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  1. tofu

    Fingerprints and Aluminum

    Dug up an old Antec micro-atx case of mine. Crafted in aluminum, covered in fingerprints. I looked closely at the surface, and it looks like the oils left from touching the aluminum caused some type reaction on the aluminum? Like the fingerprints are now 'part of' the aluminum LOL. Rubbing with...
  2. tofu

    Intel 915G upgrade: P4 650 or 560?

    I have a chance to upgrade the cpu on my internet surfer computer in the basement. I'm currently running a 520 2.8GHz with 2 x 512MB @ DDR400 2-3-3-6 and seems kind of sluggish running XP. The two of these are going for the same price (very cheap, really), and I can justify spending on an...
  3. tofu

    Entry level Core i7 920 quite the clocker

    Was looking at hordes and hordes of Core i7 reviews and found none that gave overclocking performance of the low end chips. With the 920 starting at under $300 this chip may be a real winner :rockout: Linky...
  4. tofu

    CPUID.com got hacked

    CPUID.com didn't get hacked lol, AVG givin false positives See, I just reformatted my comp, installed everything I need, and decided I wanted to use CPU-Z to check out my system. Luckily I had AVG antivirus installed and updated. I downloaded the CPU-Z 1.44 from www.cpuid.com, tried to...
  5. tofu

    Buying AM2 CPU... tough choice

    I am planning to have a nice overhaul on my system hehe. I've narrowed it down so far to two cpu's. AMD X2 3800+ (ADO3800CUBOX) 65W 90nm - $75 CAN OR AMD X2 4000+ (ADO4000DDBOX) 65W 65nm - $75 CAN :banghead: They go for the same price which makes it a tough choice. When...
  6. tofu

    The INFAMOUS Micron D9's... JUST GOT PWNED

    I stumbled across this article in vr-zone: http://vr-zone.com/?i=4638&s=1 The once undefeatable micron d9's, were finally knocked down like what bowling balls do to pins. This is way impressive!!! Read the fabulous clocks the dude got. 100% Stable: Max out OC: But wait heck...
  7. tofu

    [WTB] Winbond UTT/BH-5/CH-5 RAM

    I am looking for some Winbond-chip-based ram modules running the BH-5/CH-5/UTT BH-5/UTT CH-5 chips for the revival of my ghetto computer (p4p800se 3.3vrail > ram, psu 3.3vsense modded). I have no size preference, as long as it is dual channel kit. Willing to pay thru paypal, cash, or...
  8. tofu

    VR-Zone dude pumps 3.2V into DDR2!!!

    Sorta old news but............: I dunnno if you guys have seen dis, but here we go: http://www.vr-zone.com/index.php?i=4123&s=5 But I've gotta admit, pretty awesome schizz at < 3.0V.
  9. tofu

    How many times does your WindowsXP bar roll by during startup?

    I find my OS to be extraordinarily slow at startup, the damn bar runs 17 tims across before going on. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: Uhh, yes the blue one when you're loading up XP. What about you? Please be nice and post here: :D
  10. tofu

    [WTB] NVidia GeForce FX5800-series & GeForce4 ti4800

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone even has these classic and rare cards. Please post if you're willing to sell at a reasonable price. :D
  11. tofu

    Which is faster? X800PRO or 7600GT?

    All forum members, I have recently busted my X1900GT, which is going to RMA'd very soon. However I need a card at the time being to play games... etc. Right now I'm getting an X800PRO VIVO PCI-e (is it unlockable?), and I just wanted your opinions on whether X800PRO or 7600GT is...
  12. tofu

    X1900gt Unlock Bios Found!!!

    IF YOUR GB_PIPE_SELECT IS 0x3FE4, THEN YOU CAN UNLOCK :D :D :D Long story short, there are basically two revisions of the ATI R580 core. One is referred by the engineers as the R580"XL" and the other one is known as R580"PRO". Apparently, if you swap the BIOS on the cards, IT WILL NOT WORK...
  13. tofu

    Copying Hard Drives

    If I buy myself a new hard drive and copy my current installation (via my older comp) onto the new one, will it work? hehe dumbdumb question :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: Simple question, thanks in advance!!! Ya, im sorta n00b