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  1. 27MaD

    Help , 0xc000021a when trying to install Windows 10

    So my SSD arrived and it's time to install windows on it , so i downloaded the media creation tool on another laptop and then installed the windows installer on a USB stick , everytime i try to boot from the USB i get a BSOD with the code in the title , i tried to disable secure boot , tried to...
  2. 27MaD

    Are SSDs effective when using SATA II ?

    So after i ordered the Kingstone A400 120GB i noticed that my motherboard has SATA II not SATA III , would this cause a huge bottleneck or what ?
  3. 27MaD

    Wich SSD to buy?

    So in a previous thread i've post i said that i had a super slow windows and blah blah , now it got worst so i decided to get an SSD and do a fresh windows install at , but i'm now confused between those three , i'm looking at the 120GB versions of those SSDs , the price is $21-25.
  4. 27MaD

    What's wrong with my PC ? is my Hard Disk dying ?

    So one week ago my PC crashed while i was trying to achieve better RAM timings , and when it did it didn't boot into windows after that , all i got was that circle spinning forever , i've entered automatic startup repair and did a system restore , it worked but since that day my PC became...
  5. 27MaD

    Do i have a chance of increasing my RAM frequency ?

    Hi folks , i have a 1600 MHz RAMs which are running at 1333 MHz because this is the maximum frequency the CPU supports , so i decided to manually set the frequency at 1600MHz , but the PC didn't boot and when it did it said overclocking failed , if my CPU supports a maximum frequency of 1333 MHz...
  6. 27MaD

    Do you guys know how can i control my CPU voltage ?

    Hi guys , so today i was digging in my ASUS H61M-E's BIOS for the CPU voltage control , but i couldn't find it , do you guys know how where can i find it ? does my board even have voltage control ? i just wanted to decrease my CPU voltage a little bit. btw my BIOS version is 601.
  7. 27MaD

    Apex Legends is good actually

    Hello everyone , so today i've downloaded Apex Legends , and tbh i enjoyed it more than Fortnite or PUBG , i didn't expect that i will like it , i thought that it's gonna be kinda complicated like Fortnite but it turned out that it's simple , fun , and i think it'll be a big threat for Fortnite...
  8. 27MaD

    Is this temperature normal for an i3 2100 ?

    Hi all , so yesterday i received my ASUS H61M-E , 4x2 GB 1600MHz RAM , i3 2100 , Alseye AS-GH1156-i7 CPU heatsink , and i tried to put my CPU under full load using Aida64 and the maximum temperature my CPU reached was 75 C & 0% throttling , idk if 75C is normal with this stock cooler but i...
  9. 27MaD

    Does Microsoft still offer the option to skip the product key while installing windows 10 ?

    Hi all , the title says everything.
  10. 27MaD

    Are my RAMs really running at 800 MHz ?

    Hello guys , this question has been in my head for a really long time , my RAMs are 800 MHz , and my motherboard supports up to 667 MHz , so my RAMs are running at 667 MHz , but when i OC my CPU , i can see that RAM frequency passes 667 MHz ! , for example if i set FSB to 320 it says that RAM...
  11. 27MaD

    Does this cooler has a cooper base ?

    Hello guys , so in a previous thread i posted i was discussing about which cooler to go for the CPU i'll be getting soon which is an I5 3570 , i wanted the cooler master I30 but it ended up as everyone recommended me to go for a cheap Intel stock cooler with a cooper base , today i was searching...
  12. 27MaD

    Anyone here knows how to get the 1809 update?

    So guys as the title says , i can't get the update from Windows update nor Microsoft website , and we are entering December , i'm really to late , i'm still running Enterprise 1803.
  13. 27MaD

    Are these temps safe for a 750 TI ?

    Hello , so today i decided to stress my 750 TI using Furmark , and my temps where different according to if it's overclocked (my OC is +150/400 MHz) and if the case is opened or not (i did this because i don't have a case fan , i broke it:cry:). My temps are : Case opened + OC: 78° (no...
  14. 27MaD

    Frostbite games keeps crashing.

    So guys , as the title says any game powered by Frostbite engine keeps crashing with Direct X error , the games are : Battlefield 3 , Battlefield 4 , Medal of honor warfighter , Need for speed Rivals. & btw i tried to return the GPU to it's default clocks. but it didn't work. (Direct 3D could...
  15. 27MaD

    24% of space is taken in an empty drive ?

    Hello folks , so guys as u can c on the SS , drive G is completely empty but 24% of it's space is taken by nothing (or by something invisible) , it's really annoying , do u guys know how can i take advantage of the whole 260 GB on the partition G ??
  16. 27MaD

    Secondary HDD causing very slow boot time )-:

    Well , certainly i'm running a 500 GB WD HDD , but i have another 200 GB WD HDD , my problem is when i connect the second HDD , when i start the PC i see the BIOS taking decades to identify the second HDD (takes up to 3 mins).:confused: Any thoughts?
  17. 27MaD

    Advice about PC upgrade.

    Hello everyone:clap: , so guys i'm planing to upgrade my PC as soon as i can:rockout: and i'm going to upgrade to : CPU: I5 3570. RAM: that's my question should i get : 8x1 (and get another 8GB stick later) or 8 GB will be enough (4x2) Note : RAM speed is 1600MHz. Motherboard: Asus P8H61-M...
  18. 27MaD

    Does this bring back any memories?

    As the title says , does this bring back memories for those who joined TPU 10+ years ago??:):cool:
  19. 27MaD

    Can bad CPU OC cause worse performance ?

    Hello , so my CPU has been running at 3.76 GHz for a long time , before about 1 week i pushed it to 3.95 GHz and everything was stable , but i've noticed that my performance became worse , games like battlefield 3 , GTA 4 , PES 17 , started stuttering too much , do u guys think it's because of...
  20. 27MaD

    Unknown process eating 45% of the CPU !

    Just noticed that there is an unnamed process using up to 50% of the CPU , and i can't disable it.
  21. 27MaD

    FPS locked at 60

    Hello guys , can reinstalling the graphics driver solve my problem ? , i remember hitting 400 FPS in a specific game ( live for speed ) , but now my FPS is locked at 60 in all games , V sync always disabled , can it be something in NVIDIA control panel ?
  22. 27MaD

    I7 870 VS I5 2550K

    Hi guys , so now i'am saving up for an upgrade for my pc , i will upgrade to 8gb of ram and i will keep my 750 TI for a while , but i am really confused about which CPU should i go for , the I5 2550k or the i7 870 (i know they are quite old but this is what i can afford and i prefer to buy an...
  23. 27MaD

    Call of duty Black Ops 1 lags !

    HI guys , so my pc is running all call of duty versions from call of duty 1 to call of duty black ops 2 at highest setting at 60 FPS , but i have a stupid problem with black ops 1 my CPU just can't handle it , CPU running at 100% , GPU 20-30% , and when i play at lowest settings i'am getting...
  24. 27MaD

    What sample rate and bit depth should i use ???

    Hello guys , so today i found something in speakers properties in the advanced tab called default format , but i really got confused about which one should i use , so help me guys about choosing a format , all what i care about is the BASS and the clear sound , u can find my sound system in the...
  25. 27MaD

    4GB of RAM installed , only 3071 MB detected on BIOS.

    Hi guys , so i've recently upgraded my RAM from 3Gb (2+1) to 4Gb (2x2) , but the problem is that the BIOS detects only 3Gb out of 4. The manufacture says that my mobo's maximum supported amount of RAM is 4Gb. So how can i fix this problem ???