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    Suitable replacement for TJ07?

    Hi, I have been using my TJ07-BW for a few years now and it has been the most solid case I have owned by far (also the most expensive by far). Recently I have had the opportunity to work with the Corsair 600T and I must say that, feature wise, I prefer it over the TJ07. Build quality...
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    CRTC Usage based billing poll

    http://www.cbc.ca/politics/insidepolitics/2011/02/question-of-the-day-283.html for those that haven't heard of it, bell canada (a canadian ISP) wishes to limit monthly caps to 25GB for ALL ISPs, thereby crippling our internet usage. the government wishes to overturn this and wants to allow...
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    can't install drivers for 9550 in older system...help?

    Hi, just as the title states, I can't seem to install any of the catalyst drivers for my 9550 pro. I can install the legacy drivers for my xpress2000 (rage 128 pro), but for some reason, my motherboard doesn't detect the 9550...any ideas? (i've tried both XP x86 and windows 7 x86) mobo is...
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    GTX280 audio

    Hi, I've just today thought about using the DVI-HDMI adapter and S/PDIF cable on my GTX280 and for some reason I cannot get the audio working. I have attached the audio cable from the S/PDIF out on my mobo to the audio port on the GTX280...is there something else I have missed? (I have tried...
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    Hard drive, not system, randomly restarting?

    Hi, I recently noticed that one (maybe 2) of my hard drives power off and power on a few seconds later. I have a dual boot system and it seems that the boot disk w/ XP is the one with the issue. I will be using Vista and I will hear a drive power down and then restart/spin-up again - similar...
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    [WTB][US] [CAN] - Cheap dual core 775 CPU

    Hi, I was in the market looking for a cheap ($40) LGA775 dualcore CPU. If anyone has one which they are looking to get rid of, let me know how much you want for it shipped to Toronto, ON, Canada. Thanks in advance. :)
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    N95 game installation location?

    as per title: where would i go about installing games on the phone; mass storage, i.e. part of the 8GB, or phone storage? any reason of one vs the other? my initial assumption was speed, but can anyone confirm or deny that? thanks in advance
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    What to do with QX6850?

    Hi, I currently have my Q6700 at 3.6 with my Tuniq and the cost of upgrading to the QX6850 would be about $100. I was wondering what the general consensus was on max stable OC with the QX6850 on air. (ill also be swapping my ram for Mushkin Redlines PC2-8000 2x2GB if that matters any) So what...
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    P5E SPDIF issues?

    Hi, I recently upgraded to the P5E and noticed that I can only get stereo sound (2 channel). I am able to get full 5.1 using the analog connections from the SupremeFX II card, but the optical doesn't seem to be working properly. I have searched for quite a while and have found nothing that...
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    P5E drivers after Rampage flash?

    Hi, I was curious as to what drivers I would download for a P5E flashed to Rampage; would I still get all the drivers on the Asus site for the P5E or for the Rampage? I have not yet actually set up the board yet, but am I correct in assuming that I will get better OC ability and stability if...
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    Maximus II Formula (P45), GA-X48-DQ6 (X48), or other?

    Hi, I was in the process of upgrading my mobo and was wondering what you all would recommend. If you recommend 'other' then I'd appreciate it if you could specify. budget is $300 CDN. Thanks in advance :)
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    GTX280 Preview

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    Which PSU to get?

    Hi, I was looking to upgrade my current setup and realized I needed a new PSU. The config will consist of: 2x WD2500KS 2x WD5000AAKS 2x IDE DVD burners (the mobo I am planning to use only has 4 sata connections) 1x Q6700 4x 1GB DDR2 2x 8800GT 1x TJ07 1x P7N Platinum and probably a half dozen...
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    well, i was just playing a bit of universe at war when, for the first time with this card, the screen froze with sound continuing to loop. today, the screen was completely corrupted and so i closed the game and took a screenshot; time to RMA?
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    What is used on the front of this TJ07?

    http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=159620&page=2 Hi, I was looking at the TJ07 recently and wondering what people are doing for mods. From the looks of it, the TJ07 is not an ideal solution when one is just air-cooling. But in the first post in the link, the TJ07 has...
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    TJ07 and Tuniq 120 orientation?

    Hi, I was considering getting the TJ07 but was wondering how one would go about having the tuinq oriented? i.e. regular (fan blowing towards the back) or sideways (fan blowing upwards). The tj07 has 2 92mm fans which are, by default, intake fans. i could go about flipping them around, but...
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    Q6700 Oc?

    hi, i recently upgraded from an E6600 to the Q6700. one thing which i noticed is that my OC is quite limited as i can only achieve 3.3GHz regardless of the vCore and other settings. is my mobo the limitation to OCing this processor? temps are fine and even lower than those of my E6600. CPU and...
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    Does eVGA step-up require original bios?

    hi, i am stepping up my card but was wondering if it is necessary to flash the card's bios back to its original clocks. has anyone been in the same situation as me? thanks in advance.
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    Step-up for canadians?

    hi, with the GT having nearly the same performance as the GTX, I was considering using my eVGA step-up but was wondering if there would be a customs/duties charge for this. if all i have to pay is the difference in price, then that is not an issue as the price of my original card is more than...
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    Overclocking on an OEM mobo?

    Hi, i have OCed on a few different OEM mobos in the past, but they had a different chipset and were supported by SetFSB and clockgen. this time i am not as lucky as the board is an intel D945GCL from eMachines. on a different board, i have OCed the celeronD 356 to around 4.3GHz stable on stock...
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    best budget board?

    hi, i was wondering if GA-965P-DS3 would be the best budget board to go with in terms of stability, features, and OC ability. i recall this being the choice of anandtech a few months ago, but is there a board which also has firewire and more IDE channels for under $130? i am choosing a board to...
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    640MB vs 320MB 8800GTS; big difference?

    hi, ive seen the benchmarks which show little to no difference performance wise when both are clocked at the same speed. what if the 320MB version were clocked significantly higher? i currently have an eVGA 8800GTS Superclocked 320MB card clocked at 648/1512/2100 and was wondering if it is worth...
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    possible causes for memtest freezing?

    hi, i was just trying to diagnose a system problem am was wondering what the possible causes for failure of memtest would be (other than faulty memory). i have tried changing hard drives for the system, changed the memory, changed cabling, and memtest will just stall; the 'wall time' will...
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    Upgrade to 8800Ultra?

    Hi, with Crysis coming out at Sept 11 (thats what some guys at MS and Intel said anyways), I was wondering if it would be a good idea to jump on the 8800 Ultra bandwagon (i can get the Ultra for the same price as a GTX); i currently have an Asus 1950pro but I am beginning to find it hard to run...
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    Vista x64 'Hide inactive icons'

    Hi, i recently installed Vista x64 on one of my drives. the good news is that it recognizes all my RAM (4GB), the bad news, so far, is that i no longer have the < or > to show or hide inactive icons (it is normally to the left of the clock and other icons in the bottom right side of the screen)...