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    Replacing Dead OCZ GameXStream 700W

    A few days ago my OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU in my main rig died. After some searching around it turns out they have been failing in droves over the past year. It is a bit over 3 years old (conveniently, the length of the warranty). I am currently waiting for OCZ to reply to my RMA request and...
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    Upgrading old Athlon 64 Rig

    I've been kinda out of the loop on PC hardware lately, but I'm upgrading my brother's PC. He's currently running a Athlon 64 on a DFI Ultra-D motherboard with 4GB of Ram and a Geforce GTX 250. Looking at upgrading the CPU, RAM, and motherboard. Looking at about $500 budget. So far I've...
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    PCI Wireless Cards

    Hello all, I am looking for an under $50 wireless G (or N) card that goes into a PCI slot. In my apartment my desktop is too far away from my cable modem and router (well maybe a 100 Ft. ethernet cord would do it :laugh: ). So looking for a good reliable stable PCI slot wireless adapter...
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    Choosing a Web Hosting service?

    So I have a simple pure HTML website hand coded by me for a small business. It's a very simple website that we do not expect to get much traffic, but will serve as a place for customers to find out the address, phone number, hours, etc. of the business. I'm looking for an affordable host and...
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    Any Dell XPS M1330 or M1530 laptop owners here?

    I'm looking to get a laptop in the next few months, and I want to buy a under $1500 USD laptop that is slim, light, and portable for taking to college. I want a good mix between portability and performance. And I want to be able to use it for occasional gaming, so I want at least somesort of...
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    New Build - DFI DK P35-T2RS + E8400?

    Anyone ever used a DFI DK P35-T2RS? Seems like a good deal, at $135 on Newegg, and it seems to have appeared there over night. Does anyone know if it has good support for overclocking a E8400 to around 4Ghz? DFI board here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813136043...
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    Any problems with 4GB in 32 bit Vista/XP besides only ~3.2GB?

    I am gonna build a new system soon and I plan on dual booting XP Pro 32 Bit and Vista Ultimate 32 Bit (for now). Eventually I will dual boot XP 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. I am wondering if there is any problems having 4GB of ram in 32 bit Vista or XP. I know that you can only see about 3.2GB or...