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  1. omiknight52

    External HDD or Internal HDD?

    I'm contemplating whether or not if I should purchase a external hard drive for saving all of my work, music, photo's backup etc, instead of saving it on my pc hd. Now the problem is external hdd vs internal hdd's longevity, hardware differences, file corruption typically on external hdd's or...
  2. omiknight52

    Recommend a Overclocking mobo

    Can any moderators or admin start a thread about motherboard's and the features or benifits? if not then my question is I'm looking to buy a good overclocking motherboard like the one I have Foxconn which has nice overclocking that comes with the foxconn software no need for going into the bios...
  3. omiknight52

    Help exporting Itunes library

    Sup guys I wanted to know if its possible or if there's a way to export my itunes library with the album artwork? I tried it before because I moved to another pc but the artwork never saved. :)
  4. omiknight52

    cpu voltage control & pci-e clock

    Sup guys need a little help on setting the right cpu volatge in bios. My current voltage is 1.872v read form cpu-z 1:What is the Mv to watts or what Mv to set for 90nm cpu amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ on newegg it states 125w but wat is that in mv? 2:if I set the mv is is safe to say with 680w...
  5. omiknight52

    Your fantasy PC build

    Hey guys I decided to start this fantasy PC thread-yup bored :). Post your fantasy pc that u wish u had or u could of bought if you the extra funds. Didn't know where to post this so I created it here. The voodoo OMEN Love how it looks http://www.voodoopc.com/#/productsomen
  6. omiknight52

    Game/3d benefit from PHYSX?

    hey guys, How much would I gain from getting a PHYSX card with My Radeon 4850, is it worth getting?
  7. omiknight52

    The problem with benchmarks

    mid-range benchmarks Why is it that testers always use high end components to get results from benchmarks. Why not use or compare all three; low-end, high-end and mid-range computers so people don't get discourage or put off because they can't afford or run a game without spending thousands of...
  8. omiknight52

    Help on purchasing my 1st gpu

    Hey guys, This will be my first purchase of a graphics card. My budget is 180 The cards that I'm researching to buy are HIS Radeon 4670 - MSI Radeon x3870 over-clocked- about 10-20fps avg diffrence between 4670 Ati radeon 4850 or If its a good idea to get a 9800gt (on a ati chipset?) what do...