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  1. NightOfChrist

    China Deepens Ban on Certain Content in Gaming: Gambling, Blood, Bodies and Zombies

    The article could use more information. Here's the detailed report from Niko Partners regarding the approval and regulation system. It's not culturally acceptable. It's their culture and tradition. :D Us Japanese gamers and Korean gamers share a common opinion about it: Chinese gamers suck. If...
  2. NightOfChrist

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

    It always feels nice to have free time after life and work happened for so long. New update from Bloodlines 2: new and first clan introduction, Thinblood. I say it doesn't have much introduction, if at all. For an introduction video, that is. I was planning on making the main post as...
  3. NightOfChrist

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 has been officially revealed. Release date is April 2020. The game is developed by Hardsuit Labs and published by Paradox Interactive. Supported languages are English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish - Latin America...
  4. NightOfChrist

    Quantic Dreams' PlayStation Exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human Announced for PC as EPIC Games Store Exclusives

    To be fair, it's Epic Game Store, not Tencent. Tencent has its own store. And I understand why you and many other people are reluctant to buy. Detroit: Become Human along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are only 12-month exclusive, so you can always wait until the exclusive deal expire...
  5. NightOfChrist

    GeForce install problem

    Hi, Your Fermi card has already reached end of life status. You can read the details about driver support for legacy products here. You can download the latest driver that supports your card (R390, 391.35) from this.
  6. NightOfChrist

    The Outer Worlds will launch on the Epic Store, not Steam

    Actually according to The Verge and GameRevolution, the former PS4 exclusive trio (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human) will be a timed exclusive deal with Epic.
  7. NightOfChrist

    Enderal Released on Steam

    I can confirm this. I have Skyrim (SSE, Skyrim Special Edition) but just to make sure: I renamed the Skyrim folder and downloaded/installed Enderal. Quit Steam, checked renamed Skyrim folder again to make sure (there's no such thing as too careful), ran Steam and... accidentally started Monster...
  8. NightOfChrist

    Resident Evil 2

    praydog's RE2 Mod Framework (GitHub) In case anybody here want to install the mod, don't forget to read the instructions (scroll down, it's at the bottom) and Issues tab. You can use it to disable vignette in game.
  9. NightOfChrist

    Enderal Released on Steam

    @rtwjunkie Something is confusing here: They mentioned we don't need to install Skyrim, but then they claimed Enderal won't work with SSE. If it's self-contained, why would they even mention about Enderal not working with Skyrim SSE? And in bold too. A self-contained mod wouldn't need anything...
  10. NightOfChrist

    Is Denuvo Falling Out of Favor? Another Bandai Namco Release Sheds the DRM Tech

    I honestly don't mind about DRM. It may not serve any purpose for the paid customers, but it serves an obvious purpose for the game developers or publishers. So I honestly think it's completely fine to have DRM in games if the developers or publishers think it's necessary (to protect sales), but...
  11. NightOfChrist

    What are you playing?

    I was going to go back to Ancient Greece and begin my 2nd playthrough, but I'm so glad I found this when I did: Great timing! My 2nd playthrough will be New Game+. In the meantime, I'll reinstall and play Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza 0 again while I'm waiting for February 20 (Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza...
  12. NightOfChrist

    Logitech G502 proteus core or Roccat Kone Aimo

    Not really. You forgot to mention the price. Well, at least back when Spectrum was just released. I have no idea about Spectrum's price now. Also Spectrum is slightly heavier than Core, even without the weights. Still looks good and new even in 2019. Taking care of our hardware goes a very long...
  13. NightOfChrist

    Logitech G502 proteus core or Roccat Kone Aimo

    I own a G502 Proteus Core and I'm using it on daily/regular basis, palm grip, for both working and gaming, from editing raw images in Photoshop to shooting raw meats in BIOHAZARD 2 Remake. I like that it's big and heavy, but that's only my personal preferences. A fair warning though: it's...
  14. NightOfChrist

