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  1. sixequalszero

    Gifs in Firefox problem

    Sometimes the gifs in Firefox-usually when I downloading a lot-won't complete their download and will just repeat the partial animation, which is quite frustrating. Does anyone know how I can force it for continue downloading gifs until their completely finished? Thanks
  2. sixequalszero

    Steam workshops

    Thought I saw this thread before but I can't find any.. =/ So unless you can tell me where it is, post your steam workshops here! Portal 2 sixequalszero
  3. sixequalszero

    New RAID card?

    I have no experience in controller cards and would like some help choosing a card for my needs. Essentially I need more SATA ports! I have unused drives sitting on my desk and running out of free space on my current drives. I'm not interesting in speed gain such as RAID 0, and I'm not interested...
  4. sixequalszero

    Lga 2011

    What's the latest new on the 2011, is it worth... it? Coming from a four year old Q9650, upgrade will be early next year, after I move into my new home.
  5. sixequalszero

    Time to get some liquid pumping

    I'm moving to liquid cooling in the coming months (after I move in December) and I would be grateful if anyone could recommend hardware and information for setting up a brand new liquid cooling system. My 'System Specs' is my current pc, although I am looking at a major upgrade on that as well...
  6. sixequalszero

    Recommended RAM brands

    I'd like to chart peoples opinion on memory brands. If you could please reply with what brands you would recommend be bought or not bought, even with a short statement why, that would be great thanks!
  7. sixequalszero

    QOS Router

    Can anyone direct me towards a router with an ADSL2+ modem that has decent QOS? Or any technology that will stop the internet from being unusable when ever something is thrashing it. I currently have a dsl-2642B and as soon as someone downloads anything it becomes 99.9% unusable. Since there are...
  8. sixequalszero

    RAID controller for SATA ports query

    A friend of mine bought a RAID controller not knowing what it was, for the sake of obtaining additional SATA ports. http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=210_385&products_id=15511 I've never bothered with RAID controllers before so I don't know much about them...