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  1. richjordan255

    RE: New Graphics Card

    Morning Guys, been a while since I have been on. My PC spec is filled in, I want to change my GFX to a new single card Can any one recommend a solution that will be an upgrade. AMD or ATI, I don't mind Thanks in advance Rich.
  2. richjordan255

    Print Server Software

    Hi Guys, Slightly different question here. I am looking for a piece of software that i can run on a computer at work, to use it as a print server. It is being run over a VPN so just sharing does not work. My other thought was a Linux box, but just wondered if there was a Windows based...
  3. richjordan255

    Anyone out there familiar with CS-Cart ??

    Hi Guys, Please forgive me as i have not been on here in quite a while. I hope you can help. I have the latest version of CS Cart installed, and would like to make it so that my cart displays specific mayment methods, depending on the total of the basket. I have found the below...
  4. richjordan255

    SPeaker question

    Nice simple question guys, but im just feeling a little thick :) I have the Logitech z5300 Speakers. IS there any way to connect these to my TV and use them with that as a 5.1 system, if so what would i need ? Thanks in advance guys
  5. richjordan255

    replacing LED in Cosmos

    Hi guys. Nice and simple, and as the name suggests. I have a Coolermaste Cosmos case, but one of the LEDs has died, and i want to replace it. Is this a difficult task of relatively simple to do ?? Thanks in advance. :)
  6. richjordan255

    Netbook Screen Resolution

    Hi Guys, I have a question that i think I know the answer to, but would like some clarification, if possible. The maximum resolution of my Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 os 1024*600. Some of the software i use on a pc requires a minimum of 1024*768, so will not run on my Dell. I was wondering...
  7. richjordan255

    Windows Installer

    just a questions guys, i'm after an automated Windows installet that can incorperate drivers, updates and possibly software. Now i know about Nlite, but i was wondering if there are any other decent ones? Thanks in advance
  8. richjordan255

    Windows 7 Recovery help needed.

    My PC as in specs keeps booting to the windows System recovery options, but will not complete repairs. I use the disc and it says its "recovered" my Win 7, but i cant fix it, tries fixmbr and fix boot, when i do bootrec /scanos it finds no installations, help i wont wanna have to format any...
  9. richjordan255

    Dual Boot

    Right guys, specs are as seen, i boot Win 7 64 bit from my RAID 0. I have come across a 120gb sata drive, and want to dual boot to that, is it possible, using this other drive that i can dual boot and keep my RAID intact thankies in advance guys
  10. richjordan255

    New Case

    Guys I'm on the hunt for a new case, my specs are up. My main feature has to be good cooling (biggest thing) and cable management, currently i have a original cosmos which is quiet but not the best for cooling Any ideas, needs to also be quite roomy because of my 2 8800s
  11. richjordan255

    Microsoft Security Essentials

    I currently use avast, but had 2 viruses recently, so my questions is this. is the mircrosfot free antivirus any good? if not what is a decent free AV (NOT AVG,had bad experiences)? I want to keep it as lightweight as possible.
  12. richjordan255

    Screen Rsolution

    Howdy all, Nice simple one, can anyone tell me if there is a way i can start a program in a specific resolution
  13. richjordan255

    which to choose

    Nice and easy question guess, which would you recommend i get to replace my zalman 9700 the coolit domino ALC or the corsair H50, which would be better for my q6600 ? thanks guys
  14. richjordan255

    Win 7 first few weeks

    I have just upgraded 2 win 7 ultimate 64 bit and i love it not put it through its paces yet on games but will do in next couple days how many of you guys use 7 and how do you find it for general business or games use If you havent upgraded then out of curiosity whats stopping you
  15. richjordan255

    Show us your desktop here :-)

    Just out of curiosity id like to see what wallpapers people have, so if ur willing please post a screenie of ur desktop for us all to see i have already done mine :) cheers
  16. richjordan255

    Paging File

    Nice easy question guys All im after is a decent defragging program that will also defrage the page file, ive used defraggler a lot which is ok but wont touch the page file. Many thanks EDIT: I used to use System mechanic which was ok at it, but was expensive
  17. richjordan255

    Sound card problems :(

    So guys the other day the HDD in my nans PC died, bought a new one, installed vista all working fine, until i try to load the sound card drivers. Loaded from windows update and installed ok but no sound, downloaded from motherboard website, they only work on xp. download from realtek website...
  18. richjordan255

    HD 4830 or 9600GT

    nice easy one guys opinion at work is divided. im building a pc for my uncle who plays a few games @1280x1024. do i get the sapphire HD4830 http://www.ebuyer.com/product/159710 or the asus 9600GT http://www.ebuyer.com/product/159710 my advice to him is the 4830 got some very good...
  19. richjordan255

    Shall i Windows 7

    I use vist ultimate 64bit biut nos i have read about the rc1 being ok til next year im tempted just wondered wot u guys thought would b all i do is play games but i havnt used 7 yet so im unsure of the benefits and driver wise
  20. richjordan255

    new @ Watercooling

    Hi guys Im new to watercooling but i may be about 2 get hold of my first watercooling kit for my q6600, its second hand but in full working order, the guy is only gettin rid of it because he doesnt oc and feels its a lil too OTT for him. 1. How easy is it 2 maintain watercooling ie refill...
  21. richjordan255

    OC my GFx

    Hi Guys Nice and easy one for you, tried using ntune to oc my cards but the clocks reset when i reboot the system, i have 2 BFG 8800TGS 512 cards in sli so any advice is appreciated thanks
  22. richjordan255

    Steam ?????

    Hi guys nice easy one for you, i have just bought left 4 dead on steam its downloading now but im unsure of what happens if i format, do i lose this game ? also how many of you have played the game and what are your opinions of it many thanks :)
  23. richjordan255

    Q6600 :-d

    So guys, just got me a q6600 re installed vista 64 and i must say im impressed going from an e6600. Its overclocked up to 3.15ghz seems to be the max my board will do but very happy, how many of you guys have this cpu and what has been your experiance with it so far :)
  24. richjordan255

    would Nvidia Physx be worth it

    hi Guys nice and easy like the title says would using the nvidia physx drivers be worth it on my rig in my profile or should i get an agea dedicated card its just they are getting more difficult to get hold of thanks :)
  25. richjordan255

    STALKER problem

    Hi Guys im Having a problem with stalker when im getting the message winsock32.dll missing try reinstalling basically i have done this with no avail the winsock32.dll file is located in my system 32 folder i know its there but its frsutrating as i wanna play it lol plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...