    Too old to enjoy hardcore gaming anymore? :(

    I was looking for Ace Combat 7 and found this thread. Thanks for taking time for sharing. I appreciate that. I had that experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition. By the time it was done updating, I've lost my mood for gaming and shut down the PC and went to sleep (it was almost midnight). This...
  15. NightOfChrist

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Has Sold 23 Million Copies In Three Months... Without Help from PC

    Not that I really wanted RDR2 on PC that bad, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of PC version of RDR2. Unless Take Two officially denies that. Some people claimed the same thing about Ryu Ga Gotoku/Yakuza series, Catherine and Bayonetta would never come to PC and look what we have now...
  16. NightOfChrist

    At 1550€, ASUS ROG Dominus Most Expensive Client-Segment Motherboard

    Of all the things that can be wrote, someone had to pick 45 degrees bow, complete fake whatever it is, sensitive flower?? What the hell is this about?? Where the hell did alll of those came from?? And what the hell is Oxford English??? Seriously, anyone here can tell me what the hell is all of...
  17. NightOfChrist

    What are you playing?

    Come on, where's the fun in that? The real challenge and charm of the game is to use KB/M and see how far you can maintain your patience and temper and not punching your monitor out of frustration throughout the game. On serious note, I just finished my first playthrough in Assassin's Creed...
  18. NightOfChrist

    Thermaltake and Mayhems Fighting Over "Pastel" Trademark in the UK

    VSG, thanks for taking time for reporting the case and publishing the article. I don't see anything wrong in publishing an ongoing case or story, especially since we already knew the obvious: The way TT's legal team acted and responded to Mayhems clearly shows that they wanted more than just...
  19. NightOfChrist

    At 1550€, ASUS ROG Dominus Most Expensive Client-Segment Motherboard

    And I am amused that some people from Europe thought they could go here and buy RTX card for a price cheaper than in their own countries. The travel cost alone is already expensive. And companies like ASUS and Corsair are always known for their high price, even here in Japan. This post clearly...
  20. NightOfChrist

    Heard a complaint from a tourist here that RTX 2080 is too expensive in Japan and he said we...

    Heard a complaint from a tourist here that RTX 2080 is too expensive in Japan and he said we Japanese should lower the price, as if we had a saying in deciding the price. Escaped real life and went to TechPowerUp only to find another clueless person who claimed we lost common sense because of...
  21. NightOfChrist

    At 1550€, ASUS ROG Dominus Most Expensive Client-Segment Motherboard

    I'm really angry and offended by this. We lost common sense with reality and life?? RTX price = Blame NVIDIA for that! Many of us here are complaining about the RTX cards being too expensive and many of us stick with our 1080/1080Ti. That price had nothing to do with us Japanese. And way to...
  22. NightOfChrist

    Is a New Jade Empire Game on the Horizon? EA Files for New Trademark

    Actually we have companions but we don't directly control them. Dawn Star, Sagacious Zu, Whirlwind, Hou with his drunken master style, Silk Fox a.k.a. Sun Lian, to name a few. Each companion affects our character with buffs. Like KOTOR, companions in tow are also affected by our decisions and...
  23. NightOfChrist

    What are you playing?

    Content galore, just like TW3. There's a new update too that will be released soon on 11/15 according to Ubisoft. It's already 11/16 (November 16) here in Tokyo but I still don't see Steam downloading anything. Maybe a few hours later? One of the new features from the update is Visual...
  24. NightOfChrist

    Yakuza 0 Benchmark Performance Analysis

    Right now Fanatical is selling the game with 20% off. That's 10% more than the preorder discount on Steam. You won't get the extra contents though (wallpapers, digital manga, avatars) but I don't think anybody would miss much, if at all. The sale ends in about 2 days.
  25. NightOfChrist

    Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment Announce "The Division 2"

    I see it as a online single player game with multiplayer modes. Believe it or not, I'm never interested in any kind of PVP or multiplayer in The Division, Dark Zone included. I play it as a single player game. I assume it was in Brooklyn? You only meet other people in specific places, for...