photo features! Been taking lots of screenies :) The game is good, I wasnt going to buy it at launch due to the MT debate, but seeing it on a certain site discounted, I caved. It is more of the same from the first, but theres plenty of refinements. As for loot drops, I cant...
  10. swirl09

    Dell Announces Biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Ahead of Time

    The S2716DG is 2 years old and its mark down is based on its original launch price which it hasnt been in a year. So this is marketing BS. Also, apparently Dell doesnt know how the internet works, while the American site gets this attention, they just increased the price of that very monitor...
  11. swirl09

    Cooler Master Announces COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition Case

    I might just be too used to it in black, but this seems a bit afterthought-ish. You dont need to be running to LAN parties to appreciate the handles btw, thing weighs a ton! If you want to change some parts or just move it to another room you will be glad you have those to grab. And I like the...
  12. swirl09

    i7-7700 non-K is not hitting 4.2GHz

    Someone at Asrock was asleep at the wheel and is treating your chip as tho it was a Skylake.
  13. swirl09

    Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme 11 GB

    Same. I was close on the 980ti and again on the 1080ti, but went with an old familiar brand instead. This time it was more to do with responses I got from retailers tho. I was more than a little eager to get a new GPU this time around, probably because of the gap between gens, so when I was...
  14. swirl09

    Dell Begins Selling the 30" Ultrasharp UP3017Q - 4K, OLED, $3500

    Is this the monitor they were supposed to release a year ago? I had it in my head it had a higher refresh rate, or maybe it was simply because it was OLED that I took interest, I cant remember for sure now. Either way, nice. Im not fully sold tho, I guess if my next monitor lasts anything like...
  15. swirl09

    Pre-orders Available for LG's 32UD99 Display: 4K, HDR10, Freesync for $999

    Meh, 4K/HDR/High refresh rate just months away, Ill wait :)
  16. swirl09

    ASUS GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC 11 GB

    I have it preordered for £810, Brexit and VAT...
  17. swirl09

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    It seems crazy in some ways, but in the end, those that were going to pay up for the premium of getting a Titan and that performance a little early have now done so and its time to move on to those holding out for the Ti, this one just happens to be a little better out of the gate. As for...
  18. swirl09

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition 11 GB

    Great review as always. Was eagerly awaiting this one, even if it was largely predictable. Nice to see it beating the Titan with ref cooler and clocks! The cooler performance was a tad underwhelming, but I personally dont care about that, AIB all the way! The price is high-ish, but not...
  19. swirl09

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card at $699

    Actually had fingers crossed for $799, so Im happy :)
  20. swirl09

    Should '30 fps' lock on PC games exist? Some people think it should...

    And what about in 5 minutes when a $99 GPU beats the crap out of the top tier that was for sale at the time of a titles release? I get a real laugh when I read an upcoming title listing "features" should as no FPS cap and the ability to do res (obviously they dont phrase it like that, but thats...
  21. swirl09

    G.Skill Trident Z 3200 MHz C14 32 GB

    This is the kit I use in my current main, very happy with it :) Its often a part overlooked, for good reason, as the results can vary and its not a high priority for a gamer. But over the years I have found that when I have good performance in a new title and someone with an identical or near...
  22. swirl09

    Ominous ve.ga Website Surfaces with a Word Cloud

    This really feels like deja vu. AMD about to launch their next big architecture equipped with HBM and Nvidia drops an on paper less impressive card (Ti) that is simply better (for gaming). The specs on this thing do look great. But if the teasers were AMD showcasing their top tier model and it...
  23. swirl09

    G.SKILL Announces Revolutionary RGB Lighting DDR4 with Trident Z RGB Series

    Wow, first RGB product I actually like the look of. I have Trident Z Ram in my main atm and it is very nice looking without the rainbow too :)
  24. swirl09

    Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Mouse

    I didnt notice it being mentioned, but at any point did it install crapware? I ask because the last time I did a firmware update for my G933 (I think - wireless headset) I got something called overwolf or wolftone, something with wolf, which I absolutely did not want or give permission to...
  25. swirl09

    2017's Weak VR/AR Demand May Burst VR Investment Bubble

    Its interesting that an article published in September talks about the last few months! Oh Im sure thats not what you meant, its ok, Im kidding. Great article. Thats too bad about the figures on "high res" displays, another fad I guess. Some dipshit somewhere pulls a number out of their ass...