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    weird 3pin fan plug help needed!

    Hello! I recently bought a Powerwalker VFI 2000TG UPS, not knowing that it comes with two 80mm fans that spin non-stop at 5000rpm and make a hell of a noise! (50db claimed, quite accurate i think). As I wanted to have this UPS for my PC in my room, I decided to buy two Noctuas 80mm (much more...
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    Gaming benchmarks: DDR4 2133 MHz VS DDR4 3000 MHz (Core i7 6700K)

    Very nice, this should be pinned or something! You should add a 2666mhz 16CAS kit, since those are quite common and in between 2133 and 3000mhz, though you've already made a point with this testing
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    anyone have experience with "Kinguin"? seems a bit TOO cheap to be legal to me.

    I've bought several Win10 Keys for under 35 EUros with Kingiun protections and taxes included, they all worked
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    Scam Citizen just trashed all of their code and started over

    I remember reading somewhere that they were dropping DirectX in favour of Vulcan, I'm i correct?
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    ASUS GTX 1080 Ti Strix OC 11 GB

    its 800 GBP in the UK on retailers for pre order xD I ended up buying a custom gtx1080 for 580 Euros, which is about 650USD / 550GBP. Those custom 1080Ti are gona sells for way too much the first few months. I must admit though, the performance difference between the 1080 FE and the max...
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    RX 480 w/ 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor or GTX 1070 w/ 1080p 60Hz Monitor

    Your choices of RX480 from MSI and the Acer screen seem great, for their prices. You should go for them!
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    RX 480 w/ 1080p 144Hz Freesync Monitor or GTX 1070 w/ 1080p 60Hz Monitor

    I think high fps +freesync/gsync is much more important than high end graphics or resolution. I've had several expensive monitors including 1440p/60Hz IPS in the past but when it comes to gaming, even if its not online shooters, I would put motion clarity (ie 144hz + freesync) over picture...
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    AMD's Ryzen Launch Processors Sold Out at Major Retailers

    Alright look, this is a news post and we've turned it into a stupid talk. You end up saying the same thing I said in my initial post, but first you had to rant about it for several posts. I dont know if you feel you need to troll someone and honestly im sorry, towards the other members, that i...
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    AMD's Ryzen Launch Processors Sold Out at Major Retailers

    couldnt spend 1000 euros on an 8 core intel cpu nor wait 2 years for ryzen to appear
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    AMD's Ryzen Launch Processors Sold Out at Major Retailers

    im sorry i definately needed hyperthreading for autocad
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    AMD's Ryzen Launch Processors Sold Out at Major Retailers

    Meanwhile, the i7 7700k is priced equal or lower than the Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X) at around 350 Euros while the 1800X is price at nearly 650 Euros... People buying these AMD chips for gaming are getting robbed :D
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    NVIDIA Cuts Price of its GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card: $499

    Bought a gtx1080 zotac amp extreme last week for 710 Euros. I'd be surprised to see it go for 600 euros when these price cuts kick in. That said, im quite surprised to see they are confident the 1080ti is so much faster than the non-Ti version. Should I arleady start regreting buying the card? :p
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    Sound card vs DAC ?

    From my experience, a DAC for PC needs to be much more expensive than your typical PC sound card. A 100 Euro/Dollar Fiio DAC is certainly not better than a 100 Euro/Dollar sound card. If you want to have a DAC that actually produces a noticeably better and more detailed sound (i.e. more...
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    weird noise when moving my mouse

    Most probably a motherboard problem with grounding, as someone else suggested in a previous reply. I had this issue on a X58 gigabyte motherboard a long time ago when using onboard sound. Nothing to worry about, apart from the fact that its annoying :p
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    mouse recommendations. Anybody impressed with theyre current/past mice?

    Mice i've owned or tried at friends' computers and my opinion of them: Logitech MX518, Logitech G9: Epic mice for their time -especially in terms of ergonomics- but they are just outdated now in terms of sensor performance mad catz RAT7: great ergonomics especially for big hands, bad QC, tons...
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    Favorite GPU you have owned

    XFX 7970 double dissipation black edition By far the best card i have owned, high overclock possible, silent, very good value for money (ofc a 7950 would have been even better value for money) Also, the XFX 5870 i had before that was really good. Every other card i owned since then was nVidia...
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    Gtx 1070 Stuttering at 110+ FPS, Especially in GTA 5

    hm... stutter only when looking on one side? Have you tried disabling nVidia's shader cache in nvidia control panel? In some cases this either causes or eliminates stutter, depending on game (eg in no man's sky it creates stutter, in WOW it removes stutter). You will also have to delete the...
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    ZOTAC Unveils its GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card

    309Euro in Greece :p and 340euro for a 6gb
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    ZOTAC Unveils its GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Graphics Card

    Meanwhile, GTX1060 retail between 300-400 Euro (mostly 340-360) in my country and apparently every other shop in Europe that I searched :D based on USD-Euro conversion these cards should cost 150-180Euro if its 200USD. Price gouging much? :D
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    OFFICIAL No Man's Sky (Discussion)

    Related to this reddit post, the devs never promised ship classes etc. It was purely marketed as a single player exploration game with multiplayer elements of unknown sort (well now we know...). People have to stop bitching about this game's lack of... game. Only the performance issues are a...
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    While it is indeed proprietary bullshit and i am against this kind of stuff and I was also prepared to be forgotten, I must admit that the effect GSYNC has on image quality is so much superior (than not having it) that I would rather not play a game without this tech. I have never seen FreeSync...
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    NVIDIA Releases the GeForce 372.54 WHQL Drivers

    OMG they FINALLY after 6 months+ fixed the problem with permanent VSYNC on for GSYNC users... ( i mean in the nvidia control panel it was reseting to "on" after restarting the pc) edit: they also added a "fast" mode VSync... whats that?
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    During gaming or watching videos screen flash black then gets back normal!?

    I also have a similar issue for the past few months as "the screen is flashing black for a second then all back to normal" either when i play a game or when I am doing anything in windows desktop. In addition I also get rare blurry screen (you can see in my 3 day old thread here...
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    Help with gtx970 - suddenly screen is blurry, or pc locks, or light blue screen

    I actually called a guy I know who (I just remembered) has the same GPU and Monitor and he said he had this issue since he bought this monitor and he "fixed" it by leaving the screen at 120Hz... According to him there's something wrong when VSync and 144hz are both on. So i either have to...
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    Help with gtx970 - suddenly screen is blurry, or pc locks, or light blue screen

    Well if my problem comes from the implementation of GSync in this monitor, you have nothing to worry about... Asus rog Swift forum is full of rage about PG279Q issues and actually a few PG278Q (my screen) but I didnt see any MG279Q thread....