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    NVIDIA Rolls Out G-Sync Upgrade Kit for ASUS VG248QE

    You must have a Nvidia GPU before this make any sense to buy/install, right?
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    Atiflash error: failed to read ROM

    You may try to rename "ATIFLA~1.EXE" to simply "ATI.EXE" or something other similar (short name). I've seen this work before.
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    Post your gpu's ASIC quality

    Asus reference R290 (non x): 76.5 %. Seems it oc well - have maxed it out with Afterburner (1235Mhz). Need some tweak to allow higher clock - Asus GPU Tweak maybe?
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    Scythe Kaze Chrono Fan Controller Pictured

    :) Ugly looking, probably one of the worst I've seen.
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    HD7970 crossfire with 7950 shaders unlocked

    The mem-chips are different, also running at different speeds (1250 vs 1375).
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    EVGA Announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper

    Thanks, that makes sense. (sensor did not)
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    EVGA Announces the EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper

    What's the purpose of the electrical wire inside the block (pic 6)?
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    AMD Radeon Gets Battlefield 3 Ready, Too

    3d Mark 11 Results For what it's worth (performance mode): Cat 11.6...........4,843 Cat 11.9...........4,995 Cat 11.10.........4,989
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    Switch it to position 2 and flash, worked for me.
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    Have you run a benchmark with both 1408 and (presumably) 1536 shaders and observed any difference in score? There should not be any need for reinstall the catalyst drivers.
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    ASUS 6950 Unlock: flashed backup bios accidentally!

    Can confirm that ASUS EAH6950/2DI2S/2GD5 has bios 2 "open" and bios 1 "locked".
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    ASUS 6950 Unlock: flashed backup bios accidentally!

    I've read some reviews at newegg claiming that bios 1 is the write protected and bios 2 the one to use for modding.
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    Guys, if I read Dog right, he flashed a 6970 bios on to a 6950 1GB card. How is that possible?
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    AMD Radeon HD 6950 1024 MB

    If anyone can confirm unlock of shaders - this will be my next GPU. Nice review W1zzard.
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    i damaged my 6970 :-(

    Even with above avarage soldering skills, this should be very difficult to repair. Have you tried to install the card? It might work, perhaps only with a little less memory than before. Worth a try imho.
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    How to enable additional shaders on Radeon HD 6950

    Nothing to do with it.
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    PowerColor HD 6950 PCS++ 2048 MB

    Great review again, thx W1zzard! :toast: Could you please show us the vcore readout point(s) on this pcb?
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    Need Help With Bad Flash

    Hi, please have a look at this - it might be helpful. Atiflash/Winflash dosen't recognize the card any longer, thus OP gets 'Adapter not found'. I did this with a x800xt with success, the method involves a soldering iron and a steady hand, but it's indeed doable. (Easier than most...
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    I will be leaving TPU!

    W1zzard, you will be missed. All the luck on your future ventures.
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    How hard would it be to push my 4870 to 900+MHz Core?

    Not at all, this chip is a good one (Powercolor PCS 1GB) http://www.diskusjon.no/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=264423 Voltmod vgpu 1.35V. Gamestable at approx 970.
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    I flashed my X1900 Crossfire with an X1300 bios

    Hi there, article text below. PM me, I'll send you a PDF of the guide (incl. images)
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    The 4870 "2D Low", GPU voltage/Memory clock rate Bios Thread

    Hi, I got a Powercolor PCS 1GB bios that allow me to lower the voltage to the gpu. Lowering the 2D voltage confirmed using a DMM. The bios is edited with RBE. PM me if interested.
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    Powercolor 4870 1GB is ...

    Powercolor HD4870 1GB This card is truly amazing :) Under my Maze 4 the GPU is Crysis/3Dmark stable somewhere around 890Mhz. Note: No voltmod performed. Tried 905 Mhz - but comp. rebooted after about 5 minutes into the game. Temperatures never above 38 degrees (C). Haven't had the...
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    Powercolor 4870 1GB is ...

    Maybe, but the stock VRM cooler isn't copper - it's made of rather thin aluminium. My DIY heatsink is heavier, and it keeps the vrm below 50 degrees celsius at load, so no worries so far.
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    Powercolor 4870 1GB is ...

    Powercoclor 1GB Here's mine before and after :) It does at least 850 on gpu - haven't had time to test it further. Tried to take of the cooper 'heatsinks' that covers the ramchips (visible on the first picture), but was afraid of ripping the ram clear off the board.. Anyone done this?