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  1. Evo85

    RX 480 disappointing ... what next ?

    All I can say to this little temper tantrum is wow.. All TPU members should now bow at your feet and worship you as the end all, be all God of computer technology. Chanting "Praise to CDA" and tossing all the $1000 CPU's they can find before you as an offering to your absolute greatness and...
  2. Evo85

    Weird PC behavior.

    Just by the pics you posted, it looks like a dying card.
  3. Evo85

    AMD Vega Discussion Thread

    Seems like that's all there is on this forum anymore.. :banghead:
  4. Evo85

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

    Not sure why lack of integrated graphics is a negative here. If you want that, you buy an APU chip.
  5. Evo85

    Zyxel EMG3425-Q10A.

    Anyone have any experience with this router, or company in general? My ISP sent me one after I upgraded my plan and curious if it's a decent router or should I just go buy one?
  6. Evo85

    AMD Ryzen 5 Series Lineup Leaked

    I'll bet it gets damn close. Frequency isn't everything man.
  7. Evo85

    AMD Ryzen 5 Series Lineup Leaked

    That 1600X will be mine!
  8. Evo85

    Is AMD Ryzen for you?

    I never buy a product at launch. I will wait about 6 months for all the bugs to be worked out and optimizations completed. But, I will definitely be going Ryzen before the end of the year.
  9. Evo85

    Editorial Hype Trains and You: A PSA

    If you need an Internet article to tell you this, you may want to re-examine your life.
  10. Evo85

    How relevant are VRMs (phases) for AM4 motherboards?

    VRM's are always relevant across any platform. If you having cleans table, steady power that is.
  11. Evo85

    Is it the people here or just how people are?

    TPU has become more and more toxic over the nearly ten years I have been hanging around it. But, so has every other forum I have seen. It's just a sign of the times. People have no tolerance, no respect for one another anymore. It's sad, but true. That said, I still find most people here are...
  12. Evo85

    Real problem overclocking rx480

    As someone who has owned 2 MSI Gaming 970 mobo's, I can tell you you are pushing that board to its very limits. It has cheaper 6 phase VRM's that don't handle a lot of power. I can post a pic of a burned VRM on one of mine to illustrate that fact. That 480 being a 6 pin connector is drawing...
  13. Evo85

    RX 480 disappointing ... what next ?

    Stay on topic please. Save personal assault for the playground.
  14. Evo85

    RX 480 disappointing ... what next ?

    It would help to see you system specs. Also, that PSU only has 40amps on the 12v rail, which is pretty weak. That aside, it's most likely a bad unit. It happens to everyone who builds pc's. Just RMA it.
  15. Evo85

    Computer Powers on but then Turns off Right Away

    Check your Corsair H100i and make sure that the pump is working. I had a problem like this a while back and the pump had failed, letting the CPU overheat and shut down almost instantly. If you put your ear to the heatsink/pump assembly you should hear water gurgling and the pump noise. Or, if...
  16. Evo85

    Athlon II X2 270 -> FX 6300 - keep the current Athlon stock cooler?

    Yeah, you go with that theory. :banghead:
  17. Evo85

    Best software for maxing a GPU temp?

    Furmark is the best for maxing Temps. But be warned, it will destroy a card that is weak or has stock cooling.
  18. Evo85

    Do you use the little spatula with thermal paste?

    HS! I thought I was the only person who did that!!! :toast: I use about a half grain on the CPU, then dab it with my finger till it has a very thin coat all over. Then I do the same on the HSF/waterblock.
  19. Evo85

    Do you use the little spatula with thermal paste?

    I use them for small dies like GPU's and bridge chips. Those spreaders are almost perfect size for such things. For CPU'S, I have my own special method for applying paste.
  20. Evo85

    NVIDIA Cuts Price of its GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card: $499

    All those people who bought this only to find out they were taken for a ride....
  21. Evo85

    Any chance we can stop the FUD news posting about ryzen/Intel?

    This thread amuses me.... It all comes down to common sense. Either you have it or you don't. Simple as that.
  22. Evo85

    Intel Plays Dirty Over Ryzen, Attempts to Manipulate Ryzen Reviews?

    No doubt! They were wrong on every single Ryzen leak!
  23. Evo85

    NVIDIA Stock Tumbles Amidst Analyst Talk of Gaming's Decline

    Analyst=Unqualified to flip a burger.
  24. Evo85

    Some Ryzen platform musings

    The Ryzen boards that are coming out beat the snot out of any of the 970/990 boards out there.