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  1. filip007

    MOSAID Demonstrates Single-Controller, Terabyte-Class Solid State Drive

    Interesting that's in 3.5", can't put my lips on that. It's a start i guess, when they get bigger, wear will get smaller, i assume. Stupid name it sounds more like, mossad.
  2. filip007

    Shuttle PC Announces Space-saving 3-litre PC with High Computing Power

    Does it have notebook DVD place to save some space? No USB in the front that's a mistake. Well who is better if compared to Acer Veriton, 45nm Conroe based around 3GHz and if you fit something like Radeon 6670, that's all the power you need for decent system, without OS should be total price...
  3. filip007

    ASUS M5A97-Evo AM3+

    What was Intel CPU, if you compared with P55, P67, it's honest question nothing else?
  4. filip007

    AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

    There is nothing wrong with software, why would they show something broken. Better wait for more official stuff...
  5. filip007

    AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

    Glitch, no Techpowerup has low glitch in his head...:rolleyes: As you noticed that CPUs runs from 800MHz to 3.2GHz so that means that they are not at full 100% as all together, so that 20°C is in normal range then! This CPUs are scalable, maybe if you turn off two and overclock to 4GHz or...
  6. filip007

    ASUS 990FX Sabertooth Motherboard Pictured

    So if all sockets AM3b will be black, that should be simple than if CPU bottom will be the same color, than you can't miss it when new socket comes out :laugh: Nice colors on the RAM and slots, it looks like ice cream. :laugh:
  7. filip007

    AMD's Fastest Mobile Fusion Processor Detailed

    If it's using HT than it's no Quad, i think that would be too much on the power for quad cpu and gpu.
  8. filip007

    Fractal Design Announces Core 1000 Case

    Love it, maybe better front like someone said, that's just dust grill. I want AT style box, yes AT I want black and silver colors I want big fan in the front with blue led (no dust grill) All boards are getting MATX more or less, but MATX boxes on the market are usually crap with...
  9. filip007

    AMD FX Series and A Series First Performance Projections Surface

    If this is true than AMD will bring 12 core that will have 6 core running on HT, that's not to bad does it, if they sell 6 shooter now, but again to little to late. You can't have low power on 8 core and 4GHz that's true also, that escaped 8 core Xeon just have 1.6GHz that's like P4 gen.
  10. filip007

    AMD FX Series and A Series First Performance Projections Surface

    This new AMD CPU is complex that's for sure, how it will handle that's unknown, it's a bit harder for AMD if nobody supports AMD, it's still in Intel shadow one way or another. AMD is going for the future here, home system don't need 8 cores or 6 because it's not so far supported like...
  11. filip007

    Sapphire HD4670 passive "Black Screen"

    PSU is one year old and stock that came with case 420W, and this GPU HD4670 don't use any power cable so, must the GPU it self a bit problematic...i use 45nm stock CPU so it still plenty of power. Some say that is problem with resolution switching, i will try to use DVI converter on VGA. "this...
  12. filip007

    Sapphire HD4670 passive "Black Screen"

    Like i said system is cool, GPU was 80c before i added Revoltec 9.2cm so now is at max this: (all burn in)
  13. filip007

    Sapphire HD4670 passive "Black Screen"

    Some games just shutdown and shows black screen, it's pretty much random. System is on stock 45nm Intel CPU so it's plenty of power and on 4670 i have added Revoltec 9.2cm that cools down pretty much all heat problems. Let say if i do Heaven in OpenGL or in DX10 it will shows that black...
  14. filip007

    Your PC ATM

    I have noticed that PSU someday use to suck air from the bottom i wouldn't do that, you don't want to have dust in your box, just turn around and left the vent to be on the upper side, and even with two screws will be ok, if the box don't allow it. Even vent will last longer because of that.
  15. filip007

    Akasa Baymaster

    Yes, bunch of crap you won't buy 300$ SSD for USB that's for sure, you can get USB keys for a lot less and about the same size.
  16. filip007

    Gigabyte Intros New Cheap DDR3-Based HD 5670 Graphics Card

    Memory bandwidth will be effected, that's only then about 25GB/s vs 64GB/s that's crap then, better if they use at lest GDDR4.
  17. filip007

    Old hardware: Ubuntu 10.10 or XP pro sp3 ???

    Jolicloud 1.1
  18. filip007

    Sharkoon Announces Decoupling Frame for 2.5 and 3.5 Inch Hard Drives

    Is that for new WD Raptors and SSD too...:laugh:
  19. filip007

    Help Me Choose a Graphics Card !

    Radeon has faster memory that's my only argument... GTX 460 86 GB/s 5850 128 GB/s 6870 134 GB/s http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=88&pgno=3 MAX TDP is about 150W+ for all so...take you pick :cool:
  20. filip007

    PowerColor Readies First Passive-Cooled HD 6850 Graphics Card

    Well you can still put a fan on it with RPM control.
  21. filip007

    Hitachi and Partners Develop New HDD Technology Providing 8-Fold Density Increase

    Great when?, i just want speed, durability and no noise.
  22. filip007

    ASUS GeForce GTX 580 1.5 GB

    5970 still the king in most cases...
  23. filip007

    Radeon HD 6900 Series Officially Postponed to Mid-December

    AMD Radeon HD 6970 delay due to component shortage, launch date to be re-confirmed http://vr-zone.com/articles/amd-radeon-hd-6970-delay-due-to-component-shortage-launch-date-to-be-re-confirmed/10276.html Better little bit late and with proper, proper speed...
  24. filip007

    Intel Or AMD ?

    AMD was on the go with AMD Athlon 64 but todays chips are more or less the same speed as Intel 775 platform.
  25. filip007

    Bad BIOS checksum

    Connect PS/2 keyboard, and copy bios to floppy, this is Award BIOS backup system...