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  1. vexen

    Good file hosting/uploading site?

    I'd also look for tutorials to encode for youtube. The wrong codec will look real awful.
  2. vexen

    Good file hosting/uploading site?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_hosting_services Take a look at this list maybe... However, if you're somewhat serious about these videos, and a price like 5-10$ is something you can afford, I'd suggest that you invest it and save yourself a headache. Good and free doesn't...
  3. vexen

    Mouse ScrollWheel died again. Any Recommendations for a Reliable Mouse?

    I confirm for the IE3.0 in the god tier... had a countless amount of mice from different brand (Razer, Logi, SS), and it puts them all to shame. Good luck finding one tho.... I also vote for the 518, most likely the G400 as well On a side note, has anyone tried the Microsoft Comfort Mouse 6000...
  4. vexen

    New system crashing after one month

    Tried disabling onboard VGA, sound card, E1ST, C1, C3, tried default bios, going back to previous Nvidia drivers (from 327 to 320). Yet to check my RAM but my RAM were on my older system, about 2 year old. I hear a click whenever I get to windows, and when I crash as well. A unusual click that...
  5. vexen

    Igromir 2013 Russian Booth Babes

    http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/IgroMir/Booth_Babes_2013/images/girls014.html on the right!
  6. vexen

    New Gaming Monitor Help!

    Well I'd say my Samsung S27A850 was the best 700$ investment I've made. I can't believe how much I've been missing with crappy TN panels. I can't tell the difference in latency over 2ms panels, colors are splendid, viewing angle are great, and I love the resolution. I know its over your budget...
  7. vexen

    New system crashing after one month

    First happened launching FFXIV, about a week ago. A few hours ago, I had the computer idle for a few hours, and coming back to it, it was a black screen, not a BSOD. I'll try RAM profiles (non-XMP), cpu power settings, and check PCI-E voltage as I've found... To me it's just weird that...
  8. vexen

    New system crashing after one month

    Hello, I have a new system that has been completely stable for weeks, except in the first few days where I had to update the bios to F7. System is on the left! In the past week, with no changes in software/hardware, I've started experiencing BSOD. Upon rebooting, I either have : A black...
  9. vexen

    I don't like my new Razer mouse

    Yep IE3.0 is amazing, and I have an extra one in the closet when mine dies! I have the "new" 3.0 (Comfort 6000) at work and it isn't bad either, but I don't play games at work so it's hard to compare the sensor. Not a razer fan (I've had plenty, from Diamondback to multiple 1.0...
  10. vexen

    NEC Display Solutions Introduces New 22-Inch MultiSync E Series Monitor

    "The widescreen display enables several applications to be open simultaneously" I'm sold.
  11. vexen

    Headphone Amp for HD650s

    I finally ended up purchasing as ZxR! It seemed like the best investment. I would of needed to plug the Amp as USB otherwise . Thanks again! Can't wait to try HD650 + ZxR!
  12. vexen

    Headphone Amp for HD650s

    Thanks a lot, I guess Fiio is really the way to go in this price range. And about the sound card, no, I did not realize the sound card would be holding them back. I've yet to put the 650 on my head, so I don't know how amazing they sound compared to my 555. But yeah, I commute with 555 and I...
  13. vexen

    Headphone Amp for HD650s

    Hello, I am getting HD650 this week (thanks to a deal at my workplace) and I understand that an amp is necessary to run them to their full potential. I have a few questions, as I'm clearly not fully understand everything here. I've done some research without too much results. I just feel that...
  14. vexen

    Presenting the All New TechPowerUp

    As someone who works in the field, this is very nice and clean. Some minor inconsistencies, but that's about it. Good job!
  15. vexen

    My new GTX 670 stutters compared to my old Radeon 5970

    Yeah I wish I could have a 120hz monitor 2560x1440 with great color reproduction, hélas.. I ended up picking 2560x1440. Good to hear your 670 is running fine :) I understand that you really enjoy vsync, but how does 120hz without vsync feel? Did you try it?
  16. vexen

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    How good are these compared to U2711 or S27A850? Is it worth the trouble, the chance, and possibly the headaches to get a model like these? I see them popping more and more. I see that some people tried a couple (2-3) of these "cheap" monitors. Looking at this, I'm wondering, would it not...
  17. vexen

    My new GTX 670 stutters compared to my old Radeon 5970

    Did you disable VSync? Sorry if you did, but you make no mention of it. VSync on unstable FPS is generally unpleasing.
  18. vexen

    Software RAID 1

    Hello, I'd like to set up a software RAID 1. I'm not computer illiterate, I've just never worked with a RAID setup before. I have a 1.5TB (about 75% filled) and a 1TB (still not formatted). I'd like to run 1TB of RAID 1 and leave the rest as another partition, is this possible? Also, do...
  19. vexen

    EA Reportedly for sale

    If they started listening to their players, supporting games for more than 6 months, maybe they'd wouldn't be in decline. You can scam someone so many times before they stop supporting you. I didn't buy BF3 with the 35 DLCs. I however played almost every other BF on the PC...
  20. vexen

    Giveaway: Bioshock 1&2

    14! Bastion Dear Esther DiRT 2 FEAR 1 FEAR 2 FEAR 3 Far Cry Far Cry 2 Mirror's Edge Penumbra: Black Plague Penumbra: Overture Penumbra: Requiem Portal 2 SW:KOTOR
  21. vexen

    Need tips for two coolers

    holy resurect http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2662&page=5 I also did a spreadsheet for myself based on those results to sort these by value, and relative performance for noise and temps...
  22. vexen

    P180 to 1100? Plus 1100 questions!

    Hello, I currently own a P180, and considering a switch to the 1100. My main reasons to switch would be : moving from a full tower to a mid tower, as the P180 is very heavy to carry to LANs/friends improved cord management possibly better airflow for my gpu running very hot at times...
  23. vexen

    [WTB] Racing Wheel

    I'm looking for a racing wheel. Post what you have and a price, I'm from Canada.
  24. vexen

    should I get more ram?

    You will not see an FPS increase. It will be faster when multi-tasking, but slightly, not worth a $50. I'd say save your money, hide it and save for a future upgrade :]
  25. vexen

    Preorder for DFI LP JR P45-T2RS (aka P45 Lan Party Jr.)

    My NIC + my sound card cannot fit :( This was the perfect board, ever! Is there a mATX with a recent chipset that can do : Dual slot VGA (not 2x PCIe x16) 2x PCI, not blocked by a 2 slot VGA cooler