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  1. neliz

    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

    You DO realize that this thread is about the O11 DYNAMIC and NOT the PC-O11 WXC, a case released a few years ago.
  2. neliz

    Capture Your 4K Gameplay with Lag-Free, Full Quality Passthrough

    That one was literally in the last 5 revisions I proof-read to death...
  3. neliz

    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    I bought mine in an audio store in Arnhem and I never regretted owning them. €250 well spent.
  4. neliz

    KLEVV Unveils New Cras X RGB, Cras II RGB, Bolt X and Bolt Memory Modules

    I've met Steve in the basement of the 101 while he was stumbling to the order line of the McDonalds to talk to him about Klevv, I'm 100% sure he doesn't remember. And trust me, just because someone makes entertaining YouTube videos, it doesn't mean he actually knows what's going on. Give me...
  5. neliz

    3D Headphone Startup Shut Its Doors After Raising $3.2 Million in Crowdfunding

    Gullible people pay for anything, literally
  6. neliz

    SilentiumPC Announces the Armis AR7 Chassis

    Another chassis in the line of the Lian Li Alpha / Antec P110
  7. neliz

    Team Group Announces ASUS TUF Gaming Co-branded T-Force DDR4 Memory

    Yes, Bring back the black and yellow!
  8. neliz

    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

    funny because it's true :)
  9. neliz

    GIGABYTE Announces ThunderXStation: Industry's First 64-bit ARMv8 Workstation

    There are 21 Million registered users on GitHub, and California has over 600.000 registered software developers, so yeah... technically it's correct. https://www.daxx.com/article/software-developer-statistics-2017-programmers
  10. neliz

    GIGABYTE Unleashes the B250-FinTech Motherboard with 12 PCIe Slots

    "design for mining" English just died (yeah, I got MSI to go from "design in Taipei" to "designed in Taipei"
  11. neliz

    EK Water Blocks Parts Ways with Top Management

    My two cents. Bitspower has taken over a lot of projects from EK recently because EK spend their time (And resources) in other projects. With BP seemingly more than half-decent on the execution side, a lot of people haven't even croaked about EK, check the X299, Z370, X399 CPU/monoblocks...
  12. neliz

    Lian-Li Adds RGB to Its Lineup With the Alpha 550 E-ATX Chassis

    Talking about a fact change, the price is $179 for the 550 and 109 for the 330, but this Japanese retailer that leaked the announcement decided to add $60 to the price.
  13. neliz

    MSI's Z370 Motherboard Lineup Leaked via NCIX

    It was already posted before, so that's why it's not in this list it seems. MSI is leaky as hell and I don't think they have a clue who's leaking their stuff :) https://videocardz.com/newz/msi-z370-krait-gaming-pictured
  14. neliz

    Tesoro Tuned In-Ear Pro

    I have a pair. Audio quality was pretty decent after a few days, but my mic crapped out after a few weeks, so I have to search for the "next best thing"
  15. neliz

    FSP Announces Hydro PTM Series 80 Plus Platinum Power Supplies

    Wait, PC Gaming was dead so that FSP needed to revitalize? It seems like the Chinglish is very strong is this press release.
  16. neliz

    GIGABYTE to Merge its Motherboard and Graphics Card Divisions

    Good, maybe now people from other divisions can finally get their salary again :)
  17. neliz

    MSI Announces X299 XPOWER Gaming AC Motherboard

    No, that's just a mix of capital and regular letters :), the the entire list:
  18. neliz

    MSI Announces X299 XPOWER Gaming AC Motherboard

    Ye olde form > function
  19. neliz

    MSI Intros the GK-701 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Thanks for copying that :) yes, same font, just regular and capital letters Would be a shame if their boss knew that they spent about 3 hours on it and did nothing the rest of the time :)
  20. neliz

    MSI Announces X299 XPOWER Gaming AC Motherboard

    And here I thought people stopped using the Spider-man font when Sony received flak for using it on the PS3!
  21. neliz

    Razer Announces Lancehead Gaming Mice

    Haha, I had that mouse (wired variant) as the MSI W8 mouse, I think a lot of other companies use this cheap OEM mouse in their lineup. that one comes with weights, so that was cool, but how is it "better" .. well, the weights slot is spring loaded, but of the 10 mice I tested only 2 or 3...
  22. neliz

    Razer Announces Lancehead Gaming Mice

    well, that guy sure looks like a Golden Lancehead Viper (Bothrops insularis)
  23. neliz

    Well, there you have it.

    Well, there you have it.
  24. neliz

    GIGABYTE Intros Core i3 "Kaby Lake" Based BRIX IoT

    Internet of Things, it's a thing.. on the internet.. yeah.. that's about it. next up IoT servers, your smartphone is an IoT device and according to the Trump administration, your Microwave is as well.
  25. neliz

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Performance Analysis

    and how about games that are optimized with Gameworks? How do you get those to run "agnostic" Vendor optimizations have always been a part of the benchmark industry, with both parties crying foul when there's a performance hampering feature enabled (batman:AA springs to mind as one of the most...